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June 2, 1990
Canton, Michigan
February 20, 2009
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About ShadowDra
So my profile completely broke, after 0 maintenance.
Don't care to fix it.

What's your soul.
What I'm pulling toward a shadow within the darkness.
The one shaking from the me who's lying.

What visited me was the shadow of dusk.
What I lost myself in was the darkness of time.
What meets me is the gap between the past and the future

favorite Higurashi quotes...

Absolute favorite anime: Higurashi no naku koro ni


Fav AMV:

BlazBlue Club Founder:

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My Claims:

Might accept random invites, matter on if your profile is interesting to me, or if I just feel like it

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01-25-12, 1:01 PM
Youma 2011
11-06-11, 8:15 AM Edited 11-06-11, 8:17 AM
04-20-10, 8:07 PM Edited 04-20-10, 8:18 PM

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BzDragon52 | 05-04-12, 11:01 PM
ur profile is bad ass ^^

nguyenkid | 03-04-12, 4:48 PM
CHyea :D how's it been? XD

nguyenkid | 03-01-12, 4:46 PM
Heyyy :D 'member me? XD

ed335dot | 01-24-12, 11:04 AM
So it looks like the classmates in Another might die in the order they appear in the credits...

ed335dot | 01-10-12, 4:56 AM
How do you like "Another" so far? It definitely felt like something that you would really like.

ed335dot | 05-09-11, 9:38 PM
This week? And before 6:10 in the morning, or evening?

ed335dot | 05-05-11, 11:50 AM
Well that's not good, I hope you end up getting it in time.

ed335dot | 05-03-11, 9:50 PM
Ah, did you send them an email to ask them if it would be shipped in time?

ed335dot | 04-29-11, 6:05 PM
No, meetings start the week after next. The schedule is on the forums.

ed335dot | 04-28-11, 7:22 AM
Thursday, May 19th.

ed335dot | 04-27-11, 11:09 AM
No problem.

ed335dot | 04-26-11, 4:37 PM
Ah, well at least one person got to enjoy it. And yes, he must watch season two now. By the way, I just noticed that there is a new, 4-episode, Higurashi OVA coming out during the summer season.

Hethran | 04-25-11, 7:43 PM
I might have showed up if it was posted on the forums. Too bad - I guess I'll have to watch Higurashi on my own.

ed335dot | 04-23-11, 8:21 PM
How did the Higurashi marathon go?

ed335dot | 03-24-11, 9:33 AM
Thanks dude.

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