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F/INFJ/college student

Always looking for new and interesting things to read or watch! I'm into a variety of genres.

I like to draw, here are my doodleblog and deviantArt (don't use the latter that much anymore)

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Summer 2014 Watchlist
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (7/6)
DMMD (7/6)
Re:_Hamatora (7/8)
Free! Eternal Summer (7/2)
Tokyo Ghoul (7/3)
Zankyou no Terror (7/10)
Love Stage!! (7/10)
Barakamon (7/5)


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Maya24 | Yesterday, 5:00 AM

archrook | 09-04-14, 2:19 PM
100 completed! Congrats.

Ailly | 08-21-14, 4:57 AM
It's from Hana no Mizo Shiru, a BL manga by Takarai Rihito (she's also the mangaka of Graineliers). It's pretty good and you should definitely check out its prequel Hana no Miyako de.

I see that you're reading Mahou Shoujo Ore. Has it been translated yet? I've been looking all over, but I'm only able to find the first 4 chapters on the official site in Japanese. It looks so good, can't wait to see the anime xD

Blue | 08-15-14, 12:11 PM
Love Live! School Idol Project
The character is Maki Nishikino.

iluvtatenashi | 08-06-14, 4:56 PM
yeah man that manga got me really
always the same when something got me i do it in one try haha :3

tslayer102 | 08-04-14, 4:16 PM
Ah I am glad to see that you've checked out two of my favorite manga I remeber when I watched the first season of kaiji in 2 days because of how hooked I was by it. Also I would really like to read parts 4 and 5 but they haven't been completely scanlated just like the strongest man kurosawa's sequel. ;_;

OH NO don't do that persona 4 golden and persona 3 fes don't have to be played after playing persona 3 and 4.
I am glad to see that you're checking out Jojo as it's a really fun ride of an anime and manga.
Hey sorry if this sounds too personal but where did you go on your trip during my vacation I've been mostly staying at home apart from the times where I'm out with a couple of mates hanging out and going to the new swimming pool which has been a ton of fun as it's got a 50 meters Olympic sized pool :D.
We're hanging out before they have to leave to go to university (one's going to cambridge in England and another is going up north to go to pairs).

Collage is where we go to do our A levels (which is right after secondary school 11-16 and then collage is 16-18 but you can go to it at any age it's just that collage is free before 16) I'll hopefully be doing 3 a levels which are art,history and geography. But I plan on moving within the next year or two to move back to England and then I'll might just start doing different A levels but regardless I want to go to university and do a degree in law and then become a lawyer or another job in law just like my father.

I'll also try to stay in touch as they are expecting a TON of work from me... THEY'VE EVEN GIVEN ME 3 ASSIGNMENT/PROJECTS DURING MY SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!! -__-

Which I should reallly be doing instead of just spending my days watching anime and reading manga ahahha.....

swaggahsaurus | 08-04-14, 12:29 PM
Ok! Thankie ^^ Did I miss some sort of massive drama in the thread?

currycurry | 08-04-14, 1:45 AM
(Sorry for the slow reply.)

It might be! I've had the icon for a while, though, and never could get into Otomen for some reason so if it's Junta... then it's purely accidental. Though male shoujo mangaka are cool in my book.

Tbh, I use it 'cause of its resemblance to a... really obscure FTP dating sim character. The official art is incredibly embarrassing, though so... You never know what speaks to you, huh?

tslayer102 | 08-01-14, 5:23 AM
Thanks for the replies and for shiki

It's been a while since I've watched it but when looking for it but I couldn't really find any torrents which had a decent amount of seeds but I guess you could try downloading from torrents with 10 or less seeders and just be downloading it for a day or two ( I had to do that once to get bloat subs for EVA and End of EVA).
Also there's this one

By the way the manga isn't something to really read when your down or depressed because it's the sort of manga that starts off pretty depressing as it's main character is a 45 year old man who's come to the conclusion that he has wasted his life and overall views himself as a failure of a person.
If you read or watch kaiji (if you haven't then I'd highly recommend that you do, ESPECIALLY if you liked lairs game) then you'd might have a slight idea of how the physiological themes and ideas that author talks about as the author does a similar thing in the kaiji series too.

