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Oct 6, 1:10 PM
October 25, 1989
February 23, 2011
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About SilverSoulx
I like to marathon stuff

Genre's I love
Seinen, Shounen, Fantasy, Comedy, Time Travel, Gore, Action, Sci-fi, Psychological and basically anything crazy.

Genre's I dislike
I don't do Harem, Hentai, Ecchi, Moe type shit and over the top fan service.
With Shoujo I'm really fussy and there's probably 1 in a 10 chance I'll like it.

Fave Characters
When it comes to chars 99% of the time I will love probably love the villain or the rival. I like unconventional characters that aren't typical and generic. I prefer Anti-heroes and heroines cause imo they make better and more interesting characters. I like my female chars to be strong leads like Revy.

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Senseisempaisama | Oct 4, 3:04 AM
Sorry for late reply, I had problems with my internet connection long time -_____-
Yep, I meant Gintama characters :D. Gintoki is also my fave, but I like Toshi, Madao and Katsura, too. And for me Elizabeth is so adorable xD
I have today chance watch latest ep, cause now my internet is cooperative, lol. What do you think about this mini arc? For me it was little dissapointment, hope it will get better^^

Senseisempaisama | Sep 21, 7:31 AM
No, I just like he's character and I'm curious because there haven't been much about him^^. Have you some all time fave characters?
I have to admit that I'm too lazy to read so I haven't read the manga :/..

Senseisempaisama | Sep 18, 11:09 AM
And noww.. I watched it, lol xD
Next ep about Tatsuma, finally!

Senseisempaisama | Sep 18, 8:53 AM
Well, that's true xD!
Today I have finally time to watch ep24, must download it first

Senseisempaisama | Sep 16, 4:45 AM
Yep, I want to know how this will end :D!
That Dozaemon gived me too many wtf moments.

Senseisempaisama | Sep 9, 7:58 AM
You're welcome and nice to meet you too!^^
can't wait ep.23, I think I'll watch it tomorrow..

Niteshade | Mar 28, 8:34 AM
Ohh gawd....I know there I was a reason that I couldnt finish watching that ep.


Niteshade | Mar 22, 1:28 PM
The Shizuo one..that was how Ryugamine saw him. :|
I cant change that.
All I saw from that ep was a blurry verison of shizuo carrying a bike. How'd he get it...I DONT KNOW. =_=

Niteshade | Mar 22, 11:59 AM
Go lookkkk!!! :D
And I will watch AZ now.

Niteshade | Mar 22, 11:59 AM
Woman, I gif the Drrr! :DD

Well..I tried! :DD

Niteshade | Mar 21, 5:59 PM
Yup! I will watch it as soon as I can download it from soulreaper =_=
I need the encoded version plus nyaa wont work! :D

Niteshade | Mar 21, 4:48 PM
Torrent still hasnt started?

Mad? Why?
And was that ep10?
Ohh 11...dun tell me!
I will watch it as soon as I get them encodes :|
Fuck Nyaa!

Niteshade | Mar 21, 3:22 PM
=_=".....but the one from AT didnt give me any trouble at all.... =_="

Niteshade | Mar 21, 2:56 PM
And now..I wanna gif... ><

Niteshade | Mar 21, 2:56 PM
Wait.......Ugh! =_= I hate that.
I restarted utorrent and tried the file luck. =_=

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