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11-06-13, 12:58 PM
August 25, 1978
December 29, 2008
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About ShySorrow
I love playing RPGs and have quite a few. My favorites RPGs are any Final Fantasy, Castlevania, or Shadow Hearts. I have XBox Live, PS2, NES and Nintendo3 DS consoles (and others).

GOOD Yaoi is my favorite genre of anime or manga, shounen-ai and bishounen, too, but I also like horror, adventure, fantasy and paranormal quite a lot, and am looking for new titles to see. I confess I don't like anime with lots of shrieking girls in them, nor most with plots centered around them unless they are strong, sensible and compelling. Crazy is even okay, but not teenage fangirl stuff.

Clubs I created or help with:Crimson Spell Club and The prettiest of them all ~ Lee Williams Fanclub. Come join if your interested!

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RandomNinjaName | 01-02-14, 12:45 PM
Hello there!
I see that you like Yaoi as well.
Would you mind recommending me some anime or manga?

shikibu | 06-07-13, 3:11 PM
Hello dear, you still around? I never realized you had commented on my profile in October.. Haha, it's already been over 5 years since I joined this site. Time flies so fast, seriously. @_@

Moro23 | 05-06-13, 3:32 PM
yellow! just wanted to say i read some of your reviews and i think they were really nice! ^^
i also wanted to suggest reading 'sakura gari'. it's quite dark story-wise, but it's a great manga imo :D.
have an awesome day!

Sorvarin | 11-18-12, 11:29 AM
<3 <3 <3

Eliko | 10-27-12, 4:56 PM
helloez there ^^ i wasnt active much too, wasnt at home ><
how be u?

shikibu | 08-15-12, 2:34 PM
Oh I'm fine, would be more concerned about you than me. I hope you have people you can rely on during these hard times.. And after all, those hard times only make you stronger, right? :) Just keep on going, slowly but surely.

shikibu | 07-27-12, 4:32 AM
Well glad to know that you're still out there. :) Good or bad kind of changes, if I may ask?

shikibu | 07-19-12, 1:04 AM
Hey Grisha! Long time no talk.. I never even noticed that you had commented on my profile until now, sorry. :( Seems like you haven't logged in for quite some time, but hopefully you'lle see this sooner or later!
So how have you been? <3 Oh how we used to have such nice conversations together, you're such an interesting character. :)

nala87 | 03-26-12, 2:07 PM
I know nothing I say can make you feel better or take away the pain of your loss. From the little you have written it sounds like you have gone through some awful hardships.

nala87 | 03-22-12, 12:33 PM
I am very sorry to hear that. You will be in my thoughts. They say time heals all wounds, but after losing my father last year, I stil have yet to come to terms with it. Take care and send a note if you ever need to someone to talk to

nala87 | 02-24-12, 2:55 PM
Just dropping by to say Hi! (and if I may ask, why the name change - though I do like the new one)

nala87 | 01-27-12, 11:09 AM
I totally agree with your review on Sexm Pistols. I am a fan of BL but too ofter there is rape, and instead of being a serious issue it is made to seem normal. It doesn't matter what sex you are, being forced against your will is wrong.

nala87 | 01-25-12, 11:00 AM
I had seen that one while browsing and was wondering how it was. Will give it a try - bishounen and comedy - a wonderful combination :)

nala87 | 01-20-12, 11:44 AM
Read your review on Patalliro Saiyuki - I started watching it and am finding it quite enjoyable. Nice combination of cuteness, comedy and sexiness!

Rojo | 10-19-11, 6:54 PM
You live in such an epic place!

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