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04-14-12, 2:59 AM
January 20, 1989
Japan, Shizuoka-ken
May 5, 2008
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Just finished updating my profile hope you enjoy it :D feel free to add me on friendster and facebook:

p.s. to mods if showing my email add and suggestin to my friends that add me to a site like friendster or/and facebook are forbidden please let me know (and don't just ban me T_T) and I will modify this post ASAP. Thank you.

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Serizawa Fumino
Kiriya Nozomi
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Nagato Yuki

Suzumiya Haruhi
Fate Testarossa
Hanato Kobato
Hirasawa Yui

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni II-III week square
08-23-09, 4:13 AM Edited 08-27-09, 4:22 AM

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majoringram | 01-20-11, 7:03 AM
Happy Birthday!!!

Vizard | 05-11-10, 2:19 PM
The manga is still ongoing I think, there will eventually be one.

Vizard | 05-10-10, 2:25 PM
Yeah, at first I thought it was gonna be a really cliched romance comedy but the middle part made it so much better.

Vizard | 05-09-10, 12:44 PM
Hm..I can't think of any at the moment besides H&C/NANA that I mentioned before. Itazura na Kiss is another great romance comedy too.

Please vote for Fate today -->

Vizard | 05-08-10, 2:16 PM
I miss Toradora! They should make a sequel out of that.

Vizard | 05-06-10, 3:23 PM
Angel Beats is a a bit like Haruhi. It has a beautiful OP + ED too. I really like the concert performances. like the tsundere characters haha.
Vote for Fate today -->

Vizard | 05-05-10, 4:27 PM
They're both romance, yeah. I only read a lil' bit of the Kimi ni Todoke manga.

Haha cool~ :D My top 2 favorites are Angel Beats and B Gata H Kei this season.

Vizard | 05-04-10, 2:34 PM
You should also watch NANA/Honey and Clover.

Vizard | 05-03-10, 1:09 PM
Kimi ni Todoke was okay. I felt it was too shoujo-ish for me at times.

Vizard | 05-02-10, 6:45 PM
Thanks for voting. :D

p.s..AP exams are hard.

Vizard | 05-02-10, 12:33 PM
Be sure to vote for Fate today :D -->

majoringram | 04-28-10, 8:51 PM

majoringram | 04-28-10, 6:41 AM
Thanks for adding me. ^^

Vizard | 04-17-10, 10:03 AM
You can understand Japanese?

Vizard | 04-16-10, 6:00 AM
Do you have FF XIII?

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