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March 1, 1993
October 26, 2008
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darkerealm | Yesterday, 7:21 AM
Good luck! :3

Yeah... sigh. But I guess that's the price you pay for fame.

Poor Gong Hyo Jin. This had to happen during the filming of her latest drama... what bad timing.

Very nice! He looks dapper in the suit ♥
He has a perfect voice~ interesting mv as well.

Retro8bit | 09-16-14, 1:00 PM
Yeah. :)

Hmmmm it seems then you are a casual fan of hip-hop, but not hardcore. Would you say my Sherlock Holmes deduction skills about you is accurate? *plays violin*

But yes I could see your point there, it always depends on the person. Kinda reminds me of when you go to a restaurant and order a steak. Sometimes it can be the best steak you ever ate, and other times the worst ever. All depends on the cook. Ugh, now I am hungry. XD

I really did! And to be honest I may even get "semi" into the K-pop genre with music like that. Then again, it could just be my love for Disney songs helping out in that category. ^_^;

Next video for you mi lady! :D

darkerealm | 09-12-14, 11:11 PM
Time flies~ It feels like we were only talking about it a few days ago.

That may be it but it's the company's fault for signing up for those unrealistic schedules in the first place.
No impossible schedules = not subjected to the mercy of the PDs.

That's news to me. Is the situation really that bad?
I heard that korean drivers are generally rather impatient on the road but I assumed that attitude happens in every country so I didn't think much of it.

Oh yeah Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and China has crazy road traffic.
I felt like my life wasn't worth a single dime when I was in China.
Right of the way? Priority over vehicles at intersections? Yeah right. The cars were treated as if they were more important than the pedestrians.

Yeah I felt pretty down because he was left brain dead from his operation and his parents had to come to the difficult decision of removing his life support. That's like one of the worst case scenarios imaginable. :(((((

Retro8bit | 09-10-14, 11:32 PM
I am happy where I'm at, very happy. See I am "officially" a part timer, because there is not currently room for another Chef, until this lady working there retires. So I am playing the waiting game at the moment. However on many occasions my boss has been able to give me full time hours. Though she has to be careful too because since it's a Government job, they could get in trouble for giving me those extra hours. Since it's not official yet I just am not eligible for the benefits. I don't mind though, since I am enjoying what I am doing at the moment. Just gotta be patient. :)

*raises fist in the air with big anime tears coming out*

Point well taken! I gotta say for someone who says they are not into hip-hop, you certainly know how to give your opinion on them. Guess you're just a music lover at heart Singi.

Okay now I know which videos you were referring too. I watched all three on them, gotta say I absolutely loved "Good Day." Felt like I was in a story book there for a second, and the song was so catchy. Second video was good too, had a nice touch of mystery to it...even a bit spooky I would say. And the third DEFINITELY sounded like Disney, even though the music video was a tad plain for my taste. Very awesome videos, I thank you!

Okay I sent her the video on Facebook, will let you know what she thinks of it on my next reply. ^_^

darkerealm | 09-10-14, 9:50 PM
It's okay, I'm busy as well since classes are starting soon. :)

That was really tragic. I feel for their parents. :/
Kyuhyun/SUJU's accidents really shook the kpop fandom. Is it because kpop idols are in the limelight which is why we always hear of their car accidents? If not, I'm beginning to think something is seriously wrong with most management companies; the way they rush from one schedule to another with total disregard for their artistes' safety.

I've been hearing a lot of sad news lately.. an acquaintance of mine died from a failed operation last thursday at the tender age of 24.
He was the valedictorian of my high school and had such a promising future ahead of him.
It was just really sad even though I barely know that guy. Sigh

Yeah I think that's the reason too ^^
I still hear Yesung in the album though for some of the background vocals.

Retro8bit | 09-08-14, 5:11 PM
No not yet. My boss actually offered me the position, but I would rather stay as cook as that's where my heart is. Passed up on a full time position though. :'(

By all means it's cool Singi. Real life always comes first, just reply whenever you get a chance my friend. :)

Oh man I could tell that was hip hop the moment I pressed start on the video. I remember the first time I even knew what the genre was is when I watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. XD

Really? I could have swore we talked about those Disney style videos you sent...didn't we? Maybe I do need to start using it more. I'll listen to them and also send you another video on my next reply.

I still need to send her the video actually, haven't been on Facebook as much these past weeks. Except to moderate a fan page I run. Been more into MAL lately.

Retro8bit | 09-03-14, 7:06 PM
The boss that none of us can stand! XD I dunno, she has picked good ones in the past, at least as far as work goes, they only end up quitting because they can't stand her. Irony!

Hey come on now Singi, "Bulletproof Boy Scouts" has some potential there. XD Oh man I don't why, but I couldn't stop laughing after I read that. Too funny! But yeah, I can see what you mean. :) I guess maybe all the good names have been taken? But then even some from the early past were odd. Like "1910 Fruit Gum Company." Which sounds more like something I would buy on the check-out line at a grocery store, than a band I would listen to.

