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IT IS ALL GODDAMN WORTH IT!!!!! the problem is.... Where the hell should i start??? i still have some remnants of overexcitement & jumping out of the chair moments that i had some hard time to hold me and my childhood in check( yes i was i in my inmagination a fucking young prat again, just like in the happyer days).Toei animation once again shows me why that studio is my #1 fav. by showing traces of stuff what they can do best and what has famed/immortalised them for in the anime world, and thats has been a standard for them since 1984( hokuto no read more
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Feb 6, 2015
Magical Hat (Anime) add
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Magical hatto!!! at my age this is as far i can go with kids anime but then again, it was a load of fun and maybe it was not as notable at the time like the Mashin eizan wataru serie's ( 1988-1993) or the dragon quest serie's ( 1989-1992) wich had a lot of funny elements in it , magical hatto was something to watch with the whole familly.
To me at first it looked kinda awkward and pinkcheesy as hell, but if u look past the fillers and some of the sing-a longs segments it give's a good laugh with some memorable moments.
The story itself read more
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Jan 17, 2015
Ryuu Seiki (Anime) add
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I've seen far more worse and better anime OVAs in the 26 years that I've watched anime. Dragon century is for me quite in the middle and since this was like other OVAs a one-shot title it was '' bearable" but as well it seemed a bit unclear if you don't watch it several times to get it. First of all part 1: 1990 AD, I was surprised by the violent content and would have LOVED IT if I was like 12 years old or something :).
Clearly there you can see how the human dominion comes to a crash course once dragons appear read more
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Jan 15, 2015
The Choujo (Anime) add
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This is my 2nd Rumic World ova i,ve seen from the 5 part metaserie's , but i gotta write a review about it because i loooooove Maris the choujo( from the over the top P.O.V) and i have the feeling that female charachters had given more respect back then compared to today , reason:
despite the stereotypical highschoolgirls in anime and sometimes bimbo's ,quite some female counterparts had a tough, strong chara development without airheaded fuckups of today, Yes they did some girly things that looked funny and redicilous at the same time but when it came to it, keeping their spirits up and read more
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IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!!!this gem is too rare, and something thats Toei animation's 3rd biggest asset after the hokuto no ken and dragonball franchise i'll say that by seeing dragonquest , my childhood can be thrown straigt out the saw it?? there it goes. My childhood needed something like this but sadly it seems like Dragonquest is like a ' japan anime exclusive' something VERY HARD to collect on dvd or elsewere in the western world wich i would die for, and proves for me that once again Toei is my favorite anime studio.
Dragonquest a.k.a Dragon warrior started out in read more
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Nov 14, 2014
Choujin Locke: Lord Leon (Anime) add
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Time to write another 'empty page to fill up' , bring out a leather jacket , sunglasses , sneakers skinny jeans and this time its about Locke the superman, to me the greatest superhero the anime universe never knew ever since i saw the 1984 full length movie, that was SPAGEAGE/ otherwordly visual trip overall and very special to me because that was THE first anime ever to use 3-d effects in a very unusual way.
This 3 part ova was produced and released about 5,5 years after the 1984 movie, in late 1989 ( about the same time i started to watch read more
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This was my 2nd full length gundam movie after seeing (in the western world the highly praised 1998 movie Mobile suit gundam wing: Endless waltz, good god in heaven i still love that film)the idea's of dropping colony's on earth and throwing children in war had not been discarded from the gundam saga that at that point this movie came out was 13 years long, but still brought more interesting and evolvement to the story .
The storyline takes a few years after the Big war, and some remnants of the opposite Zeon faction and the infamous Zabi familly line , wich goes back read more
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Sep 29, 2014
Gunnm 3D Special (Anime) add
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First of all a note to myself. I have an forsaken nightmare for about 18 goddamn years since the 1st time i saw Alita on VHS! ever since then when i found out the 2 part OVA was from 1993 and watch it countless times....... WTF happened?????
All those decades, NO revival, NO reboot NO continuation of the ova's NOTHING!!!! and i kept waiting i mean , my sweet honey Gally( as she is sometimes named in the ova and manga books) left me too soon until a meager shred of light came to me in 2002 when i downloaded this treasure.
For at least 3 read more
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Sep 21, 2014
Sorcerer on the Rocks (Anime) add
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For the one´s that seen Bakeretsu hunters (Sorcerer hunters), this is the story what happpened on the other side of spooner continent that ain´t so juicy.
Despite that this oldskool was made in the good ol 90´s when magic-fantasy was quite populair in anime serie´s, ovas, movies or specials,sorcerer on the rocks was notable, but not that special.
But all that does not take away the elements of drama, positive cruelty and comedy context,but still its not for ALL ages.
The storyline itself starts quite ´light´ but evolves itself over time to a point that a unexpected twist reveals it self near the end, wich kept me happy read more
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Mar 4, 2014
Souryuuden (Anime) add
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The old gold dust of anime .For just more for a decade or longer this is still one of my favorite oldskool anime serie based on or influenced by Chinese elements ( like dragonball with the Sun Wukong monkey god relations and such).
Mainly the story revolves around 4 bro´s that can transform into dragons, wich is seen as a very powerfull mystical figure mostly in norhteren asia and each dragon king has his own element based on the position or ranks ( yes its quite a nutcracker) a dragon has, and the higest ranking dragonking has the greatest power as an influence to read more
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