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03-23-15, 8:29 PM
January 1, 1994
October 5, 2012
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Time (Days) 266.1
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Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 43.2
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Unknown :(

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10-Masterpiece (not really a masterpiece, but I like the way it sounds)
8- Very Good
7- Good
6- Okay
5- Meh/Sub Par
4- Bad
3- Very Bad/ Terrible
2- Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

don't think I'll ever rate something lower than a 3.

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My Winter 2013 (no shorts) anime rankings
03-18-13, 3:04 PM Edited 04-01-13, 9:10 PM

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josiahongaku | 06-09-14, 10:13 AM
Arigato SkyKyz-senpai!

Apparently we have high anime compatibility <__< I hope you have a good day!

I myself am currently into slice of life and psychological thriller/horror, what are you into??

I thought I would add you for the sake of maybe running into each other again soon, and I also am very interested in your anime collection, I'd be grateful if you would add me, and I'll be sure to do the same!

sayounara (^o^)

Mkay | 01-20-14, 11:34 PM
Hahaha np man, I kinda guessed you don't check it that often anyways.

Lol nice, my Fifa addiction stopped once again, I went and got addicted to LoL. Probably a bad idea but, meh! Yolo. Once you get Fifa then tell me.

Ahaha yeah I am still waiting. The thing is, when I watch them once a week they feel so dragged out and boring at certain parts of the arc so I'd rather just watch it all at once.

Mkay | 01-01-14, 4:30 AM
Happy birthday and happy new years mate. Hope you have a fun time doing whatever you do.

Niiniberry | 07-23-13, 1:50 PM

please come and join Anime Alliance Club : )

also we're badly in need of new recruits
interested? apply here

Thanks a lot for listening and have a nice day!

-Elly--chwan | 06-23-13, 2:32 AM
Would you like to join ??

MellowJello | 04-23-13, 6:48 PM
Thanks a lot SkyKyz!

MiYeon | 04-06-13, 2:32 PM
People on Reddit ...just wow LOL.

I don't even go on Reddit that often and stuff on there is pretty weird, but also funny sometimes.

MiYeon | 03-31-13, 8:42 AM
Show me o:

MiYeon | 03-23-13, 8:33 PM
Your Darth Vader story from that one thread


aintnoponyexpres | 03-06-13, 6:34 PM
良い一日を過ごす、サー。 :D

Cyberfreak | 01-30-13, 10:03 AM
Didn't get it

ShadowOfWar | 01-28-13, 5:30 PM
Nope. Don't see it.

Groovy_Q | 01-19-13, 11:44 PM
Yes its really good its unique for a shonen manga check it out and tell how it goes.

Groovy_Q | 01-18-13, 9:49 PM
Nice list of manga

Tachii | 01-17-13, 6:31 PM
Well, I have heard of that before (now that I think of it). But I wasn't in a particularly dirty mood when I asked that question. lol I actually didn't know what it was referring to until you replied.

Well, you could always use another quote. I think a sig with a quote is a good expression to get a sense of who you are. But from this short exchange of words I've understood a bit better already. :>

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