Yes...I think. Sorry, did I check out the wrong video? :(

A shameless plug eh? And let me guess, you want me to click on it a bunch of times? Or maybe tell my friends? Because I only have one (other than you) who is into K-pop. As for what I thought of the video, I liked it. Especially the beginning, it had some good build up. Oh and I'll tell her about it by the way. Two clicks are better than one right? ^_^

xKirin | 09-02-14, 6:51 PM
Would be grateful if you could send me some images which you want them to appear on your profile.. Also I am not quite sure what to write on your profile, so please do pm me the details when you are free as well.

Woah, come and think of it this will be my first time editing an interface which is not anime related. Hopefully I can cope with it well. :'D Might take months to finish it since I have been kinda lazy lately..

darkerealm | 09-02-14, 7:08 AM
I hope the rest are staying because of their contracts.. I see no sense in tolerating all this bullshit just because they want to be idols.


Midnight Blues, Evanesce, This is Love, Too Many Beautiful Girls, Mid-season & Islands are my favorites.
I really like Raining Spell for Love. It's different from what I imagined it would be like.
It started off slow but the beat gets faster towards the chorus. There's even rap in the middle lol. What an interesting arrangement. Definitely my favorite song haha xDD

Is it my imagination? I think Kyuhyun has more singing parts this time round since I hear his voice like everywhere. Not a bad thing of course <3
Overall this album has a cleaner sound compared to their last few albums. None of that funky electronic dubstep music SM likes. It even has a bit of a summery theme going on with songs like Let's Dance and Too Many Beautiful Girls (1D vibe anyone?)
So yup! Totally agree that this album exceeds expectations~ :D

Retro8bit | 08-29-14, 10:08 AM
At the very least I hope we get a decent worker this time around.

Hahahaha, well it was just a name I thought off the top of my head soly for humor. Wasn't being serious silly. ^_^;

Yes I did. The song is really nice, and the stage is super flashy! Felt like I was in the future there for a sec. Is it 2015 yet? I want my hover board like in "Back to the Future." XD But yeah enjoyable video, I liked the beat, was pretty catchy. :)

darkerealm | 08-29-14, 1:57 AM
Man that sounds really fucked up.
I saw a gif... the one when the girl was hit on the face by her CEO. Wtf?
They treat those girls like they are commodities. EVERY GIRL MUST BE TALL, SLIM & PRETTY!
Of course they are going to overwork Siwan those gold diggers so they can make as much money as they can off of him.
Yeah all of them should pack up and leave once their contract expire. What a shitty company seriously.

Yeah I think he was the only funny one during the interview.

Well it's certainly different from their previous stuff. I appreciate the fact that the music video has a story line instead of random dance scenes.
As for the song, it sounds rather annoying... I don't think I'll like this.
Is the full album out yet?

xKirin | 08-28-14, 6:08 PM
Haha yeap!
You shall be the one who decides the theme while I will just take whatever it comes, I guess? On a side note it might take ages for me to be finishing it since I tend to work according to my mood when it comes to graphics related stuffs

I hope you wouldn't mind about that though. ;3;

xKirin | 08-28-14, 3:31 AM
Ehhh? I don't really categorize myself as pro but thanks for all the compliments! ///

Hmmm, I can always help you to make one if you want! That is if you don't mind me being a lazy ass that might drag my progression of making a layout anytime.. ;w;

darkerealm | 08-28-14, 3:15 AM
What? Why is Star Empire a shitty company? I don't follow ZE:A so idk much about their company.

It's quite rare for someone to sing an ost pre-debut. The producer must have really liked his voice. :))))

Btw I finished watching the episode of Weekly Idol with History.
The two mcs were quite impressed with Sihyoung's impersonations I think.
The game segment was amusing! It's pretty funny when Jaeho was forced to drink the fish sauce.
Overall I think they did quite well for their first variety appearance.

Retro8bit | 08-26-14, 5:56 PM
You want to know what's funny? The person I was talking about just quit today! XD Honestly I am surprised they lasted this long, but I kinda saw it coming too. As they mentioned to me that they were looking for work elsewhere.

Lately Oda seems to go in and out of being sick. I worry about him sometimes. He knows the ending to his story, but I hope he has told and/or left this info to another party too. Just in case he isn't able to continue with his work someday.

I do agree that com-to-com is a great feature. I guess the reason I don't use too often is because clicking "reply" opens a window right under your friend's comment, so I can just read it from there. Unless it's been buried, to which case I must use this feature. ^_^;

Since many bands have far too many people in them to create a short enough name, then you gotta go with just naming everyone together. Like "The Electric Fireflies!" Just a name I thought of off the top of my head. Pretty...good? XD

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