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Days: 222.2
Mean Score: 6.63
  • Total Entries1,663
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  • Episodes14,332
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation Specials
Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation Specials
3 hours ago
Watching -/6 · Scored -
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
Nov 22, 6:09 AM
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki
Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki
Nov 21, 9:46 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
Manga Stats
Days: 14.4
Mean Score: 8.11
  • Total Entries206
  • Reread0
  • Chapters2,593
  • Volumes135
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Shinonome Yuuko wa Tanpen Shousetsu wo Aishite Iru
Shinonome Yuuko wa Tanpen Shousetsu wo Aishite Iru
Sep 27, 3:38 PM
Reading -/10 · Scored -
Umibe no Onnanoko
Umibe no Onnanoko
Jul 24, 6:42 PM
Reading -/20 · Scored -
Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun
Jul 24, 6:38 PM
Reading -/147 · Scored -


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Wildflame Nov 20, 3:01 PM
Kinda late, but thanks for the birthday wishes!
majiloveanime Nov 15, 12:14 AM
aw man I was too late! I wanted to wish you a happy birthday because you did the same for me, but i was too late (╥︣﹏᷅╥᷅) Well, it's better than nothing so Happy Belated Birthday!
swordsman Nov 4, 10:03 PM
well myanimelist remembers mate :D
swordsman Nov 3, 3:24 AM
happy b-day Siva ;)
wakka9ca Oct 18, 2:09 AM
You should watch the first season then :)

The first season is overall average mecha. The movie + second season is where it really shines.
wakka9ca Oct 17, 3:29 PM
You should really check out Fafner the second season is really good.
wakka9ca Oct 11, 9:08 PM
Yes, all the characters were very enjoyable and the episodic nature of it (two skits in an episode) was very refreshing and nostalgic.

Some good series this season by the way you should catch up soon.
Dropnote Oct 9, 2:22 AM
Thanks for the Happy Birthday wish!
I must say I was surprised to see I had a "Happy Birthday" message awaiting for me on MAL. That shocking surprise was truly humbling in it's own odd way. (:
wakka9ca Oct 6, 10:43 PM
Some facts about Alicization arc without much spoiling but lots of hype :D

-It happens right after GGO arc
-There are no games involved so zero to your question :)
-It will be reminiscent of the very first arc except it's like on crack.
-It's much longer than all existing arcs combined (volume count).
-It's narrator and plot time (i.e. in-universe time) is order of magnitude longer than all existing arcs combined, including the first one.
-Other than Kazuto, an entirely new cast of main characters will be introduced in an abrupt way for the first half of this arc, which is already as long as all existing arc combined. There are little to no interaction with "outside" characters.
-New MALE main character beside Kazuto (...and a bunch of new female ones)
-An entirely new settings will be used
-Deeper bonds will be forged among the new characters due to the scale of the plot time involved.
-The acceleration technology from Accel World is related to the technologies introduced in this arc.
-The level and style of combat will be reminiscent of Bleach (when it was still good) and will trump in terms of speed and intensity all the existing "combat" in SAO, ALO and GGO.
-The main theme is artificial intelligence and what constitute of a human "soul"

BTW I'm glad you liked the SP4 ads. I'm happy as long as the Microsoft stocks go up :)
wakka9ca Oct 6, 12:16 AM
However, the Accel World is said to be an original anime instead of following the LN.. WUT?

As for the SAO movie... I really prefer they adapt Alicization Arc instead... Oh well better something than nothing.

Now what we really need is the sequel to No Game No Life, Mondaiji and Overlord....
wakka9ca Oct 4, 2:13 PM
One Punch Man was pretty good. The new Utawarerumono was surprisingly decent as well.

Also this:
wakka9ca Oct 1, 10:04 PM
Yeah, some old manga typically had somewhat strange characterization. Waiting for new anime season now... Currently watching backlogged series like Himouto lol.
wakka9ca Sep 17, 9:29 PM
You should also watch Ushio to Tora for good old school shounen feel. Very nostalgic.
wakka9ca Sep 14, 9:53 PM
Lol at your long rant about the series... and I thought Abyss was pretty mind-grating.
wakka9ca Aug 13, 10:40 PM
Lol: you should try Overlord instead. Much more entertaining.