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Theworstshow Jan 17, 7:10 PM
Okay since it's been more than a week since we last talk, what new anime have you seen? And to answer your question, yes, I did miss you!

I have been the same way as far as to marathon a manga or anime. Once I started Oyasami Punpun I kept reading until I was 43 chapters deep, I haven't gotten back to it because I've been so damn preoccupied :(. I'm guessing by now you already did that marathon without me huh? Messed up! I see how it is! :( lol

Ohhh no why did you have to remind me of the thief episode!! ;( that was heartbreaking, especially with the mother of the thief... ughhhhhhh but yeah I do agree the dub is actually pretty amazing and it's quite rare nowadays to get such a decent dub like that, I mean Cowboy Bebop had an amazing dub as well, which is good. Hmm, if I were to recommend something on-par with samurai champloo, it would probably be Katanagatari, I don't know if you've seen it before, it was really good, also short and sweet with some heart wrenching moments.

I just had to do it to get it out of my system, I think there's some parts of the comedy that usually gets me a little chuckle because I can watch harems without paying any attention to it, you know? Like when I was watching Ergo Proxy I was literally just only watching Ergo Proxy because it was just really great and I wanted to pay full attention to it.

I think I have too much rage to play any souls game lol I've just been playing arkham knight recently and just been having fun with that game the only thing though is that I get through those games really fast, which sucks :( I have fallout 4 but I just don't have enough time to dedicate to the massive amount of open-world prowess that fallout 4 has, and it's not a game where I just want to go through the main story and then be done, you know?

It's a pretty strong manga, everyone who says they have completed it swear by how they were permanently affected by it, so I'm looking forward to finishing it.

I watched the baruto movie and it was just so lame, the actual animation and fluidity of the fighting was nice, I mean as an aesthetic perspective but the story is just kind of trash.

So how did your results come out?
Rabbiya Jan 13, 9:46 PM
Rabbiya Jan 13, 4:21 AM
btw awesome DP! :D
Rabbiya Jan 13, 4:19 AM
thanks for accepting :) all your fav genres are all my fav ones too so i'll be revisiting ur list!
Theworstshow Jan 3, 2:57 PM
It's been too long, but then again I've been pretty late on my responses on MAL as well, one of my New Years resolutions is to yamete that lol XD

I knew it!!! I can always spot a good tsun (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و maybe I have a soft spot for tsuns >:D

Yeeeee!!! That fight b/w Kamui and Sugo was intense!!!! I loved it! I need more! Why are you so behind huh? Smh fam I'm disappointed!!! Maybe I need to punish you for being so behind >:). Holy hell, if you seriously do a gintama marathon from eps 1 then you're going to be a lost child, that's so far back, but then again it is Gintama and it is probably worth it lol.

lol okikagu XD that made me chuckle as well as prepare the ships for this sailing (ง ͠ ͠° ل͜ °)ง

Oh my gosh, bloopers for that would be hilarious but then again funny stuff did happen in the series that would be considered bloopers, I did end up rewatching it, I was planning on rewatching it subbed because the first time I watched it was dubbed, but then again having to read the subs took attention away from the best parts of the anime and the dub for samurai champloo is actually one of the more decent dubs out there in anime so I just ended up switching back to dubbed and watched it all and man there were some tearjerker episodes and scenes that I had nearly forgotten about.

Lol I know! I still need to watch it, I still haven't gotten around to it, I've been in a weird harem bend recently Idk why I just have lol. You must watch harems with me>:D mwahahahahaha

:o you like anpan!??! How... h-h-how lewd!!!! I love it (۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶ Well I guess you like RPGs huh? I haven't really gotten thetaste for RPGs like that, I haven't really played too many as a young lad, but recently I just got my hands on Arkham Knight so I jut started playing that and the first thing I did within the first 5 minutes of playing was make a funny video of me incinerating the Joker with my voice over it saying some stupid stuff XD

I just started reading Punpun have you read it? Quite intense manga, I like it.

