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05-27-15, 10:20 PM
February 19, 1996
November 11, 2009
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About Snowkittenz
Hello! :) You can address me by my username or Rin, either works~

If you send me a friend request, there's a good chance I'll accept ya :)

I love manga. Of course. Which is why I'm on this site. Anime's pretty cool too, but it's manga that I really like :P If you love manga too I'm sure we can get along well. There's no way I can possibly share all the manga I like with just one screen of information, so if you're interested, talk to me! really :)

Talking about things I love ;) My boyfriend is also on this site ^___^ there's his page :) he's a big fan of Bleach and InuYasha ;) I <3 him :)

Come visit the club I made for Kaoru Kaidoh, from Prince of Tennis!

As for my favorite characters, there's a lot more from mangas/animes (such as One Piece) that I could add, but I'd like to show an array of different mangas/animes. :P
When it comes to ranking things.... ^__^'''' I'm not so good at it. but, I try :P I have a hard time comparing mangas though. For example, a "10" is always a "10", forever :) I don't like to compare "10"s with other "10"s, becuase each one is fantastic. Amazing. And something I will always remember. <3 If you're like me, then I'm really happy to meet someone who is similar to me and enjoys the same things I do, and feels the same way. :)

Keep Smiling! ^_^ (I say this a lot...)

Membership Cards!

Cards from friends

Club Banners

I've got more to put up here, but I've been a little short on time.. I'll have to see when I can put more stuff up!

**Lemme hear some feedback on my profile, if you've got the time!

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CatBubble | 06-13-14, 12:06 AM manga recommendation 4 u >///w//>

Kitix | 06-14-13, 10:15 AM

Hi! Would you like to join One Piece CardShop (O.P.C.S) ☆ ★or just look around and see if the club interests you. Thank you! (✿◕ ‿ ◕✿)

CatBubble | 06-09-13, 12:09 PM
Hi sister <3 It's time for me to give you something to read since you always send me stuff to read~ I hope you haven't already read it, hahah! XD

Jets | 03-04-13, 12:16 AM
Yes, busy in the sense that I have been getting stuff done at work mainly. But also for other random things like cons and traveling in general.
Is it typically cold in the area you live in?
Unfortunately this winter season, I haven't been able to engage in snow activities.

Jets | 01-27-13, 3:49 PM
Pretty good. Mainly just busy, tired, and lazy.
So how has your new year been so far?

DemonQuincy | 01-14-13, 6:03 PM
Heya, Rin-chan~! :) <3 It's been a while since I've messaged you on here, so I figured I'd send ya a quick little message ;) <3 <3 We should come up with some more we need to add to each others' lists sometime ;) <3 Love ya~! <3

Pika876 | 01-13-13, 12:55 PM
Aw, you praise me too much ;)
I know! I guess when you get older, longer term relationships can actually exist!! :L
Aha thanks, hope you do too! Hows the accelerated year going btw? xx

kickawol | 01-07-13, 6:10 AM
omg, yess it's pretty good~ lol no problemo glad to help lol xD

Pika876 | 01-05-13, 4:42 PM
Awww faanks! I literally threw it together in 10 mins because I almost forogt! even took a few cheeky shortcuts ;) I use GIMP, its no photoshop, but in my opinion its as good as :L
Aha me nice and awesome? Right back atcha ;) Congrats on your anniverasry btw! 2 years is it? xx

Pika876 | 12-30-12, 8:37 AM

kickawol | 12-27-12, 4:26 AM
Kiraboshi Dial~ :3

Jets | 12-10-12, 10:01 PM
How's it going?

Lunnix3 | 10-29-12, 12:00 PM
haha Thank you so much <3

Pika876 | 10-25-12, 12:11 PM
Aha, I know, it wouldnt be the same without it! That brings the total up to three I think! I cant believe I have known you for three years :') How time flies!
Aha, you're so nice corrin! <3 I'll pm you on fb my details ;) xx

Pika876 | 10-24-12, 11:23 AM
You know I cant stop looking at this because I like it so much! I'm looking forward to next years card now ;) btw, if its not too much trouble, can you send me the one piece wallet? You completely convinced me that I need it! Sorry to sound pushy and stuff! Just keep an eye open for the delivery man on your birthday is all I'm saying ;) xx

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