As with persona 4 the animation and with persona 4 the golden I wouldn't recommend watching golden at all to someone who hasn't played the game as this series is ONLY covering the new content of the ps vita remake with all of the new social links and events .
I'd recommend playing the game if you could but if that isn't a possibility than you could watch persona 4 the animation but CAUTION the adaption does have to cut coroners as persona 4 golden took me around 60+ hours to beat. With playing the game I might suggest that you'd play persona 4 golden before you'd play persona 3 fes as persona 4 might come off as a caulazation of the series but it does improve some parts of persona 3's combat and pacing.

I don't usualy chase after the season especially after I learnt that mistake from attack on titian where the pacing just hit a brick wall for 3 or 4 weeks but I've been watching Tokyo *censored* which started off looking alright (the censoring didn't really bother me as I knew it would be uncensored in the BD like with all of the dead kids from fate zero) but then they started messing with the order of events and now I know that it'll be 12 episodes I know that it's going to cut out so much stuff just to fit around 80 chapters in ( I saw around 80 because that somewhat close to the point where the main character's hair turns white which they show in the OP). Also I've been watching JOJO which I am a big fan of, But I am kind of sad that they're going to have to go on a break so that they'll have enough money to not resort to cut back or cutting out parts of the manga.

Also I've been watching persona 4 golden which is alot of fun as it capitizalizes on the best parts of perssona 4 the animmation which were when YU was just acting all cool and showing off his swag.

Thanks for replying :D I'm usually quick to reply because as of right now I've got all the time in the world up until September when I am going to be going to collage and then I'll be dealing with all of that fun stuff D:

tslayer102 | 07-31-14, 7:55 AM
Hey I just finished SamFlam I thought It was alot of fun and I like how it managed to alot within 22 episodes. I thought it was certainly an amazing ride of an anime and I really loved both of the ops that they used ( I even downloaded the first OP and I have check out some of their other songs).

Also yesterday I finished what I felt like was one of the best manga I have ever read ( I know that's not really saying much considering it's only been a couple months since I've started getting really into manga). Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa/Legend of the Strongest Man Kurosawa which honestly provided me with alot of thought provoking content and had a really touching story of a middle age man struggles with life and overall the story it self is a very motivational one and a touching one to boat.

Hey I am interested to hear about what manga/anime you have been watching and what are you thoughts/impressions of it :)
P.s sorry about the long comment I didn't realize it'd get this long

Toarujisuru | 07-29-14, 6:23 PM
it does sound confusing. if only it had a name. google could easily fill me in. xD pretty impressive if they used it for blindfolded jump rope practice. there were slipups? yikes.

of course! totally classic. i actually remember seeing that video on youtube. it's awesome. yeah, that is a possibility. lots of accidents at the circus can be fatal.
sadly, most adaptations are like that i've noticed, but there are those rare few that are done well.

EarlCiel | 07-29-14, 1:14 PM
Hi, hi~ Thanks for stopping by. ^^ Yes I did design my profile myself. Thank you!
Really? Wow, what a coincidence. Tsuritama was a really nice watch for me haha loved it

tslayer102 | 07-29-14, 2:43 AM
Yeah I am really exited for those also I am also really enjoying samurai flamenco right now also I am trying to get though the visual novel of fate stay night before unlimited blade works comes out. :P

archrook | 07-28-14, 1:11 AM
Don't really care about subs. lol
For ongoing I download encoded files from one particular website.

Toarujisuru | 07-26-14, 11:18 PM
an acrobat show sounds really nice. um, my definition of big may differ from your definition of big. i don't know the number of attendees, but i'd say it's a somewhat large event.

yup! i'll look forward to reading it. ^^
same. i watched the movie adaptation. it was pretty good, but i feel like the manga is better. v(^u^)

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