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March 1, 1993
October 26, 2008
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Retro8bit | Yesterday, 10:08 AM
At the very least I hope we get a decent worker this time around.

Hahahaha, well it was just a name I thought off the top of my head soly for humor. Wasn't being serious silly. ^_^;

Yes I did. The song is really nice, and the stage is super flashy! Felt like I was in the future there for a sec. Is it 2015 yet? I want my hover board like in "Back to the Future." XD But yeah enjoyable video, I liked the beat, was pretty catchy. :)

darkerealm | Yesterday, 1:57 AM
Man that sounds really fucked up.
I saw a gif... the one when the girl was hit on the face by her CEO. Wtf?
They treat those girls like they are commodities. EVERY GIRL MUST BE TALL, SLIM & PRETTY!
Of course they are going to overwork Siwan those gold diggers so they can make as much money as they can off of him.
Yeah all of them should pack up and leave once their contract expire. What a shitty company seriously.

Yeah I think he was the only funny one during the interview.

Well it's certainly different from their previous stuff. I appreciate the fact that the music video has a story line instead of random dance scenes.
As for the song, it sounds rather annoying... I don't think I'll like this.
Is the full album out yet?

xKirin | 08-28-14, 6:08 PM
Haha yeap!
You shall be the one who decides the theme while I will just take whatever it comes, I guess? On a side note it might take ages for me to be finishing it since I tend to work according to my mood when it comes to graphics related stuffs

I hope you wouldn't mind about that though. ;3;

xKirin | 08-28-14, 3:31 AM
Ehhh? I don't really categorize myself as pro but thanks for all the compliments! ///

Hmmm, I can always help you to make one if you want! That is if you don't mind me being a lazy ass that might drag my progression of making a layout anytime.. ;w;

darkerealm | 08-28-14, 3:15 AM
What? Why is Star Empire a shitty company? I don't follow ZE:A so idk much about their company.

It's quite rare for someone to sing an ost pre-debut. The producer must have really liked his voice. :))))

Btw I finished watching the episode of Weekly Idol with History.
The two mcs were quite impressed with Sihyoung's impersonations I think.
The game segment was amusing! It's pretty funny when Jaeho was forced to drink the fish sauce.
Overall I think they did quite well for their first variety appearance.

Retro8bit | 08-26-14, 5:56 PM
You want to know what's funny? The person I was talking about just quit today! XD Honestly I am surprised they lasted this long, but I kinda saw it coming too. As they mentioned to me that they were looking for work elsewhere.

Lately Oda seems to go in and out of being sick. I worry about him sometimes. He knows the ending to his story, but I hope he has told and/or left this info to another party too. Just in case he isn't able to continue with his work someday.

I do agree that com-to-com is a great feature. I guess the reason I don't use too often is because clicking "reply" opens a window right under your friend's comment, so I can just read it from there. Unless it's been buried, to which case I must use this feature. ^_^;

Since many bands have far too many people in them to create a short enough name, then you gotta go with just naming everyone together. Like "The Electric Fireflies!" Just a name I thought of off the top of my head. Pretty...good? XD

darkerealm | 08-26-14, 11:08 AM
Haha if he wore the same look like he did in the video, I could see why they had mistaken him for someone suspicious. Well maybe not a drug dealer, more like a hitman.

Yeah... they are still waiting for their hit song.

He sang for Love Rain? How did I not know about this? o_O
I googled it and yeah you're right, it's absolutely glorious ♥

Haha yea that could work! :3

*nods* :DD
They were secretly asking for help with their eyes. :P

xKirin | 08-25-14, 6:18 PM
Thanks singi!! :')
It has been a really long time since I last made a layout on MAL though

darkerealm | 08-25-14, 1:32 AM
Yups~ we have varied reasons for liking our biases so it's kinda hard to quantify those feelings.

Maybe he looks mildly intimidating to the security because of his height and his eyebrows lol.

Me too, although I have a slightly different opinion about it though. I'll like that as well (solidifying themselves in the music industry first and foremost) but I totally don't mind if someone's acting endeavors bring more attention to the group itself kinda like Apink/Eunji.

LOL he looked like a zombie but it was so entertaining lmao.

