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Retro8bit | 07-25-14, 12:10 PM
That will be fine, that's what most of my online friends call me anyway! :) Awww, was hoping you'd go with "hey you." ;_;

You are certainly right there, and some were left a mystery for a while, such as the case with Nico Robin. We didn't find her past until much later in the anime. Although was it just me, or did just about all the straw hats have someone in their past who died? I started noticing that as a running theme later in the anime.

Mercury was awesome! Defiantly my second favorite! A very down to earth girl who in my opinion was instantly likeable. Seriously, you'd have to have no heart in order to hate on her. She was quiet, caring, didn't brag about anything, and was the kind of person you could always rely on. I could see how she'd be a good role model growing up for you. :)

Oh okay, guess I must have just misunderstood then, I thought you were implying that she was copying Disney too much and just now started setting off on her own. Anyway, my time is a bit limited at the moment so I will have to watch those later on tonight, but I will give you my reaction on them once I do. Thanks! :)

I guess that goes to show I am not too familiar with boy bands these days, since I never caught that MJ link factor, or however you would describe it. But I love these chats we are having, it's not everyday I can talk with someone so in-depth when it comes to music. Especially since most friends I try and share mine with, ask me to turn the radio off. XD

I am still unsure as to why they chose that footage on "Walk of Life" of all things, I guess because messing up can just be a part Or maybe I am thinking too deep into it.

Okay here is a kind of "quirky" music video. Called "Born to Fly," and you can easily see how they are referencing the Wizard of Oz. XD

darkerealm | 07-25-14, 9:41 AM
It makes me laugh and feel bad for him at the same time. Idk I feel like people who cry when they are drunk keep a lot of their true feelings bottled up inside.
LOL that was pretty funny! I agree, Woohyun is not hiding well enough :P

Baro and his aegyo I can't- >w<
And the 'Don't touch me when I'm eating'... that's a pretty strange trauma ^^''
I enjoyed the staring competition haha

*pat pat*
I hope you get to go as well! You can hear all their new songs live! <3

Oh thanks for the info. Daehyun was the one I'm talking about. Great voice! :3

Retro8bit | 07-24-14, 7:41 PM
Anything you wish! It doesn't matter to me, I respond to all names. "Retro, that 8 bit guy, hey you!" Doesn't matter. XD

I know, it's really a tear jerking moment for poor little Nami. :( My heart really went out to here once the series reached the Arlong Park saga.

I never read the actual manga of Sailor Moon, but from what I hear this new adaption stays closer to it than the original anime did. It's funny but the only character who I personally felt kept their same appearance to some extant, was Luna. The rest look way older. I was happy to see Sailor Venus...err...V, get so much exposure in the first episode. I always hated the fact that she was so push to the side in the early episodes considering she was the first sailor scout. Even worse in the dubbed version as she was change to just a make believe TV character. Never understood why in the world they would change something like that, odd editing. Oh and in case you were wondering, yes Venus was my favorite Scout. XD The art style change is the thing I am still adapting too. The characters, as I said earlier, look so much older, and kinda oddly portioned I think. But yeah a lot of people hated Usagi's new personality, or should I say enhanced personality too. XD So you're certainly not alone in that group. What I think is odd, is that it's only 26 episodes long. Makes me wonder if story plots will be sped up more because of it? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. At the very least we can expect many more season if this does well.

I know you may not dig what I am about to ask you but, would you mind sending me some of that k-pop girls videos that are more Disney style based? I am an absolute sucker for the old school Disney songs. DON'T HURT ME SINGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No need to apologize for the rant, I can tell you not only have an eye for k-pop, but for music and general. Me? I love music, but I am also one of those people who just listens to the songs "as is." In other words, I don't pay attention to the artist, year and so fourth. Heck, sometimes I don't even know the exact title of the songs I like, or maybe I think it's one title when it's really another. XD

Okay as for the song you just sent me, call me crazy, but for some reason I could picture Micheal Jackson singing a song like that. Not sure if it's the way they move, dress, or just the beat of the song in general, but I immediately thought of MJ. O_O;

Anyway, here is your next song. :D

The music video might be a bit odd if you are not a sports fan, but you gotta admit that beat is catchy. :)

darkerealm | 07-24-14, 7:06 AM
that's strange. haha i have no way to explain this either.

the interview is amusing. LOL at the random 'L cries when he's drunk'.
and the 'please call me oppa'. they repeated the whole sentence lmao. ^^

Usually I don't like rap but that's a pretty cool song as well. Someone has a nice voice during the chorus :D

It's okay! It's too bad. I like that specific part because it looks really cool in the mv. :)

Yeah I've been taking more vitamin C and sleeping early these days.
aww thanks~~ ♥

Oooh thanks for the video! The full version of the song is glorious!
The camerawork is also better in this one. I love their outfits too. Simple yet classy.

darkerealm | 07-23-14, 4:46 AM
Oh you notice his lisp too? I thought it was just my imagination.
Maybe it's their nerves when they are standing on stage?
Sungyeol and Sungkyu seem fine when they are on variety shows. They talk as per normal.. idk.

