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billylanden | 04-23-14, 3:22 PM
great ero king.

billylanden | 04-23-14, 3:20 PM
*bows* shukun

Redether | 04-16-14, 10:28 AM
Olá! Reparei, mas ainda só assisti o primeiro episódio. XD

j_sharks | 03-31-14, 5:44 PM
Ok. Haha, the top rec on the Mushishi page is actually Natsume Yuujinchou too.

j_sharks | 03-30-14, 7:49 PM
Mushishi is basically an episodic series about a traveler who does research on some life forms called mushi that cause supernatural phenomena when they interact with other living things like humans. Haha the way I described the show probably makes it sound boring but it's a really relaxing series that also deals with interesting thought provoking themes. I would definitely recommend watching it if you are interested in watching something different from the usual action, comedy, romance stuff that's out there. Mushishi even made it as one of my top three anime of all time. :D

j_sharks | 03-30-14, 6:35 AM
Hmm ok I'll see then and maybe end up watching it sooner than later if I'm in the mood for watching another lengthy series. Although first I'm still going to start on Natsume Yuujinchou sometime soon. I finally have more time to watch a bit more anime now starting this week. :D

Btw, have you seen Mushishi? I just finished the special episode and now I'm really excited for the second season that's going to start airing this week. XD

j_sharks | 03-29-14, 7:52 AM
Nope, I haven't watched Nodame Cantabile yet but I heard that it's good. I'm planning to watch it sometime later though since the whole series is multiple seasons and kind of lengthy too. What did you think about it? Is it really that good?

j_sharks | 03-28-14, 4:58 AM
Yeah, I think that the only sports themed anime that I've watched is Chihayafuru and I really liked that series. I hope they have a 3rd season sometime later on. Other than that, I can't remember any other sports anime I've completed. :/

j_sharks | 03-27-14, 5:36 PM
Haha, Happy is an enteraining character to watch too. :D

I was never into sports types of shows or anime but I've been seeing that Kuroko no Basket has really high reviews. Maybe I'll watch that series sometime later on.

j_sharks | 03-26-14, 9:46 PM
I'm interested to see how they are going to wrap up the Grand Magic games arc now. It was getting interesting until Fairy Tail suddenly ended before the arc was completed. Who are your favorite characters?

Haha, I've been really slow these past couple of weeks in watching anime due to being busy with a lot of other things.

Same here, I initially thought that Pupa had some potential back when it was supposed to air in the fall but now it's probably the worst tv anime series that I've seen. XD
The story is really bad and there's so much censoring of stuff that it's really stupid and annoying. I wouldn't recommend watching it unless you're interested to see how bad a show can be. It's really short too since each ep is around 3 minutes only and you wouldn't be wasting that much time if you want to try it out too.

j_sharks | 03-25-14, 8:43 PM
I think I'm going to follow Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Black Bullet, and Mekakucity Actors weekly for the new spring lineup. Those seem to be the most interesting.

Fairy Tail! :D
Yeah, I'm all caught up with Fairy Tail and I liked it a lot. Even though the story could be a lot better, the comedy is really funny and most of the characters are likeable too.
Erza and Natsu are my two favorite characters in the series and those two were actually on my favorites list a while back. I'm not sure yet if I'l watch it weekly though or wait for a few eps to stack up and then just marathon it. Are you going to watch Fairy Tail every week?

j_sharks | 03-25-14, 9:57 AM
Haha, how exactly does the anime compatibility thing work? It's supposed to be based on ratings right? Sometimes it's relatively accurate but it can also be really unreliable too. Before I've seen a couple of users with a very high compatibility but the anime ratings were basically opposite or way off from each other. XD

Hmm well maybe it'll change or go up from the spring season shows if I end up liking the ones I watch. But my expectations are lower this time around since the winter anime season was kinda weak imo. Are you interested in any of the spring lineup anime?

j_sharks | 03-25-14, 5:27 AM
It's good to see that those two anime are worth your time. Yeah 12 episodes is a bit short for Witch Craft Works but even then the writers could have done a lot of things much better with the story line. Like a lot of stuff were so random from each episode to the next one.

I don't think I'm going to watch Strike the Blood anytime soon since I'm not into ecchi or vampire types of anime. Although a couple of shows with some of those genres like the Monogatari series and Shiki was good.

j_sharks | 03-24-14, 8:39 AM
Yup, I'm watching a few airings right now and for the most part nothing has really stood out as something really good except for Nagi no Asukara. A lot of the other ones like Noragami, Tokyo Ravens, Nisekoi, and Seitokai Yakuindomo 2 are okay and still somewhat entertaining though. The worst ones are Mahou Sensou and Pupa. Those two series became really bad fast and Pupa is probably the worst tv anime series that I've seen. :/

Oh, you've finally started watching Strike the Blood and Witch Craft Works. :D
How are those two anime so far? Actually, I'm almost finished with watching Witch Craft Works too but unfortuately I thought that the story was only so-so and I didn't end up liking a lot of the characters. The comedy was funny at times though. :D

j_sharks | 03-21-14, 9:21 PM
Ok. Haha, that's the first time I've heard of someone using the on-hold list like that. I just use that list for the anime that I don't feel like continuing at the moment. Wow, you have a lot of stuff on hold too. :D

Any series that you have in mind to watch right away after it's done airing?

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