I seriously haven't seen anything with naruto in so long lol I have no idea if they are still doing fillers or not and that baruto movie came out, which I will reluctantly probably watch.

I've had my ups and downs how about you? lol
Theworstshow Nov 28, 2015 6:59 PM
Your true Tsun side is showing (´•.̫ • ⋈)

Lol plus Tsuky is the greatest drunk, next to Gintoki who "sleeps" with the whole cast lol. I wonder if the producers were thinking if they made Kagura play the bit too would it just be too much XD. You know what I kind of just put in the depth of ignorance within the crevice of my mind? Gintoki is the worst harem MC I've ever come across (ノ>▽<。)ノ
lol it was hilarious, I was like "oh nohhhh sadist-senpai!!!!" XD The whole dynamic between Kagura and Suogo is great, I love it and their interactions just bounce off each other so well. That arc was pretty damn funny, ughhh now I want to go back and watch some arcs right now but I shouldn't or else I"ll be trapped I know it, that's what always happens because there are so many great arcs!!!!! UGhhhhhhhhh save me!!!! lol

What if there were bloopers to Champloo, I'm literally waiting about a week before I go ahead and rewatch the whole series because it would have been that long where it would be immensely enjoyable to rewatch it. I've only seen the ending of sword of the stranger (I know, just spank me now while you're at it) I couldn't help it, I was looking up anime fight comps in hopes of discovering a new series that would get me hooked because I had finally detoxified myself from the naruto shitpudding and then a video of samurais fighting popped up and I said "sure, I'll check it out for propane reasons" lol lo and behold it was the ending fight of sword of the stranger, but I do still want to watch the movie, I hear it's pretty good.I mean c'mon sadism is the way of true love, now accept my punishment! I mean love... I mean... anpan... A harem of masochists (•̀o•́)ง my dream come true!!!!! Oh boy, I'm guessing you want a red bean parfait now don't you? lol that sounds horrendous.

Noooooo I want the essays to continue! They must! But for real did you finish your assignment? You better have, or else the anpan punishment will have to come. What games are you currently playing? Yeah it's something very very crazy, almost too crazy!! ◝₍ᴑ̑ДO͝₎◞

They probably will, I wasn't expecting them to go into this arc yet, the manga isn't even in the full meat of the arc and they already proposed the arc in the anime. So, it could be a means to an end kind of thing, but I don't want to speak too soon though you know.
That episode was good, pretty calm, it was good buffer episode, those come by every once in awhile and it seems to be the buffer before starting the big arc.
Theworstshow Nov 25, 2015 12:09 AM
Yeah it was quite unfortunate, but you were worth the effort, not like I mean that in any special way... baka! Don't judge my butt!!!! (tsundere mode activated \(´◓Д◔`)/) lol.

Hah! I remember that scene, both pudding scenes are great! :D

That's the best part of Gintama, it is literally the best parody, it can even break 4th wall and it just seems so normal lol. Yeah when he gets stabbed, I was just like "ohhh shieeeeeeeeeet that's got to hurt". But horryyyy shiet when Kagura went full yato I can't help but like get this adrenaline rush every time I see that scene, I get into it really fast and easily, that's why I still kind of get teary-eyed when I watch Spirited Away, but shhh you don't know that.

Otae is the mother-yandere of the show lol XD. Yeah, everyone seems to love tsukyy, but I don't blame that she is a likeable character. However, I wish they would bring back Araemon-san, the cutie executioner, I liked her. Well, I think you already know my favorite characters by now, >:D. That was one of the best of Sougo, kind of how I see myself in that situation, except I was not expecting the end where he ends up on the leash XD. Lol, he just constantly throwing up and then she was throwing up too!!!! lol!!!!! Oh my gosh, I took screenshots of the ending where Hasegawa was like "no... it was you who bent me over" and kintoki's face went from -.-... o.o... OoO'!!!0o0!!!! It was fantastic! lol. Yeah! actually the episode where Kagura can't sleep and then they go into the story with the girl and the dog "Jerry" that was actually really saddening and I got pretty sad, then yeah I just like shook my head and laughed when they did the switch. The manga has got me so excited for the intense arc that is soon to come!

