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November 3, 1985
Neo Venezia, Aqua
October 30, 2007
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wakka9ca | 05-09-15, 9:26 AM
Will be out for 2 weeks without much Internet or anime. Talk to you when I get back :)

wakka9ca | 05-04-15, 10:25 PM
Well G no Reconguista was a huge disappointment as it was an extremely unbalanced series. It had nearly no settings exposition (went overboard on not having it) making it hard to explain the motives of every character. The series purely describes the outcome without ever exposing the cause, making every character's action seem pointless, random or out of character. The ending was pretty hilarious though (in a bad way)

wakka9ca | 04-24-15, 12:28 AM
The ending of Shigatsu was meh.

majiloveanime | 04-21-15, 12:28 AM
Aw! Thank you!<3

wakka9ca | 04-04-15, 11:36 PM
Kanako Ito and garnidelia concert today. Live figure sculpting event by Good Smile company today. Then watched a bunch of goofy panel... like anime OP remix and funny AMVs. There were preimiere screening of Etotama as well as tons of Japanese VA guest panels and Q&A session. Wit Studio also here to discuss their Rolling Girls series... Not bad although I find the panels to be less varied from Otakuthon in Montreal.

wakka9ca | 04-04-15, 1:31 AM
Watched 3-episodes premiere of Fate Stay Night UBW S2 in Sakura-con a few hours ago. It was pretty sweet :)

wakka9ca | 03-22-15, 9:24 PM
Also, can't wait for Arslan Senki:

The budget is high on this... Plus it's LOGH's author + Arakawa :)

wakka9ca | 03-22-15, 9:04 PM
I have a stash of new gunpla boxes sitting at the corner of my living room. Among it includes the RG Exia so yes, I will get to build it eventually. My current build schedule looks like this:
-Y01-Tellus (1/72 4th Gen. Armored Core) <-- Nearly done, needs to paint the huge laser rifle.

Upcoming on my schedule:
-HGBF R-Gyagaya
-HG Grimoire (Reconguista)
-HGUC Geara Zulu
-RG Wing Zero EW

You can find all assembly manual scans on
Ex: RG Exia assembly manual:
Of course, not as big as the MG though, but the RG model kit technology Bandai did is pretty impressive. MG's do get more innovative gimmicks though. PG is way too big for my taste lol. I like smaller scale because I also do miniatures for wargame/board games...

wakka9ca | 03-22-15, 12:09 PM
Ah the slippery slope of get better models :)

You should try a second cutter. I use the basic one you are currently using as the blunt cutter and use the precision cutter to shave off the excess without leaving white traces. This usually avoids sanding headaches especially for small pieces (relevant for HG/RG).

Have you ever tried RG before? Some of it's model are really good with details. They don't need painting over *at all*, just like MGs. It's more fragile/delicate than MG though. Example:

If you live in North America, hobbywave is usually cheaper than any other places, if you order multiple ones together (flat shipping rate). Finally, for better panel lining, I suggest the Real Touch Black Markers. It's not oil based so it can go over existing oil paint without protective layer. You can essentially apply a washing technique like with painting miniatures.

wakka9ca | 03-20-15, 10:43 PM
The real grade kits are really good and provide a nice option. Earlier RG kits had some balance issues though. I'm not a fan of MG's in general with the exception of Wing EW ones. As I don't do mods, I prefer the smaller scale ones as they provide more variety and are usually pretty neat in design (and cheaper). Look at the Gafran (AGE) in my collection for example, it looks really good in the dragon mode for a 12$ kit.

I don't use paints other than pour-type Gundam markers, which are typically sufficient to make HGs look nearly as good and accurate as their display image. I also built some other non-Bandai kits, like the Armored Core ones from Kotobukiya. Lesser plastic quality but more mechanical details.

wakka9ca | 03-18-15, 11:57 PM
Yup. Pre-ordered. Here are the gunpla I built last year:

The list is not updated with this year's builds so far though....

Luppi | 03-06-15, 3:17 PM
Thank you very much!^^

How are you doing? :)

SteveKanonfreak | 02-24-15, 2:11 PM
It's okay. Enjoy your vacation. I was just curious if you think they will fail with the new Aria or not.

Yanoflies | 02-22-15, 12:24 PM
Thanks Siva!

Zetto92 | 02-20-15, 3:49 AM
Yeah, I finish quickly because it was going pretty well. I'm reading the LNs now but it's been a while since a next volume came out, so who knows when it'll actually get a next season.

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