Yups! I glanced through her channel and it looks promising :)))

Oooh I like how they incorporated the chairs into their choreo. That's nice!
Haha they sound cute speaking Japanese ^^

Retro8bit | 08-24-14, 11:25 AM
Kinda both at the moment. Things at work have been going a lot better though believe it or not, sometimes it's just the more flaky people who don't seem to think they have to come to work everyday that can be frustrating. Puts more on us. :/

With Oda, ya never know. He did say in an interview back many years ago, that One Piece would go on for another 10 years. And ever since he keeps saying the same thing every year. Makes me wonder if he ever plans to end it. I remember him saying that his cut-off date would be 2025. Let's see what happens there, wouldn't surprise me if he keeps making it until the day he retires. And even then I would imagine a spin-off(s) would be in order.

Hahahaha, yes I know of com-to-com, I sometimes just don't think of using it. I have a bad habit of starting "fresh" with a convo when I haven't been online for a while. Ahem...not sure why, guess I am just weird. ._.

I can see your point there, I too have felt this way on a number of bands. To it's credit though, the other members did agree either on the name, or to be a part of it knowing that's the title, so yeah. I guess it didn't bother them? Or maybe the money was too good to resist. I gotta admit, had I been getting payed that much I probably wouldn't care either. XD

Retro8bit | 08-23-14, 11:08 PM
Not too bad at present, things have been kind of hectic lately, but I am surviving as best I can. XD

Really? Because I have heard that Oda mentioned in his last interview, that along with the series going on for another 10 years top, that there was also going to be new members joining the crew. Yeah not just one, but several. Not sure how many, but it's more than one.

Oh no I haven't had a chance yet, been gone for so long that I forget we were talking about music, my bad buddy. I'll check them out and let you know what I think on my next comment, about to log off for the night.

Here's something for you in return though. :)

Retro8bit | 08-22-14, 4:56 PM
Ugh, sorry for the very late reply Singy. Haven't been on here (or on my laptop) much these past weeks. Been really into my new Wii U at the moment. XD

How's things with you?

Oh by the way, the more I see of the One Piece manga, the more I have my doubts that Rebecca will be the new nakama.

darkerealm | 08-22-14, 2:09 PM
Ah I thought so haha! For the groups I mean.
*hi-5* I don't really have an ultimate favorite either. It's hard to choose when we are so spoilt for choice.

That's an interesting video! I love the little stories that happened behind the scenes like how Sihyoung got held up by the airport security. I don't think he looks like a drug dealer at all.
And the level of acting from Yijeong LOL. I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
Dokyun's acting was rather earnest. I'd love to see him in a drama someday.
The highlight of the episode was Jaeho for me. Totally burst out laughing when he started to dry-hump the floor.

Really appreciate the effort from your friend. Would watch their Weekly Idol soon when I have more time~
Thanks for sharing the video! ♥

darkerealm | 08-20-14, 9:59 AM
LOL such favoritism towards Canberra. Regarding the public holidays I mean.

Ugh it sounds dreadful and annoying. Silly bus driver. -.-

Who's your ultimate bias? Infinite?

Got to hand it to the korean fans with their DSLRs and semi-pro cameras.
They always take such clear quality fancams.
lol Dokyun and his random peace sign ^^
I miss this era too. I prefer the dance in WAITY.

Yep! The color combination is great~ It's hard to go wrong with red/black tbh
They should have used these outfits for the music shows. -_______-
That's a good question.... idk why either.

darkerealm | 08-18-14, 10:11 AM
Thanks~ You too! *hug*

Ahhhh yes it makes sense that most of the govt agencies are over there. Oops that sounds rather boring already.

I think it's because I got sick in Melbourne so nothing feels exciting to me. Couldn't eat all the food too ;A;
Yups I remember you told me it was raining in Sydney and you got splashed by a puddle or something? And something about the pace of life over there ^^

Very interesting. I get the feeling he's quite the favorite in SM.
Really hope a solo debut is in the works for Onew or Jonghyun too.

I like the fancam as well. Those outfits look good *-*
They were working it! So out of breath towards the end heh
Don't fight it lol~ Let the feels flow through you ;DDD

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