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Onii | 05-01-12, 9:51 PM
Well when you jam out with someone, you become friends for life.
You wouldn't understand. You're not a jazz player.

Onii | 05-01-12, 6:29 PM
Really? I like the pacing in Apollon. They cleared the annoying misunderstanding in one episode. I don't like it when they drag that stuff.
The only complaint I have about it is there isn't enough jazz. I want more jazz. That's why I started watching it.

Onii | 04-26-12, 3:39 PM
I have finished Little Busters.

Onii | 04-17-12, 1:54 AM
I just finished Kurugaya's route
I think the rest of the routes are going to be similar, I don't know how they're going to put this into the anime. Or maybe they're going to cut it out, since they were changing the scenario.

Onii | 04-14-12, 11:23 PM
Man, Space Bros is pretty damn good.
Kids on the Slope too.

Onii | 04-06-12, 6:00 AM
Please fix your tastes.

Onii | 03-27-12, 10:05 PM
very good idea

Onii | 03-27-12, 5:46 PM
Like last season, I'll try everything out and drop what I think is shit.
This season doesn't look so good though. At least Medaka Box, Tasogare Otome, Sankarea, Accel World, and coreanzombies is this season.

Onii | 03-27-12, 4:56 PM
thomas the tank engine

Onii | 03-26-12, 11:35 PM
i c
I would've preferred if twintails didn't die. I'm pretty sure she doesn't die in the manga, and her hair just gets burned.

Onii | 03-25-12, 6:10 PM
Little Busters is also pretty fun. I still don't know where this shit is going to go. I don't know if it'll go full supernatural or just stay in highschool hijinks.

Onii | 03-24-12, 7:48 PM

Onii | 03-23-12, 3:10 PM
I think the VN is going to come out in a few months, I skimmed through the demo translation but I wasn't really paying attention.
There's a flat blond girl though.

Onii | 03-22-12, 9:38 PM
I didn't like it either, the final battle could've been better. The only good thing about this franchise will probably be the VN, which I hope someone will translate quickly when it comes out.

The only part that made me go "FUCK YEAH!" was where Arisa was shot. But then that quickly faded away when it was shown that she was still alive. Fuck.
also dat bismuth

Onii | 03-22-12, 4:12 PM
Why is Shoe wearing a bolo tie?

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