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November 3, 1985
Neo Venezia, Aqua
October 30, 2007
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SteveKanonfreak | 02-24-15, 2:11 PM
It's okay. Enjoy your vacation. I was just curious if you think they will fail with the new Aria or not.

Yanoflies | 02-22-15, 12:24 PM
Thanks Siva!

Zetto92 | 02-20-15, 3:49 AM
Yeah, I finish quickly because it was going pretty well. I'm reading the LNs now but it's been a while since a next volume came out, so who knows when it'll actually get a next season.

flaxman85 | 02-17-15, 7:46 AM
good to see more old school anime watchers around here


SteveKanonfreak | 02-09-15, 12:58 AM
What do you think about the new Aria project? Do you think it will a new series or just an OVA?

Zetto92 | 02-06-15, 8:22 PM
I finished Maria-sama. It was nice and I liked Sachiko. ^_^

Also, I thought this was funny:

wakka9ca | 01-25-15, 8:26 PM
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is very good
Durarara 2 is good too
Death Parade: average

Among all the generic LN adaptations, I think Fafnir and Seiken are slightly more interesting than Absolute Duo and Shinmai Maou... Not saying much since it's still pretty crappy.

Zetto92 | 01-17-15, 5:24 AM
I hope I will. It looks interesting and is also the 1st time I'll be watching a Shoujo-ai anime. That's not really a genre I get into.

Zetto92 | 01-16-15, 8:13 PM
I have started Maria-sama ga Miteru now.

Zetto92 | 01-13-15, 7:49 PM
Have fun then. ^_^

Zetto92 | 01-13-15, 7:32 PM
Since I haven't really watched some of the better anime that are already completed, I'm sticking with those for now, at least until I've seen all of the good ones. Then, I'll start following up the newer ones.

One other guy I can think of, who got proper development, was Kenshin in rurouni kenshin. A wanderer who isolated himself from other after slaying so many, eventually developed some really close bonds with a lot of unique characters throughout the show.

I may check out the entire Gundam series but there are so many to get through. XD Soon...soon.

Seriously, this wait for a new berserk chapter kills me sometimes but I occupy myself with all the other manga out there. ^_^

Sorry I chat so much but I tend to be very lengthy with my responses when I meet someone with similar ways of thinking. :/

Zetto92 | 01-13-15, 6:24 PM
I think the females are more open to have proper development because they tend to have so many distinct views of the world, as well as difficulties with self esteem and general emotional struggles of love, acceptance and much more.

Natsume is definitely one of the guys that I loved to see develop emotionally through the story. He opened up so much to everyone around him and was able to make some really reliable friends, both human and spirits. I think many of the anime males' development tend to be directed towards getting stronger physically and not so much emotionally.

I haven't seen much of Gundam really. :/

Berserk manga is going really well imo but it suffers from the usual 'not knowing when another chapter will come out' syndrome.

So, are you following anything from this season's new anime?

Zetto92 | 01-13-15, 5:19 PM
Wow, you really hit the nail on the head. This is exactly how I view Berserk before and after her introduction in the story. As much as she has helped bring a new light to the story, she has also done a lot for all of the other main protagonists. Also, being with guts and the others has really aided in her development and self-confidence. I don't the manga was lost because of her presence like some people. >_> It fact, I thought her, along with all the others, have really developed in a way that keeps the story interesting, especially when it comes to how they approach the situations in the new arc.

I actually do have a list with some of the other fave character but this img code is messing it up. I feel that you tend to see a lot more development with females in anime. Watching their growth is both heart-warming and inspirational to me.

Zetto92 | 01-13-15, 4:37 PM
Lol. Yeah, a girl can dream too. I really admire positive characters like those in Amanchu! and Aria.

I see you have some interesting people on your faves list namely: Schierke. I know a lot of people hate on her and say that her part in the story made berserk into a sort of magical girl manga. I didn't think so. Actually, I thought she really helped with Guts' development from that solitary killer. I guess people prefer that from him. :/

Zetto92 | 01-13-15, 2:10 PM
Really? I was so hoping that they would make an anime adaptation of it. I'm excited now. ^_^

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