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05-03-15, 12:02 AM
December 12, 1977
Prince George, BC, Canada
July 24, 2008
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Typical anime junkie, Uni student, computer science degree.

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OrlahEhontas | 05-25-12, 4:25 PM
Having recieved the following "Club messaging has been disabled for now. This will likely return in the future." every time I try to message all club members. And after spending about an hour trying to find out if they even have an ETA on the return, I decided I have to do this the old fashioned way.

Time to nominate your favorite anime!

Rules are simple, nominate a single anime or second one that someone else has nominated.

You may nominate something you have nominated before, but not a previous winner.

Any finished anime series, movie, or finished OAV is eligible. Any anime series currently airing is not.

Please include a url link to the anime that you are nominating as occasionally the name is repeated, but the series are completely different (i.e. Macross).

This thread will remain open until 3 June 2012 and is located here.

SokkaMushroom | 03-23-12, 10:24 PM

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! :c)

mizducky | 01-16-11, 9:54 PM
There was some kind of glitch in a thread. Whenever I clicked the "last page" link or the number of the last page it went to the first page. So I saw your posts and thought "who is that person, I haven't seen them before".

Have fun with that project. I guess you must be or else why would you be getting that degree? I'm more of a hardware person. I would rather solder something than write a program.

mizducky | 01-15-11, 11:32 PM
I spotted a post you made at MAL and decided to come look at your profile. And it made me want to say...
Yay go geeks!

Are you really still a student? I am too, night and online classes. I was taking Computer Science classes until I realized that I don't like programming. So now I'm trying to figure out what to do next.

OrlahEhontas | 12-12-09, 1:33 AM
I see by Chelle's last comment that things are kind of hectic in your neck of the woods, so I thought I'd drop off this little package of emergency rations to nibble on.

Chelle | 10-09-09, 5:44 AM
Thanks. ::hugs:: Although, as much work as I've put into the club lately, I think that sentence should have read "You should be committed, Chelle." LMAO. ::huggles:: And no worries. I completely understand. Let me know when things slow down for you a bit. ^_^ And good luck with school.

Chelle | 08-06-09, 5:39 AM
YO!!! ::huggles:: Been missing you around the club. Come back!!! Sidoen!!! Come back!!! **tackles**

CCs_No1_Fanboy | 04-18-09, 6:05 PM
So, do you remember me at all?

CCs_No1_Fanboy | 04-03-09, 8:59 AM
This is a petition for the official marriage between C.C and I, CCs_No1_Fanboy. I got the idea from Dr_Jan_Itor who gave me permission to make a petition for the official marriage. Please sign it. Thanks.

Please approve of the official marriage between Haruhi Suzumiya and Dr_Jan_Itor

Chelle | 02-03-09, 5:13 PM
It's ok. I have teenagers. I'm used to being ignored. >.<

Chelle | 01-29-09, 6:39 PM
Long time, no chat. How the hell ya been? Miss ya around the club. ::hugs:: :P

nMoura | 12-24-08, 4:51 AM

am good ^_^hehehe

Raidanzoup | 12-23-08, 12:57 PM

nMoura | 12-22-08, 5:29 AM
merry Xmas to you too
so how is it going with you?

nMoura | 12-20-08, 6:09 AM
i see
well merry Xmas :P

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