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darkerealm | 04-18-14, 9:33 AM
Haha nope~

The rescue operation was a mess though. Partly because of misleading information (that most of the passengers have been rescued when it's actually not true)
I saw the live footage and there weren't enough boats available in the 2 precious hours before the ferry sank completely. It's too bad. More people could have been saved. :/

I'm not keeping my hopes up though. It's been 2 days and the water is frigid. Even if they hadn't drowned, most of them would have died from hypothermia by now. :((((

I finished the ep! I laughed so much during the crab race.
I like the mafia game too.. it reminds me of X-men.
Min Jong is one of my prime suspects but I really thought he was seasick though.
He had me fooled lol. Sneaky sneaky~ :P
Who do you think the rest of the mafia are besides Min Jong?
My guesses are Kim Jung Nan and Gary..
How many are there anyway? The subs wasn't very clear actually.

darkerealm | 04-16-14, 9:10 PM
Lol that's hilarious! I don't blame him.
Sometimes I click on the trending topics and discover that people are tweeting about a completely different topic. :P

Anyway their comeback has been postponed to the 19th because of the ferry disaster.
It's a tragedy considering how most of the passengers are students. I hope they find them soon. :/
Some insensitive fans were complaining about it and I felt kinda speechless?
Bitch the people on board are more important than your oppars right now.
Their family members are hanging onto every bit of news on tv.
I'm interested in their comeback too but come on. -__-

Haha yups~ Variety shows add layers to his character. I didn't know he was kinda clumsy?

Great! I'll let you know when I finish the ep. :D

darkerealm | 04-15-14, 10:13 PM
Yeah you do that lol. Excessive fangirling turns people off. :P

It was funnier because Woo Bin took it seriously. Charged right into the enemy camp and all but he got thrown into the water like he was nothing. xDD

Wow how did you manage that? I thought you were 30 eps behind?
That's great! I can finally discuss RM with you without fear of spoilers!
Oh nope I'm not there yet. I'm still halfway through ep 192 :>

darkerealm | 04-14-14, 9:56 PM
Yeah they've been through the Black Ocean together. I notice they finally talked about it in a recent variety show.

Yups but I can imagine how annoyed they must be. Especially if they are perfectionists.
It's not about the sales imo. They practiced so hard for this and someone decided to be a smart ass and leaked their work ahead of schedule.
It takes some excitement and anticipation out of the whole comeback. :/

Haha I don't really follow U-kiss... oops. :P

Lol he was thrown into the pool by Sparta Kook at that time XD

darkerealm | 04-13-14, 2:13 PM
Yups I agree with this so much. :D

Uh huh. I just don't feel the same sisterly bond like SNSD..

Poor Exo. They need to hire more professional staff D:

I like her style as well. Very suitable for a spring song.

Really? I didn't know who they are... oops :P

It's exciting especially when the two special badges came into play!
But too bad it was really predictable at the end. Basically Woo Bin slaughtered everyone xDDD

darkerealm | 04-12-14, 11:57 AM
Yeah it's getting harder to find a job nowadays. =.=

Hmm my impression of her improved that's for sure.
I like idols who actually like to be there? After all we are spending money to see them.
Some idols are lazy/arrogant after becoming popular. I feel like they don't go the extra mile?
Their eyes are so dead, their movement is so lethargic.
I can't expect them to retain their rookie mindset but it would be great if they are appreciative and down-to-earth.

Yups it was an outdoor concert. :D

Well f(x) never seemed like much of a team anyway. The members are close to one another but most of the time they are off doing their own thing and having solo activities.

Leaked again? Didn't that happened during WOLF too?

Ugh that's so disappointing. I hate those situations when it's mostly single seats left..

I like the song so much too! Great recommendation!
What an interesting theme for a song~ The mv is quite cute as well.

Oh look it's Hoya. :P
The Busker Busker guy is there as well!

Btw I think you already know about this but Running Man didn't cut the Gold Rush part!
I believe it's ep 191? So go watch it if you haven't! ^^

darkerealm | 04-08-14, 5:26 AM
I can imagine~ Are you working right now? :)

Yesssssss Everything is groovy and puts me in a pleasant mood. :DD

Yeah I got great seats. At first I was a little concerned over the price since I was also going for SHINee's concert. I knew I made the right decision when I reached the stadium.

