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Deno | 07-18-14, 5:16 AM

Thanks for requesting~

Cards by Aria

Sakura's Dreamland of Cards

Tsunayoshi Sawada RE


Rainbow RE
Sorry that I screwed up on font color :<


Deno | 07-16-14, 11:53 PM

SDC Rainbow RE
Thread l Cards
CTRL+F to find your name. Problems? Just simply ask
Ahri. Don't forget to thank him for the cards too. :D

PrincessAhri | 06-28-14, 3:09 PM
Oh shit.
It's k80senpai
for Skype.

PrincessAhri | 06-28-14, 12:22 AM
Well.. they don't open it RIDICULOUSLY early, but you know what I mean by morning. Dim Sim is super fucking good though. Oh man, steamed dumplings and various meats glazed in sauce. You can even surprisingly have weird Asian dessert for breakfast too. Crazy, right? Please do give it a try. :D You're from New York? Interesting! Where do you live now mate? I reside in NorCal, so Mother Nature decides to be on her period and give us random as fuck weather. Literally! I'd recommend you.. : Durarara!!, Baka to Test, Sola, Guilty Crown, Golden Time, Toriko, and Deadman Wonderland. Just tell me if you've seen any of these because I'm running out of ideas and these are legit from my favorites. =_= But they're all good though, swear.

Definitely not gonna be hard. Do you have Skype, by the way? I think using some form of communication besides being in game for League would be nice, for less frustration and struggle, y'know? I have no microphone so I'm not able to speak, but I can actually share screens with you to see what to do. My brother used to play WoW too. He's level 80-90 (I can't put my hand on it. Last time I've seen his character on WoW, it was in the 80's.) Indeed, WoW is super old. Fucking Blizzard, lmao. Don't worry, Blizzard and Riot Games (LoL) are quite similar in terms of making money off of premium shit. But it's like.. Riot Games wants to release more content (MORE AND MORE PREMIUM SHIT IN THE STORE) than actually fixing in game bugs or whatsoever. Literally. That's all they care about.

Yes, there's apparently a comment timer. Wait for 20 seconds to post a comment on actual profiles. There's also a timer for privately messaging as well. This doesn't go towards club comments/threads btw. It's extremely frustrating. -_- I fucking hate you MAL. I'll PM you about that since it's top secret. Ah, alright then dude. How DO you make someone a mod btw? I forgot.

PrincessAhri | 06-27-14, 11:38 PM
It is actually a thing. Over here, it's super packed on Saturdays and Sundays. If you go over there in the mornings, I'm 85% guarantee that they will actually serve Dim Sum only. I mean, you can still order the items you would normally get off from the menu, but again, like I said, if you don't come in during the morning, that means they're only going to serve orders straight from the menu and NOT serve Dim Sum. :P Should try it sometime or ask them if you ever get a chance to go out there, just a friendly tip if you do. Sigh, TV used to be my life in elementary. Now it's just garbage. Mmm, do you need some anime recommendations man? I can give you a few depending on the genre that you actually like. And it's okay man. I'm still updating my list in the process, so this isn't everything that I have here on MAL. I'm missing A LOT. I barely watch anime for 3-4 consecutive years, so now it's just been 2-3 lately a week. Catching up on new episodes ftw. Fresh air is good. You need some febreeze too.

Indeed. That's a true statement when it comes to League. Not everyone thinks so, but I think it does relate to that term. I'm not going to pull out my hair when I try to teach you the ideal mechanics of League, so take it easy. I'll even go easy mode on you 'o' Uh, no thanks. I think I would die on a money based game. I mean, League of Legends IS free to play but if you want fancy premium items for the game, yeah, you gotta bang out your wallet and prepare for sales and what not. I hate that though. Wish people who don't even spend money on the game can actually get free stuff for a change. Would be nice.

It is quite hectic for me, I'd admit that. I hate MAL's 20 second timer for commenting because it makes my delivering a tad bit slow, and I really hate it. I'm a veteran of MAL also btw, so I didn't know they actually putted a timer on this shit, like wat? I try my best to satisfy those who request, heh. If only I had Photoshop. Sadly, I don't have it nor use it. ^o^ I will! You should follow my stream so I can know it's you.

PrincessAhri | 06-27-14, 10:41 PM
Chinese food is amazing, especially if you go to Chinese restaurants early in the morning where they will only serve you Dim Sum. If you come in later than that, then you won't get a chance to have any Dim Sum at all. (Well.. that's how it is at this Chinese place that me and my family always go to. It's a tradition to order take out from there or actually go out to eat over there once in a while.) There's nothing that good to watch on TV anymore but of course, bitches be like "AYYYYYYYY GAME OF THRONES AND DOCTOR WHO AND SHERLOCK AYYYYYYY" And I'm like facepalming all over the place. Like, really? The hype is real. Thus is why I don't really like to watch any hype anime nor popular TV shows in general. >_> Same shit goes towards League too. E-Sports is entertaining sometimes though, I'll admit that. Man, you need some fresh air after all those years. Legit need it.

