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Retro8bit | 01-24-15, 3:54 PM
Ugh, I said I was gonna do it last night, but I never got around to it. Come on Singi, do a cheer to help me rid myself of all these useless likes. XD

I completely agree with you about MAL. Many users complain, but I love it's simple layout, yet expansive system (there is so much to do here). I am glad it's not like so many of those other sites that change just for the sake of change. If you ever had a Myspace back in the day, you'd know that's what ended up killing them. But yeah, MAL is a great place to be. :)

Okay, when you explain it that way I think I have a better understanding. I guess I just assumed that since they were called dramas, they had to be about drama. That's pretty interesting when you think about it, guess I never thought there was such a thing. Although I still find it a bit odd how they bare that name, yet are not always about that. Maybe it's just cultural differences.

Xinil posted a topic yesterday saying the [img] tags have finally been fixed. I noticed both those and Youtube videos weren't showing on people's profiles.

luhans-ass | 01-24-15, 4:54 AM
that's for sure ._. things like that would be soo much easier if you just had 2 go 2 one place, that would list everything lol... I would like that regarding certain groups xP so I say the same, I want 2 be updated 2, but I don't feel like going all out 2 be updated ;P
no doubt about that ~ I watch fancams from the same performance/or whatever just where it is different angles *_* downloading them is pretty clever now that you say it :P

Ikr? :/ don't see why their parents would let them do it 2...

figures lol xD I haven't heard the entire thing yet, just those uploaded on SM's channel ^^ I liked them :)
oh, yea, I watched Yonghwa's 2! I prefered Jonghyun's but it was nice ~ ^_^ I haven't gotten around 2 U-KISS yet, tho I think I saw a live :3 speaking of Eddy, I like JJCC's comeback 2 xD even if certain parts really reminded me of 2PM >_>

lol you don't? funny you are still active here then :P may I ask why you don't watch it? :D

luhans-ass | 01-24-15, 4:02 AM
yea, but 2 get those immediate updates you gotta be pretty damn obsessive xD not neccessary in the bad way, but look them up on a daily or something ._. and yes, fancams mean something, I only do that for Luhan ~ :P

hm, that is probably worse come 2 think about it :S aand, didn't think of it like that, but that could very well be :3 still a stupid way 2 do it tho ^^

oh, okay xD err, the only one I can remember now (from 2015) is Jonghyun xP I liked his song ~ wbu? :D and well there is anime hahh x'DD

Retro8bit | 01-23-15, 5:29 PM
I know right? 2,418 to be exact. I liked them little by little over the years, had my FB account since 2006 so it's kinda piled up. Now that I'm on my laptop today, I am gonna see if I can start the...ummm...spring cleaning on it. XD

Yes I knew about other sites, in fact come to think about it, I am not sure how I discovered MAL exactly. I think a FB friend had a link to it once, and I thought it was cool. Although to be honest, MAL wasn't my first list site to be on. I tried getting on another one called anime-planet before that, but the set up just wasn't as nice. Plus their database was missing quite a lot of anime at the time.

Okay sorry for being so thick headed here, but you said there are comedy ones too right? So how is that classified as a drama then? I always thought they were suppose to be "dramatic." Maybe I'll never understand Singi. @_@

Pictures are still acting up on here. They aren't showing on many user's profiles.

luhans-ass | 01-23-15, 4:51 AM
for sure ^^
I have an easy time beliving that xD guess History got lucky there ;P

sorry then, it just came out that way 2 me...

hm, you are probably sadly right on the majority of them ^^ I think them seeing others do something influence them in some way 2 >_>

releases in kpop, orr..? heh :P

luhans-ass | 01-22-15, 2:28 PM
lol true that, guess they didn't think they would do it, right up until the opportunity emerged ^^
yea, I may get around 2 it sooner or later, doubt I will love it nearly as much as you do tho ;P

?? doesn't change anything I said...

hm, still they should be old enough 2 know something like that is fucked otl ~

luhans-ass | 01-22-15, 6:29 AM
I know right?? guess this is something that will neever change... regardless of the fandom :3
oh, that is always something ^^

as I said, matter of opinions and preferences xP but good you expect more from your groups, I guess ~

oh wow, didn't hear that, that is very extreme .___. you gotta be pretty out of it 2 do something like that... :3

Retro8bit | 01-21-15, 4:05 PM
To be honest, I have been thinking about doing the very same thing. I have like 2000 + things I like, and I really should just limit them to no more than 100, because I often miss things friend's post because of it. Ugh, all that work to delete them though. ;_;

Yes I know about the video game list, or at least "a list." I am with Playfire, I have a link to my account of there, is that the site you mean? I dunno, I wouldn't mind drama, but aren't most on the depressing/sad side? I am more of a comedy person. That's just me though. :) Maybe I am stereotyping it?