I had a feeling he was going to be your spirit animal XD. I feel like it would've been bad if Samurai Champloo got another season, you know? It's kind of one of those things where it should end where it ends, because that's what makes it perfect it fills you but makes you eager for more but you're still very happy with what you were given. His fighting style was amazing and just his raw power, I love it XD. They would actually be constantly fighting. But for some odd reason I feel like Zura and Jin would get a long well. Yeeeee Sadism is the way of showing true love >:D by the booty slaps >:) mwahhahaa (งಠل͜ಠ)ง.

That's his name! lol the hospital scene was pretty damn funny too, hahahaha the madao song is playing in my head now, thanks to you XD. Don't worry I'll make sure because I already know I'm typing so much hahahaha, I feel like this is going to be a norm with us now, just sending each other huge letters of love...I mean anpan... I mean... sadism!!!! (งಠل͜ಠ)ง XD.

No!!! It's the sadist madao way!!!!! ( ┐΄✹ਊ✹)┐ lol

Did you end up catching up on the manga?! If so tell me your thoughts on it, like immediately lol. Yeah I felt it may have been a bit too soon for that arc to be shown, but they'll stretch it out as much as possible. I have read the manga and it had me in a daze when I found out who lead that one heavens guardian crew or whatever their name is, I forget already. Told you I'm bad with names.

okay time to copy all this and then hope it sends lol Wish me luck!!!
Theworstshow Nov 22, 2015 10:30 PM
First of all, I just have to say from start to finish: reading your comment has made my smile just keep growing!! :D And just for you I did this

Because Pudding lol XD

The Benizukara arc was really amazing, it really did set the stage to show the badass of the Kintoki (yes I"m calling him that sometimes because it's funny and I love it), but what I really did appreciate it is that it also had funny elements in it when gintoki receives the sword with the dragon poop handle, which cracked me up. However, what really goes to show the badass about characters, which i really do love is whenever a character goes into badass kill mode their eye will be black with a red center, and you can see this happen in other characters as well, see it happen with Hijikata. I love that, and that's the reason I was on the edge of my seat when Kagura went full yato in that one fight and that was so intense.

Oh man, seriously Kintoki and Hijikata make a great team, I love their interactions sometimes, however the story arc where they are switched didn't really grasp me, I don't know, I didn't much like it that much, what did you think about it? Okay, for me the arcs I loved were the monkey hunter, only because it was such an out of the blue story and it was just all around so hilarious, the Love Choriss arc was hilarious, I've honestly rewatched that story arc 3X now, it has never failed to make me laugh. Of course I love Kabukicho Four Devas arc because it just has badass all up in it and very serious moments which I do have an appreciation for as well. The Scandal arc aka harem arc was hilarious too, made me laugh a lot, oh man now that I'm thinking about it there is seriously so many arcs to name that are just so hilariously good and that I just loved. Ahhh too much!!! (ノ)ʘ﹃ʘ(ヾ). However, I do have to admit one arc/episode that left me with teary eyes and not from laughing, but they were manly tears!!! I promise!!! Was the story with Sadahadaru and the sick puppy, I believe that was episode 265, it was heart wrenching and I couldn't take it, I had some tears flow, that was sad and it was such a big slap to the face, but I appreciated it, although it was a dirty trick in how they ended the previous season that way.

