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08-10-12, 2:47 AM
March 12, 1991
United Kingdom
March 9, 2008
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Robot Carnival add
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Kara no Kyoukai 7: Satsujin Kousatsu (Part 2) add
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Shin Gendai Ryoukiden add
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Time (Days) 25.7
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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 19.8
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Unknown :(

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Always plays on Normal Modo.

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I've been here too long.
08-10-12, 2:47 AM

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Sledrave | 09-22-10, 10:22 AM
Strike Witches 2 is finished. And it was so beautiful ;_;

MolotovBanana | 09-19-10, 7:49 PM
Indeed I did.

MolotovBanana | 09-14-10, 8:02 PM
Manga compatibility is 95.1%.
Holy goddamn.

sarroush | 02-10-10, 10:36 AM
Lmao xD Second person that had it wrong =P It's ok

sarroush | 02-10-10, 7:49 AM
Hey there~! Got a question... Where'd you read Karakuri from?

ange10 | 02-03-10, 12:18 PM
Just wondering, on your profile pic, is that a cat or a mouse or a crossbreed of both?

zivinbane | 09-14-09, 9:42 PM
I could say I actively seek out anime, but not because a particular director, artist, or even studio make it. xD I just look for good quality anime I can get into. When it comes to yuri I've obviously seen some xD But nothing in like actual manga form. I like love stories the more girls the better I'd guess =p

zivinbane | 09-13-09, 12:10 PM
Oh right I was going to try picking up the Bakamonogatari anime but I don't believe it's finished yet so I haven't bothered downloading it. I like to get all my eggs in one basket so to speak =p And yuri isn't a niche I have been into in the past, not like that's to say I avoid it or something, I just haven't picked up any manga or anime that devlved to deeply into the subject so I'll definitely try my hand out. XXXHolic I've been thinking of picking up for a long while, just never seemed to got around to it. I do enjoy CLAMPs art style, steaming from CCS yanno, it was a well made show and I loved the fight sequences against the clow cards.

But I digress, thanks for the tips, I'll see if I can fit some of those into my schedual, Im sure I can find time. I seem to do a lot of manga at one time anyway. I'll try to see if the material is for me. Never read any gender bender manga before xD

What got you into these?

HeVi | 09-13-09, 5:19 AM
Heya, Shizuma-sama wanted to haunt you so I'll just bring her right over here.

Enjoy! ^^

zivinbane | 09-12-09, 12:39 PM
Well no one like welcomed you hear and I thought that blows. Plus it's nice having another friend that's into anime xD And another fan of Cardcaptors Sakura! FUCK YEAH! Well I mean as long as it isn't the watered down U.S. version =p

So if Imma gonna recommend some series, it'd prolly be Comic Party, D.N. Angel, Fruits Baskets definitely, Onegai Teacher, and Onegai Twins. And I have a million more, so feel free to ask about anything xD

zivinbane | 09-11-09, 12:21 AM
HEY, welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay. Although, you're hear quite a bit longer than I have been xD

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