I've been replaying 'Back' so much these days.
I keep thinking this song is called 'Save Me' LOL idk why it made more of an impression on me.

Oh looks like you missed my question. Do you know who said the word 'jump' before they break out into the dance? Sounds like Hoya but I can't be sure :P

My entire family is down with the flu. The virus is spreading smh -.-
I hope I'm not the next victim lol.

darkerealm | 07-22-14, 3:31 AM
Yeah I'm mighty impressed with Hoya!!! He has a nice quality to his voice :D
Agreed with you about L. He's much more confident now and has more control over his voice too.
Yes that must have hurt lol. I also love the part when Sungyeol was singing the 'please please please'~ SQUEEEE total fangirl alert :33
Do you know who said the word 'jump' before they break out into the dance? Just curious heheh

Oooh I love this song as well :DDD
Did you see the performance for this song as well? They look pretty good~
Woohyun and Sungkyu killed it as usual.

Thank you! I'll take your advice. :)

Retro8bit | 07-21-14, 9:05 PM
Oh well it is nice to meet you Lady Singi! Now that I know that's your real name I feel as though I am meeting you for the first time again! ^_^;

Hey...HEEEEEEEEEEY! That dude is eating all the cake that Singi-chan baked for me! Wait, what was that? It was only store bought? Oh, well nevermind then, I see how it is! *sniff*

It's funny how we stumble upon certain things in life and it ends up becoming such a big part of it. I feel that way with many of my hobbies, I only tried them as a whim for the heck of it, and now...HA! It's a part of me you might say.

Hahahaha, when I read how much you dislike the peppy j-pop opening anime songs, I "immediately" thought of the new Sailor Moon anime, and sure enough you mention it one sentence down. XD Not sure how I feel about it so far. I mean the song is okay, but boy does it feel out of place for someone who grew up with the original old school soundtrack. Everything about the anime is! What is this magic? Even the transformation scenes! O_O;

Ooooh, I really liked "The Red Shoes" video, the build up was especially nice. It's a nice mix of jazzy tunes along with a slice of k-pop feelz, very nice. I don't know why, but I get a 1990's feel from it also, in a good way though. :)

Okay, I think I know of one you may like:

One of my favorite songs from the 80's. Not sure if this is your style or not, but it's pretty easy listening, and has a nice saxophone solo.

darkerealm | 07-21-14, 12:43 PM
Maybe they started taking a stricter stance recently. *shrug*

LOVE THE MV! I really like the choreography. Need the dance version of this asap.
Sunggyu is great as usual. I'm seeing Hoya and Sungjong in a new light. The latter feels more grown-up now (perhaps it's the styling).

By the way, how's the weather in Australia right now?
Is it a cold winter? I can't decide if I should bring my winter coat or I should just layer up with my normal clothes instead.

Retro8bit | 07-20-14, 8:04 PM
Oh so "Singi" is your real name then? If so sorry about that, I could see how you would prefer it a certain way, thought it was just a random username.

But...but...Singi, I could have sworn you promised me cake. In fact I think it was more than a promise, it was an oath. I am sure of it. Oh and I would like a carrot cake just so you know. :3

I feel the same, and was really shocked when I saw his face on there. At the very least I am glad he didn't do it intentionally. Don't get me wrong the woman is no more dead then she would have been either way, but I am just happy he didn't do it on purpose. You're right though, best he is serving time, otherwise it just puts other's at risk out there. I am really disappointed in him to say the least. :/

Hahahaha, nope, no doubts here. XD Even though I blindly didn't notice it on your profile, once I did I just knew you were...HARDCORE K-POP...TO THE EXTREME!!!!!!!!1!!!

Roy Kim, he was the one with the easy listen style music right? If so then I did enjoy it, don't hear foreign music in that tone much, since it's mostly peppy j-pop anime opening songs.

By the way, thanks for the video. She has such a soft voice I just loved it! ^_^

Yup, it's old music before my time. Growing up though my parents always taut me to appreciate things which were before my time, and I am really glad that they did. Found so many things I would never have known I would have liked, had I not taken the time to look them up from the past. In fact here is one of them:

My dad said it was popular in 1963 here in the US, believe it or not. :) Everyone was singing it even though they had no idea what they were saying. XD

darkerealm | 07-20-14, 8:45 AM
Yeah. I'm not so desperate that I would pay to see better videos.

