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Sorcerer on the Rocks (Anime) add
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For the one´s that seen Bakeretsu hunters (Sorcerer hunters), this is the story what happpened on the other side of spooner continent that ain´t so juicy.
Despite that this oldskool was made in the good ol 90´s when magic-fantasy was quite populair in anime serie´s, ovas, movies or specials,sorcerer on the rocks was notable, but not that special.
But all that does not take away the elements of drama, positive cruelty and comedy context,but still its not for ALL ages.
The storyline itself starts quite ´light´ but evolves itself over time to a point that a unexpected twist reveals it self near the end, wich kept me happy read more
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Mar 4, 2014
Souryuuden (Anime) add
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The old gold dust of anime .For just more for a decade or longer this is still one of my favorite oldskool anime serie based on or influenced by Chinese elements ( like dragonball with the Sun Wukong monkey god relations and such).
Mainly the story revolves around 4 bro´s that can transform into dragons, wich is seen as a very powerfull mystical figure mostly in norhteren asia and each dragon king has his own element based on the position or ranks ( yes its quite a nutcracker) a dragon has, and the higest ranking dragonking has the greatest power as an influence to read more
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Well, i,m honored to fill up ´another´ empty review page, and this time its about one of those ova´s that is IMPOSSIBLE to collect on dvd,hardly wellknown to maybe a select few and stands somewhat on its own.
At first the story itself is based on rpg elements of oldskool platform fantasy videogames like Wataru, Record of lodoss war,Ys, Far East of eden and more.As for the art, for the time it looked nice and very colourfull, a bit chibi like if u want , bit goofy but funny enought to enjoy it, even for the few villians it has for 1991 it seemed read more
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Jan 17, 2014
Akai Koudan Zillion (Anime) add
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For the record, though i´m used cheaper anime and a MAJOR oldskool anime collector, however this show was DOGSHIT!
i mean JAPAN!what the hell where u thinking back in 1987 to put this kind of tasteless heap of shit on t.v i really mean.... COME THE FUCK ON!!! u had hokuto no ken 2, Bubblegum crisis 2032, Dragon Quest, macross 2012 and Gundam wing to show off with. yes it was a negative infringement of my mind.
By story i would say it is unusual, but nevertheless dull, about when in the further future mankind has reach the potential to travel across stars read more
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Jan 3, 2014
Green Legend Ran (Anime) add
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Once again , this was one anime in a bargain VHS box decades ago i passed on because it din´t look interesting.
Decades and some months later i´ve watched it and it was an adventure i wish i was in it, at first look it is more to figure out ( after the narration ofc) where this ova is going , because though i had no expectations at all, after the 1st episode i was a bit skeptical about the animation and all, but DON´T Judge a book by its cover.
Onwards to part 2 &3 the storyline and all became more clear, even though read more
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Dec 16, 2013
Lodoss-tou Senki (Anime) add
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First of all, i can slap myself for not watching or seeing it as an kid, though i noticed it decades ago the collection in the VHS store´s, but i had no idea about it until recently and its MAGICAL.
This ova serie´s that i think a side or continuation of the t.v serie´s ( 1990) that was a cornerstone for fantasy anime till this day with exception of Y´S ( 1989).
But there is a catch if u watch it for the 1st time ever, and its that u have to watch the epidose´s in the right order, start with episode 2,3,4,5 after that read more
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Dec 6, 2013
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (Anime) add
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it has been a while ever since i had the VHS collection in 2002, so recently i watched it again and really, compared to the Original heavymetal blasting Bubblegum crisis ova´s from 1987 it was quite a let down, looking back to it. I maybe overhyped it in my mind about the bubblegum reboot, and well after it all i had mixed feeling about it.
To begin with is some of the roles of some minor charachters that has been revised from the original ova, but the four knight sabers wich pretty much stay in the same role though i felt that 2 read more
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Dec 5, 2013
Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01 (Anime) add
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Aaaah yes, a golden oldie for me Metal skin panic is one of those Ova´s that was just ´out there´, in the VHS stores and wether u wanted to watch it or not is totally up to the person itself. In my case as an oldskool anime nerd i was lucky not to regret . At first glance u can see that this ova definetly was inspired by the mechaboom and ova boom of the late 80´s Thank you gundam( for the mecha boom) and thank you Megazone 23( for the OVA boom) and was right with the fashion those days. The storyline was´nt all read more
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Nov 10, 2013
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Anime) add
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Collecting these ovs´s a looong time ago on VHS for me was a must! based from what i heard from classmates and seen on a old vhs tape trailer it was MORE than worth it and i will never ever discard this. The first thing i noticed was the marute drawing wich looked pretty well for its time, a more ´upgraded a la fist of the north star animation´ and looked more tight and ofc handdrawn near its best, the way we don´t see it anymore. And since this storyline only folowed only 2 arc´s of the manga franchise it was kinda read more
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Nov 1, 2013
Devilman: The Birth (Anime) add
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well....i´ll guess it was COMPLETLY my mistake that i took this anime quite ´lightly´ back in 1999,as a 13 year old to find this kind of anime in a bargain bin on vhs and at first it din´t look that scared, till i watched it afterwards, in those days it was like `anime´s forbidden fruit´ to younger kids .
The ´anime master of horror´ Go Nagai ( with respect ofc)
seemed already made a t.v series of devilman in the 1970´s and a movie called Devilman v.s Mazinger Z wich both i never saw aired and over the decades made short horrorstorie´s or ova´s like read more
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