SNSD came to our side and I got a good look at them esp Tiffany who stole my attention.
She is really pretty in person. Which was ironic because I didn't really like her before that?
I saw loads of SUJU, Exo and f(x) too since they were running around being dorks.

My cousin got the normal seats and the view was terrible. She had to rely on the LED screen and one of them broke down due to the heavy rain. Yeah there was a thunderstorm during the concert...
But the funny thing was that the fan chants got even louder. Nobody left.
And dayum idols dancing and singing in the rain! (*≧▽≦)

Poor f(x)... I'm not surprised though. Money talks.
SM doesn't even bother to give their fans an official fanclub and colour? At this rate, maybe Exo will get those before them too. -___-

Haha yeah most definitely.
That's terrible lol. You have to fangirl silently. :P
Okay! Good luck! =)

darkerealm | 04-06-14, 12:33 PM
That's disappointing.... idk what to say. It's a shame really. :((((((

I agree! The lyrics are nice too! I like his mvs as well.
I remember swooning over 'Haven't Met You Yet' because his wife was in it and they were all sorts of adorable. It's my fave song, what about you? <3
Yups~ no flashy outfits or controversial themes. Sometimes I just get so tired of the normal mainstream stuff smh.

Lol SMTOWN is even more expensive. I paid around $268 for it.. But those were VVIP tickets so it was well worth every penny. :P

Yeah it would be a different event altogether.
No crazy screaming or catcalls. Just loads of appreciative clapping?
I can't imagine people moshing to Michael Buble's songs.. That thought is so amusing lol.

darkerealm | 04-03-14, 1:09 AM
That's interesting. It's like the opposite here. Tickets for the mosh pit sell out pretty fast, much faster than seating tickets.
Haha yeah. Buying concert tickets is just like fighting in a war. -_-

*nods* I became a fan because of that album~ Before that I only heard of 'Home'. :P
Good singers like him are hard to come by these days. :D

Hmm they like SHINee but not enough to fork out $200+ for a concert lol
That's right~ Fans are quite passionate too. There were fan projects for Onew and Minho's birthdays like bday banners etc.

Bummer but I would make the same decision too~ :)

darkerealm | 04-02-14, 1:26 AM
Hope it works out for you! All the stress is worth it in the end~

Oh yeah I always go for the seating tickets. I can't handle two hours in a mosh pit.
Lots of pushing and elbowing.. And all the sweat... gross.

I see~ ^^
Michael Buble! Omigosh I love his songs especially his Christmas album.
Like you, I'm not invested in him enough to pay to see him in action but his voice is really nice! ♥

It sucks when none of your friends share your interests.
No one shares my love for SHINee so I went to see their concert alone.
It's not a bad experience at all. I made a couple of friends while queuing in line.
Plus once the concert starts, it doesn't even matter since all your attention is focused on the stage. :D

darkerealm | 04-01-14, 12:13 AM
50% fail rate? Wow I thought it was lower than that.. and that's why I hate it when event companies adopt a 'wait-and-see approach'. They release the news and if the tickets don't sell, they'll cancel the whole thing altogether. smh -_____-

Yups, the kpop wave has cooled down considerably compared to 2010 but it is still popular among teenagers. Tickets for bigger names sell out like hot cakes and they often have to add an additional date.
I also know ahjummas/housewives who are big fans of k-dramas and actors.
But if I think about it, it's still a rather niche interest in the general scheme of things.
It's something mostly for the young people. And even then, not all teenagers like kpop.
Taking a class of 40 students as an example, probably around 10 people are into kpop maybe less.
The rest listen to stuff like c-pop, top 40 etc.

