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Favorite Anime
Acchi Kocchi (TV)
Acchi Kocchi (TV) add
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist add
Kiss x Sis
Kiss x Sis add
Monster add
Seto no Hanayome
Seto no Hanayome add

Favorite Manga
Koi wo Suru no ga Shigoto desu.
Koi wo Suru no ga Shigoto desu. add
Mozaiku x Sanshimai
Mozaiku x Sanshimai add
Tayu Tayu
Tayu Tayu add
Yanagida-kun to Mizuno-san
Yanagida-kun to Mizuno-san add
Yomeiro Choice
Yomeiro Choice add

Favorite Characters
Ayuzawa, Misaki
Kirisaki, Chitoge
Kousaka, Kirino
Matsumae, Ohana
Natsume, Rin
Shimada, Minami
Touwa, Erio
Yukinoshita, Yukino
Yuuki, Asuna

Favorite People
Aso, Natsuko
Aso, Natsuko
Ise, Mariya
Ise, Mariya
Ishida, Akira
Ishida, Akira
Ogura, Yui
Ogura, Yui
Vincent, Samuel
Vincent, Samuel

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aer0gam3r | 03-28-12, 5:16 PM
I remember you saying that you had trouble with ATLAS. If it's still bothering you, and if you're still in the mood to try it, I've written a guide for it on my blog:

Enjoy XD

aer0gam3r | 02-03-12, 8:38 PM
Heya, nice to meet you ^^

I'm haven't really played that many nukige, and of the ones i've played, they're mostly in japanese. So I can't really make any recommendations. Mangagamer has released quite a few nukige, so it'd be worth checking out some games from them.

What issues are you having with atlas? I might be able to help ^^

Yumekichi11 | 12-02-11, 11:39 PM
Cool. I wish there was more scenes like the ones of Alice I posted on the BLOG post. Loli senses here but it would interesting to see. At least there is that stitch of hers I made.

Do tell me when School Days is dubbed and maybe I will watch it for kicks. Each year I do the ritual of School Days all season marathon DVD version in one go. Cause end reaches Christmas.

KxS should get a second season but do they have enough materiel for it?

Yumekichi11 | 12-02-11, 9:46 PM
Because it was in the last episode. Preview allowed it.

Kiss x Sis will come soon the pics in better quality.

Well glad you got the Oretachi 18+ whicch girl did you like seeing having sex? Me? Naru was the best.

Yumekichi11 | 12-02-11, 8:33 PM
Cool,glad you checked those out.
Have there been any pics you saved?
What about those image stitches?
The GIFs?
I really want to know what you think about it in general. You should check my BLOG. Lots of ecchi stuff with nipples since you can't post those at all in any forum.

Only thing to look forward too when you are like me is that will never have STDs and that you will never have social problems because x girl made you depressed or made you lose your job. I have had lots of friend's lives being destroyed by girls and myself a little too but I recovered some have not really.

Still mentally scared.

Yumekichi11 | 12-02-11, 6:35 PM
I like you name! Eminem is cool! No I am no wizard. Why?

HaremPrince | 09-30-11, 12:55 PM
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi. You want the pic?

HaremPrince | 09-29-11, 11:31 PM

incisorr | 09-24-11, 3:47 PM
i think this is like the first time i ever see someone with 8 fav chars which i recognize and 8 of which are cool and well, hot.

and yeah, humans are hiper giga super drill breaker intelligent, until u meet the wrong guy and changes your entire view on humanity

touhou rules the world anyways...

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