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04-27-10, 10:32 AM
InYourBed ~EvilGrin~
March 24, 2010
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About Sexiest_Sin_Envy
Well...What you could say is that....i like to be kinda evil sometimes lol. Not in a bad way though. I love the chara Envy FMA, this is why I cosplay as him~And man do I ever do a good job if I do say so myself~ I guess you could say i'm the real world's sexy Envy ^^. I can be shy if I like someone or just meeting them but that tends to ware off fast! I like to hang with all my cosplay pals and do random funny skits for no reason ^^.

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tobi0014 | 04-26-10, 1:41 PM
lmao i could imagine that and that would be really cool to see XD

Sexiest_Sin_Envy | 04-23-10, 8:25 AM
Im gonna go die in a conore for posting that now ><

Sexiest_Sin_Envy | 04-23-10, 8:16 AM
Oh yay I need a GF anyways lol Not saying you are or anything but yeah lol

tobi0014 | 04-07-10, 3:53 PM
Nah its cool :D i dont mind at all >:D

tobi0014 | 03-31-10, 5:30 PM
agreed XD

tobi0014 | 03-26-10, 4:51 AM
Why thank u Envy :D

tobi0014 | 03-25-10, 3:10 PM
yw :3 anytime yo :D

Sexiest_Sin_Envy | 03-25-10, 4:37 AM

tobi0014 | 03-24-10, 1:52 PM
envy in pic looks good !! insanity is nothing to be ashamed of leeah so shout it out to the world baby XD

Neko_Boi | 03-24-10, 7:28 AM

Neko_Boi | 03-24-10, 7:27 AM
Lol, you guys are insane...
I'm obviously sexier

Sexiest_Sin_Envy | 03-24-10, 7:26 AM
Thank yuo! I mean I'm sexier but that's as close as I can get lol ^.~

Neko_Boi | 03-24-10, 7:25 AM

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