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03-25-15, 4:03 PM
March 1, 1993
October 26, 2008
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luhans-ass | 03-25-15, 4:13 PM
lol, I am a YG stan, but I dislike YG stans, so I am glad 2 read that actually xD why won't you stan their artists tho? :O because they are 2 popular? hm, fair enough ;P

maybe, but at my age I wouldn't be caught listening 2 it lol. it is a concept, many girl groups seem 2 go through them all, so no, it doesn't mean that at all, but I don't find it any less annoying >_> or I like females with strong vocals, which those girls rarely have... it is those cutsey, squeaky voices... HI was an improvement, but still not my kind of thing :P
I liked Gain's comeback *_*

thought so ^^

Retro8bit | 03-12-15, 3:40 PM
Sorry for the muncho late reply Singi. D:

Do you have anything related to meatloaf in Australia? As in something similar?

Ah okay. I can't say I am really a fan myself, but I did use to watch her and Popeye as a kid. If you know who he is. XD

They are pretty, and talented too. I really enjoy their harmony together. :D

Hmmm you have a good point there, never thought of it that way. :O How you been doing these past weeks by the way?


luhans-ass | 03-06-15, 5:28 AM
haha, I feel ya, I only care because it is YG xD I won't go crazy before they have some real songs out :P Bobby seem nice tho! ^_^

I tried listening 2 it, and I couldn't even hear it 2 the end ._. if you put it like that, then yes, cutsey concept probably was what they should go with, but I personally don't like it lol. I don't like anything girly or cute, I want something up beat (4Minute's new song being a great example), and like "tough" lmfao ;P doesn't mean girl groups should act like skanks for me 2 like them (tho I do favor the sexy concept :P), I just don't want their aegyo faces all over my screen -_- at least keep it out of their music, I don't mind if they are naturally cute...
I wasn't 2 fond of it, but it was better than Lovelyz imo ^^
don't know if I would put it like that, but yeaa xDD truth be told, I don't remember if I ever listened 2 his music tho... unless he was on Amber's new album?? :3 wasn't he hosting something with Hanbyul 2?? if that was him, I recall him being pretty cool as a person :P

luhans-ass | 03-01-15, 4:26 PM
I am starting 2 realize that haha ~ I won't say anything about upcoming groups before I see them :P

oooh, that is quite a few... I knew of Boyfriend's come 2 think of it lol, only care about the last 2 you mentioned ^^ I don't like the concept Lovelyz got going at all....

Retro8bit | 03-01-15, 4:08 PM
Come to think of it, not sure that's a good idea. I think half of my words would have to be *BLEEPED* out. XD

Yes, though there is a bit more to it than that. It's ground beef mixed with bread crumbs, eggs, bell peppers, onions, salt, pepper and garlic powder. I personally also like to add a bit of BBQ sauce to mine. At least that's how it is here in the US. ^_^

Yes it is Betty Boop! You a big fan of hers?

This has to be the best video you've sent me yet, I loved the retro and western theme. *_* Though I am a huge pirates fan. Got anything with a theme like that?

Next up:

luhans-ass | 03-01-15, 3:27 PM

they must be special 2 you then :D better than those who get overly impressed with every new group coming out lol ;P
oh, really? who else is there? :S

Retro8bit | 02-28-15, 12:24 PM
Hey, with my co-workers the way they are, I'd gladly take whatever I could get. XD

That's certainly true. Here in New Mexico we never get anything remotely like that over here, since we are considered to be one of the poorest states. At least gas is pretty cheap here though. XD Darn, and here I was all ready for your arrival. Had some wrestling DVDs and basketball posters put up. And what oh what am I gonna do with this "welcome Singi" meatloaf I just made?

That song brought back so many memories of my childhood for me. :D

Hey now, your song was really energetic, and more flashy from the last one you sent. Nice! :D

Up next on the roaster, a new (errie) take on an old classic story:

luhans-ass | 02-28-15, 11:42 AM
hahh, yupp xDD the title song at least, the others were alright :P
I say the same >< I just hope this won't be the end of them :3

really?? I haven't managed 2 get into them yet ._. I did check out Shinhwa's comeback, and it was rather nice ~!!