Yes, they get hacked frequently too. Not sure if you noticed, but all day yesterday they were having the site down for maintenance because of it.

luhans-ass | 01-21-15, 10:26 AM
*feels accomplished* ;P
could be you just have been lucky with who you are near xD may it stay that way tho ^^ and I think some international fans make themselves better than they are... some EXO fans had been complaining about asian ones going cray, but when EXO came 2 their country... they weren't any better xD
that is not 2 many mvs :3 and I believe you, I may agree with you if I get more into them ^^
niice ~ I think she is my fav 2, her solos are amaziiing 2 ~<33

hmm, not for me, it is music, I care about the song... everything else is just a bonus ^^' anyway, guess when it come down 2 it, it is all about preferences x)

ah, didn't think of it like that, but that is sadly true, doesn't change the fact other fandoms tries 2 label all EXO-Ls (not that I really blame them lol)
otl, maybe you are right xD what have you seen inspirits do?

luhans-ass | 01-19-15, 7:48 AM
haha, yea, I deserve points for that xP
Idk about that, I think the craziness just wouldn't be as noticeable because there is less lol xD yupp, successful but not mainstream... like PSY, just got a bit annoying when everyone started getting into him :/
yea ~ :D um, 'What Am I To You' is the only one I see in my kpop playlist, fairly certain I have heard more tho... and YT may have taken down some that was supposed 2 be in the playlist >_>
ah, alright, SPICA have some pretty good songs, I like a few :D and I adore Ailee and Mamamoo 2 ~<3 my female bias is CL, and some of the groups I like (some a lot, others just certain songs...) is 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, ChoColat, EXID, EvoL, BoA, etc ^^

for many I am sure of xD

2 many 2 keep track on maybe, but it got its benefits 2 xP and really?? ... guess I don't care much for concepts :3 and that is true, but lets hope for the best ^^

no doubt about that ._. otl! I feel what you say, and tho I do agree with you with most of it, that far from goes for all of them ^^ some times it is even other fandoms who start trouble and then start acting all victimized... I saw someone talk shit about one of EXO's members on one of their videos, and started acting up when fans defended him... overall I think all fandoms are filled with clones who just does/say as everyone else ^^
ah lol... I am sensing we like different things otl xD I love Overdose! *_* everything from the song, mv, dance, and that ponytail they gave Luhan made him so pretty! *Q*

luhans-ass | 01-18-15, 5:46 AM
hah, yea, sorry about that... I know the group, that is always something, right? xD hm, sounds like it got its perks and disadvantages :) for you and their other fans, I hope the same xD
hm, maybe :P gotta get 100% into their music before I wanna go ahead and learn them xD
now all of those I know of :P seems like it change every year or so xD do you have a female bias 2? ~

hah, been there xD says something about Infinite I assume ^^'

aaah, okay I see the difference on those ^^ that is much better than those who change top groups every other second... at least I think so :P I barely keep track on who debuts anymore, tho I do want 2 lol xD
Ikr? ~!

yea, and the songs and Luhan are what I go for, so ;) I can understand that, I do adore EXO, and even if they won't be my bias group anymore, I will still love and support them, that being said... I despise their fans xD they are just really, really annoying 2 listen 2 often... aand, I guess I can sort of understand that :3 I don't really care about that, I always judge a group from who they are and what they do, fans can just go fuck themselves ;P
Ikr?! ><

luhans-ass | 01-18-15, 5:13 AM
true that, true that xD my obsession have never been this great with anyone either lol!
with how long you have been into kpop, I guess it makes sense they would change :) glad you said the group he is in, if not I would have been lost ._. I know the group, but I have yet 2 learn the members >< anyway, sure he earned the spot as your ultimate bias xD who have been your fav before him then? :P

you have been into it for a long time then :O do you keep up with rookie groups still, oorr? glad BB and SJ was behind it xD regarding variety shows, SJ is reallyyy entertaining, the dynamic they have is hilarious x'D
they are, makes it hard 2 resist :P

like early-mid 2012, so nothing in comparison 2 you heh :P
oww, that is kinda sad >< I love all the music they have released so far, I just don't know about their upcoming album :/ I think it will feel weird, and seem like something is missing >_> some part of me just wish they would disband so they would be remembered as a group of 10, or reunite on some other label :'3
there was wayy 2 much drama around them in 2014 :/ ... actually kpop in general had 2 much drama ._.

luhans-ass | 01-18-15, 4:55 AM
yupp, and I have a hard time seeing this will ever change xD in my eyes, he is perfect <3 who is your ultimate bias, if you have one? ^^'

oh that's pretty cool, when did you start?? I like the first two, especially Infinite *_*
I would say EXO, but with Luhan out... EXO and/or BIG BANG, Idk xP not digging this 10-member thing all that much...

luhans-ass | 01-18-15, 3:40 AM
heh :D and more than you will ever know lol <3 ✿´‿` for me; Luhan = life xD I saw you was a kpop fan 2! so, who are you stanning? xP

luhans-ass | 01-17-15, 7:53 AM
h-hello ~

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