Kamui will show up eventually, but yes his screen time was quite abrupt just like Takasugi, but I feel like along with Takasugi, Kamui is too OP for everyone right now. Oh my goodness!! Mugen is my spirit animal, just letting you know ಠ ּ͜೦ lol. The baseball and the one where he gets high was hilarious seriously one of the best stories was told in samurai champloo!!! Right?!!? Unconventional characters are just the best just like Mugen they just literally make the show whole, you know what I mean? What can I say, Sougo just speaks to a part of me that no other character does, the sadist part \(´◓Д◔`)/ mwahahahaah my anpan sadism ways, you can't fight it, just invite it. lol XD

As far as characters go, I do appreciate some characters that just make me laugh hysterically sometimes. Like that one ninja to whom we can never really see their eyes, I forget his name. As well as Hasegewa, he tends to crack me up from time-to-time. I love the Sugo and Hijikata interactions, those are hilarious. I also love anytime they bring up Shinpachi's glasses as a character. That is almost always hilarious. Oh man, I've literally written you a huge essay by now (for the second freaking time because freaking MAL just deleted it the first time, ughhhhhhhhhh so butt hurt right now lol)

Good good, let the Anpan flow within you mwahahahah \(´◓Д◔`)/ the anpan way is the only way!!!!!!

I feel like there is crucial stuff I missed out on saying to you because it got lost... :( Dammit.

Oh!! Did you happen to see the 2015 jump fest of Gintama?!?! The ending had me so damn anxious, I can't wait for it, have you read the gintama manga?!

Also, if you're not able to see the picture I tried to embed here is the link:

P.S. Sorry for such a long essay, I just really like talking to you hahaha :D
Theworstshow Nov 22, 2015 9:37 PM
I had typed so much and about so many different things, ughhhh this is going to be a pain because I don't remember what all of them were but I'll try to do it all over again
Theworstshow Nov 22, 2015 9:33 PM
I'm... I literally typed out such a huge response to you and I went ahead and hit post reply and it just didn't load and never posted... I'm so butt hurt right now
Theworstshow Nov 22, 2015 6:11 PM
Kintoki brought me here (☞ ՞ਊ ՞)☞ lol no, but your profile picture is the same kintoki I have for when I post in forums, only because the scene in which where that happens is hilarious. Also, I'm curious, what're your top arcs, I feel like you've probably answered this question before to others maybe, but it's not my place to snoop around comments, also you haven't answered it to me. So there, I need to know!

Also, kamui is bae, just saying, but so is Mugen.

Actually horrey shit we kind of have the same taste when it comes to characters, unconventional and just perfect in that they truly do make the show whole.

We may just become best friends, fair warning, just don't make me read yaoi... °(ಗдಗ。)°. lol

P.S. Hi <3

Senseisempaisama Oct 9, 2015 10:43 AM
Lol, well yeah but atleast I survived xD
Yep, even his hairy legs but I just like that when he use those signs xD
Do you mean in all Gintama seasons? My fave arcs are that when Gintoki finds that baby with same silver hair, benizakura arc, hardboiled detective lol xD, Shinsengumi crisis, that haunted bathhouse arc, popularity contest, that Star Wars parody arc with bunch of Elizabeths, Gintoki's New Year hangover scandal aand Kintoki arc. And here in new season I liked first paused time arc. Oh my, long list! :D
What about you, which are your fave arcs? ^^
Senseisempaisama Oct 4, 2015 3:04 AM
Sorry for late reply, I had problems with my internet connection long time -_____-
Yep, I meant Gintama characters :D. Gintoki is also my fave, but I like Toshi, Madao and Katsura, too. And for me Elizabeth is so adorable xD
I have today chance watch latest ep, cause now my internet is cooperative, lol. What do you think about this mini arc? For me it was little dissapointment, hope it will get better^^
Senseisempaisama Sep 21, 2015 7:31 AM
No, I just like he's character and I'm curious because there haven't been much about him^^. Have you some all time fave characters?
I have to admit that I'm too lazy to read so I haven't read the manga :/..
Senseisempaisama Sep 18, 2015 11:09 AM
And noww.. I watched it, lol xD
Next ep about Tatsuma, finally!