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09-01-14, 7:23 PM
December 26, 1993
July 14, 2011
1,788 (Find All)
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Time (Days) 20.0
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AzureUccello | 05-23-14, 9:28 AM
oi m8 are you portuguese? ^-^

Ruseo | 04-08-14, 2:34 AM

endlessdevotion | 03-25-14, 3:52 PM

Ruseo | 02-28-14, 8:53 PM
Dont worry about bleach fan je has been attacking you myself and many others for at least the last week.

BleachFan21 | 02-28-14, 5:28 PM
u wont ppl to view u as a girl.

BleachFan21 | 02-26-14, 1:06 AM
do u want to be a girl

BleachFan21 | 02-18-14, 5:29 AM
hello. how come u have a pic of girl but ur actually a boi?

Snax-chan | 11-25-12, 9:37 PM
aw it's okie D: ganbatte

RomanaFlowers | 11-21-12, 2:18 AM
Bonito fundo na lista de animes! Quando metes aqui os teus desenhos? ( Ah posh, não me esqueci!)

Snax-chan | 11-20-12, 6:51 PM
Hey Serge we're having a Mahou Thanksgiving on skype on Saturday November 24th and we were wondering if you were free to join us at around 8 or 9 your time? ;o it's not required or anything obviously but we'd love if you joined ^__^ we'll just be eating food on call

Snax-chan | 11-15-12, 6:32 PM
Hey Serge boy, don't you be listening to them ding dong songs while in College you hear?

notnishiura | 11-09-12, 7:51 PM
Hello people of my friend list. Changed my name from IamOyashiro-sama to Nishiura, so just notifying people to avoid any "who the hell are you" situations. :3

Leondre | 11-08-12, 9:06 PM
I think I'd rather not have read that.

kirsion | 10-26-12, 8:38 PM
You have a great taste in anime!:)

Pyrokenesist | 10-16-12, 8:58 PM
Haven't seen the preview, I know it will just make me more impatient! Am I the only one who hopes Dr.Whooves gets his own episode this season?

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