Well that's too bad. I wouldn't mind seeing him in a drama lol. :P

Even MuBank? I thought KBS is quite lax with these sort of stuff..
I like the piano intro as well. The buildup towards the chorus is wonderful!! :D
Dongwoo and L please keep your hair like this for a while :3
Oops I already like this more than Last Romeo. Gimme the mv nao!

Retro8bit | 07-19-14, 1:19 PM
Hmmm how about "Singy" then? Sing the latter would only be shortening of your already existing name.

Darn, and you had me curious there for a while. I thought to myself: "boy I wonder what wonderful things she will find by the time I get back on MAL." But alas, just like the cake, it was a lie. ;_;

Yes it's sad how time marches on. One of my best friends in school for instance, I found out was driving drunk and struck and killed an old lady. He is currently serving time in jail. It's funny, I remember wondering whatever became of him up until that point. Hadn't seen him in like 20 years at that time.

I guess it just depends on what degree of temperature you are use to using then. ^_^;

Very detailed, I now have no doubts in my mind that you are a "true" girl into K-pop/J-pop. I'm sure there are many other's in similar situations to his. Interesting. Here is another golden oldie that I like:

darkerealm | 07-19-14, 5:33 AM
luff i won't ever donate to people who are making more money than me lol.
the fans are already paying their dues by watching the videos since they make money off youtube ads and blog visits etc.

fufufu Minhyun should appear in more dramas :D

shucks. i hate it when that happens D:

darkerealm | 07-18-14, 12:33 AM
Woah the funding stuff is just... not cool.
I don't think it's right for them to ask for fundings when they aren't actually providing a service.
Aren't they doing those videos for fame/for themselves?
OMG you said the same thing I was thinking! They are NOT funny at all.
Basically I have this impression that they are a bunch of weeaboos trying too hard to be Korean.

About the B1A4 thing, it's okay if they don't like the album because that's their opinion. But woah they shouldn't try to influence people because of the bulk-buying scandal.

I hope that happens as well. :D

If I didn't know any better, I would have thought A Glass of Water is their title track. :P
And they are so bouncy and hyper for Solo Day hahaha. Cute! :D

I like Minhyun even more now if it's possible. He looks like an actor! :3

Okay that sounds exciting haha, bring on the violence! :P

darkerealm | 07-16-14, 12:25 PM
The mv is so cute haha I have to replay it. :D

Oh you used to follow them? Any reason why you stopped caring?
I don't know who they are until someone mentioned that they are fans of Taemin. Anyone who likes Taemin or SHINee gets cookie points from me. But yeah I don't follow them either.

I agree. Henry's album is the best release for me so far.
I'm just sad there wasn't a bit more competition.
Trap is pretty wonderful~ It's in my top 3: Growl, Symptoms and Trap.

I enjoyed it alright! I was looking at Yijeong but I'm listening to Dokyun most of the time. He's a great singer~~~ and he has quite a few lines in Blue Moon!
Why they no promote this song too? D:

Retro8bit | 07-15-14, 5:44 PM
Sing, I don't know if I can hold out that long on a Google search. What if my brain dies in the process of trying to discover this great info. I have heard of that happening (maybe), so I am not sure it's worth the risk. I have a splendid idea, you Google search it for me and let me know what you find. Okay deal! #RetrosLazy

That certainly true, do you have any childhood friends? Or maybe buddies from school that you still keep in contact with. I use to have a bunch, then sadly as time went on, I lost contact with more and more. As of now I only have one, and even him I haven't heard from in a while.

Are you young lady saying that I am biased to the US way of temperature telling?! Because...well, maybe you're right but that's not the point here! It's that it seems hotter that way so therefore makes sense...right? ._.

As hard as it may be, it also seems like a great test to see just how much you two really care for eachother. The way I see it is, if it's God's will then you two will find a way no matter what! :) As for my case, yeah I felt it best. She didn't want to of course because she felt it wasn't really a big deal, but I tried to explain what the Bible said to her, but in the end she turned a deaf ear. I am happy though, because I still got to share with her, and who knows? Maybe someday she will accept Christ's mercy. The Bible says each time we tell other's about his love, it plants a seed, even if they don't seem to care at the time.

That was pretty good, is that considered K-pop? By the way, that dude has a name like "John Park," yet is Asian? O.o I must admit I don't have much knowledge of K-pop (of J-pop for that matter), but that just seems odd to me.

Believe it or not there has been an odd shift that country music has been making. That song I showed you was way back around 2003 or so. Nowadays? Country music even sounds less like Country music, and more like pop. Personally, I prefer the old style of country. You know, with the violin and everything? XD

Sure I can send you more, here's one you're probably familiar with:

Enjoy! :-)

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