Naisto | 02-28-15, 2:25 AM
ahahaha nah, I think I tried to pm you but you had it disabled from randoms (which to be fair is a very good idea) I just wanted to see if you wanted to checkout/join our club

Naisto | 02-27-15, 5:42 PM
haha all good thats fine :) have a good day

Retro8bit | 02-27-15, 5:14 PM
Good, because I may need some counseling after working with some of the people I work with. How much do you charge? XD

Well if that's the case, then move to America Singi! We have a couch that folds out. Oh wait...that was the old couch. Anyway though, it's more reason to! We could watch wrestling and basketball ALL DAY long! :D

Yes I know, just commenting on it's 90's vibe...that it...obviously was? I guess? @_@

Really? Wow that was an odd coincidence. Ugh, this is going to be a thing that's gonna start happening. Okay here is your next (new) one (I hope):

Loved the video, them woman were pretty! *_*

Retro8bit | 02-26-15, 4:56 PM
No problem at all! I was just curious. ^_^ What was your major again? I remember us discussing this last year, but I don't have the best memory. XD

True. I think one of the reasons we can take it now, is because they speed up the frame just enough to give it a certain flare and style, while not over doing it and thus giving us a migraines. XD

Ummmm...well....maybe he was suffering from a broken heart because he thought she left him, then came back into his life? I don't think I have any idea what I'm talking about anymore in explaining my thoughts on MVs. @_@

Nice! I figured since you are such a big fan of K-pop, that you just had to see a concert or two. Though I am curious, how did you go about attending one? Did they go to Australia or did you have to travel?

Interesting. Music video aside, the song really reminds me of something late 90's ish. Think maybe it's the beat or something. Can't tell if those are drums or not.

Cool, glad you enjoyed it. At first I wasn't sure I had sent it to you yet. Okay here is your next one:

Sorry, no actual MV this time. D:

luhans-ass | 02-24-15, 5:37 PM
Ikr? I even considered buying their mini album ^^ and haha, I feel ya ;P
I meant comeback eventually, not now :) of course they do need their time 2 recover, but I do wish they will come back some time! ><

oh yea, never got all that into Myname, but their new song did seem pretty cool :P hmm ~ I saw the teaser for Lovelyz, but I don't think I will even bother with the mv lol... I may give Shinhwa a chance tho ^^'

Retro8bit | 02-24-15, 2:12 PM
But Singi, just think of the possibilities the music video industry would have if they kept all those cool 80's effect in, ummmm, effect. Right? Right? RIGGGGGGGGGGHHHHT?!?!

Okay, I must have just missed that on the subtitles...or blanked on it or something. I tend to have brain fart moments like that often. At first I thought maybe he was suffering from a broken heart, since they were over him with a mini saw. XD Hey speaking of live performances, you ever seen a K-pop concert live?

Sure, in fact since I love old school things, maybe you could send me some classic K-pop, as far back as you recommend. I enjoy seeing things from different eras. :)

Glad ya liked it! :D And hey, no eye bleeding music video this time either! Hahaha!

Okay okay, here is your next one:

luhans-ass | 02-22-15, 5:29 PM
haha, yea, what I am thinking xD

umm, I loovedd 4Minute's latest comeback <33 and I don't like them at all so that is something... I wish they will stick 2 songz like this <3 :P and tho I haven't heard the full song yet, I am sensing I won't be 2 crazy with VIXX's latest song xD as for comebacks, I heard BIG BANG have one on their way!!!!! so excited for that one *Q* and of course I am always anticipating EXO lol ~ debuts would be anything YG *_* haven't really heard of anyone else either :3 oh and Amber's song/solo debut!!! I love Amber, and I had been wanting her 2 get some solo work for a looong time (since I don't like her group whatsoever lol) can't think of others right now ^^ ... aside from Ladies' Code, I wonder whether they will have a comeback again :3
wbu? :)

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