I'm curious. How much does a concert ticket cost?
I was looking at past kpop concerts in Australia and tickets are generally cheaper over there. D:

Maybe because we are part of a cohesive effort?
A sea of light sticks of the same colour.. it's a pretty sight ♥
Yeah good point~ the fanchants! :D
Isn't it amusing how it gets louder during the English part of the chorus? ^^

xxSagaraxx | 03-31-14, 2:19 AM
I guess they count their text conversations as dates I guess. And they did hold hands for a little bit. That's definitely enough to constitute marriage lol. No kidding. Bakuman did a great job at presenting the world of manga, but they did an awful job with the romance of Mashiro and Azuki - good thing it wasn't a main part of the plot.

Ugh, I hate Math. I just cringe when I think of numbers and equations *shivers*

I was thinking of porn, but I guess that's only interpreted as bad to other people and not me(I love it, a little too much at times..), so I guess there are no bad uses of the internet then. xD

I agree. They're just changing some of the lyrics with the same music and new OP, man they're lazy haha. A new song would nice H x H!

Roofs are overrated.

When is summer time in Australia exactly? lol

I haven't watched H x H in a while, I heard it's gotten really crazy though. Time to marathon if that's the case. Since the manga has been on hiatus for what seems like forever, I wouldn't be surprised if the anime ended after the Chimera Ant arc.

It's like he doesn't even care about the art lmao.

Your welcome!

darkerealm | 03-30-14, 2:07 PM
Yeah but the MBC concert was a very rare case indeed.
Most of the organizers are very efficient which is why we have a lot of kpop artists coming down for events compared to other Asian countries except maybe Japan/China.

That sounds quite horrible as well.. it's quite dangerous to rely on one person?
Yups I would too if I were you.. I wouldn't want to get my hopes up for nothing.
I'll only believe it when the idols arrive safely in the country. xD

Money is one huge reason why celebrities like to visit S'pore.
They (or the managing companies) are paid extremely well.
And the accommodation is no joke. Only 5-star hotels. Same for the flights.
Sometimes the organizers would even treat them to local delicacies.

Nah fan meetings are more than that. Usually it starts off with a interview, fan-interaction games (they'll ask the actor to act out his famous scenes together with a lucky fan) and if the actor is up for it, maybe a song or two.

Jang Guen Suk's. My friend won two free tickets and she invited me along ♥
I'm not a huge fan but he was adorable. At that time, You're Beautiful was really popular so he sang a couple of songs from the drama. He did a dance number too.
Before we entered the auditorium, we wrote our names and mobile number on a piece of paper.
One lucky fan got a call from him and he serenaded her.

I was rather impressed since he spoke in fluent English whenever he could.
You know how some interviews are awkward due to communication problems?
Well there was none of that. He didn't even need a translator.
And he came back for two encores. No wonder people were saying he's famous for being nice to his fans.
I believe I went to a great fan meet actually but I still prefer a concert haha :P

darkerealm | 03-29-14, 11:48 AM
I don't know. It wasn't reported on the news after that.
Yeah even if they get their money back, the disappointment is huge...
Luckily I wasn't affected. I was thinking if I should go... but I decided against it. Whew!

It's almost as expensive as a full-fledged concert? Around $200 AUD?
I've been to a fan meeting before and they aren't as exciting as concerts imo.
Haha I hope so too~ :D

darkerealm | 03-28-14, 8:32 AM
Yeah that would have been something unique to the viewers.
Oh I think they had fun. The scenery is amazing enough <33

Hmmm maybe shoddy event organizers? I hope the show would go on at least.
Last year they organized a MBC concert here and they invited SHINee, Exo etc.
And then a few days before the opening, the event company suddenly filed for bankruptcy.
There was a fuss about refunds since the tickets were ridiculously expensive.
That's like the worst thing that could happen to us fans. -______-

Haha yeah. I think a balance of betrayal and competitive spirit is the best.
Sukjin is definitely under-appreciated. I like his ability to make fun of himself when he becomes the blunt of the jokes. Even though I like him, I sorta understand why he's not that popular.
It's not because he's bad at what he does, it's because other members are more appealing. :/
Yea... Jong Kook is rather amusing at times but he's a one-trick pony.

They are coming here on 31st May for their second concert.
Haha right now I'm more excited for Kim Soo Hyun's fan meeting though.
My friend is going and she promised me some pictures lol.

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