It is the fucking worst. Despite League of Legends's popularity throughout the years, the community will never get any better. It just resorts into the same thing all over again, even if the officials or developers try to adjust things and actually make changes. Not gonna happen, nuh-uh. Aw, sorry to hear about your PC man. Yeah, please do let me know whenever you get a new one. I'll teach you the basics and anything else you'd like. I think it'll be fun. You can play bot games on there or a custom game where you can do whatever the hell.

Indeed. ^^ I am glad we started talking as well. And no, you haven't really annoyed me. I'm just fed up with the people at SDC thanks to the lack of socialness coming from me. Since I AM anti-social as hell afterall. Yeah, I stream but.. I rarely do it thanks to these gigantic lag spikes. You can thank Comcast for being our lord and savior, delivering us horrible frames at every moment of your life. You can mod my channel ^^ it's I should try getting back to streaming again anyways because this chick made me a lovely overlay to display.

PrincessAhri | 06-27-14, 10:02 PM
Chinese? You're lucky as hell. Wish I had some.. I was watching Food Network for a good hour when I was taking my break. I got hungry after watching Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. Ugh, I love food. And hey, at least you take a break from it. It's good to take a break from playing games to be honest. Mold back into the real world for a bit, but that's just how I see it within my perspective. '-' (I have no idea what the hell am I trying to say and at the same time, I'm trying to sound intelligent, sorry if I say anything wrong.)

Yeah, it pretty is long. I'm a veteran, so I just see shit constantly everyday whenever I log on. It is EXTREMELY shitty, no one really likes the community. It's all about teamwork inside the game, but there are those who again, enjoy trolling and shit talking. Ruins the best for everyone, thus us why I hate being paired with idiotic randoms. It's like 50/50. I would play with a premade of friends that I have if they're willing to or if they actually invite me. If not, I will go solo queue and receive 4 idiotic randoms that have the chance of throwing the game or not. Depends.

Aw man. Sorry to hear that dude. =n= At least I know we'll be good friends, right? I should stream on Twitch more often.

PrincessAhri | 06-27-14, 9:15 PM
Really? Well damn, I guess you're taking it chill then on WoW. That's a loooooooooong ass time. And sorry, I just came back. I took a long 4-5 hour break and I eventually took a nap. Now I'm eating my dinner that my mom saved for me, which was nice of her. Yum.

I've been playing LoL for 3-4 years now. I joined in Season 1 and I know what the hell is going on in the meta, meaning what's popular and what's not. The community of players are garbage because they try to blame you for the simplest mistakes, meaning if you die once, they're going to straight point focus you as a target and talk shit on you. I find it funny how whenever kids on LoL call me or anyone else a "noob", they sound like a foreigner. Especially when they don't put any emotions into it, but that's actually just me though.

Don't sweat it, bro. I have social anxiety & depression as well. I barely talk in SDC as much anymore. I'm the assistant manager of the club, so I feel like the co-owner and even the actually owner is struggling with shit. I feel like a side person, so I mainly just say "Hi" and get back to working, hoping someone will actually acknowledge my presence. '-' I try to participate in mainly card editions and sometimes the game threads on the side.

PrincessAhri | 06-27-14, 4:36 PM
I play League of Legends hence my name (Ahri). It's the only game I play to be honest. I usually play it everyday, but I can't nowadays at the moment because of insane lag spikes. Fuck Comcast. >_> 8 years? Damn, you must be a veteran at WoW.

We try to be active as much as we can at SDC, but tbh, someone made IRC for the club and it's killing the creator, making the club seem dead. So it's dying slowly and slowly in the process unless more people talk in the club comments + participate in threads.

PrincessAhri | 06-27-14, 4:20 PM
I can see that according to what friends tell me since they play WoW as well. I don't play WoW, by the way. But a lot of people also get trolled on the game I play as well though.

Not really. We're just a friendly community. Heh heh.

PrincessAhri | 06-27-14, 4:07 PM
Accepted. Thanks for the FR.
And yep. It happens to us numerous times depending on what you're doing.

PrincessAhri | 06-27-14, 4:04 PM
It's okay. :< We've all been there. (Feeling like a nub stage.)
Sure, go ahead and add me.

PrincessAhri | 06-27-14, 3:54 PM
You're welcome, and don't sweat about it mate. Enjoy your first sig. '-' -patpat-

PrincessAhri | 06-27-14, 3:50 PM
Forum avatar takes 5,000 years because MAL is garbage at the moment, so you have to wait it out for Cheese-kun.

As for the actual signature, it's gonna appear ASAP but the sizes for signatures nowadays is plain fucking retarded. So if you try to add any text/links underneath the signature, it's gonna look like it's cut off or so. IF you have trouble using BBcode to place your signature, here. Remove the *'s.

PrincessAhri | 06-27-14, 3:39 PM
Mmm. Pixiv & Danbooru. He/she also has a twitter & a tumblr where he/she uploads C.C doodles and stuff.

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