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April 17, 2011
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Rainandyou_ | 10-05-11, 7:50 AM
Dziękuję za przyjecie zaproszenia ^^ Na doki doki widziałam Twój post w temacie, w którym pisałeś, że przydała Ci się recenzja My Black Mini Dress, a tak się składa, że jestem jej autorką :] Bardzo się cieszę, że praca nie idzie na marne i zapraszam częściej na stronkę ^^

terroreost | 05-27-11, 5:54 PM
i guess Kyouran Kazoku Nikki would be a bit similar lol go ahead and check it out

terroreost | 05-27-11, 5:52 PM
I still think nichijou is a total different level of comedy. and it's not desperate for moe points like lucky star tries to pull off. anyways i'll let you know when i find a similar title to suzumiya

Mr_Gutts | 05-27-11, 7:52 AM
WTH is this guy problem is doing the same thing to me too .

terroreost | 05-26-11, 3:27 PM
Deal with it? I'm not going to deal with it because your recommendation is obviously incorrect.

When people look for recommendation linked to an anime, they expect something similar, not just some anime that gives reference to the anime.

and you have clearly stated that "they are similar".

This isn't called an opinion snake, these are not BLIND FACTS, nor point of views. this is the matter of GENRE and COMMON SENSE.

And i apologize for calling you a dumbass.

what made me go against your recommendation is not because i dislike lucky star, but because you are using the recommendation system wrong. it says "IF YOU LIKED...." "THEN YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE..." and ALL of the recommendation starts with "BOTH THESE ANIMES - and so on" WHICH you did with haruhi and lukcy star even though they have completely different humor.

oh yeah, your grammar is TERRIBLE, i really want to know how old you are.

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