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Favorite Anime
Prince of Tennis
Prince of Tennis add
Hetalia Axis Powers
Hetalia Axis Powers add
Jigoku Shoujo
Jigoku Shoujo add
Tsubasa Chronicle
Tsubasa Chronicle add
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist add

Favorite Manga
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE add
xxxHOLiC add
Zombie-Loan add
.hack//XXXX add
Elemental Gelade
Elemental Gelade add

Favorite Characters
Fai D.
Flourite, Fai D.
Kikumaru, Eiji
Modoki, Mokona
Watanuki, Kimihiro
Oishi, Shuichiro
Hanamura, Yosuke

Favorite People
Takahashi, Hiroki
Takahashi, Hiroki
Fukuyama, Jun
Fukuyama, Jun
Minagawa, Junko
Minagawa, Junko
Park, Romi
Park, Romi
Kondou, Takayuki
Kondou, Takayuki

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02-01-15, 11:22 AM
January 20, 1992
May 1, 2008
3,166 (Find All)
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal add
Watching at 14 of 26
Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder add
Watching at - of 2
Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus add
Watching at - of 10

Anime Stats

Time (Days) 84.9
Watching 13
Completed 270
On Hold 14
Dropped 6
Plan to Watch 50
Total Entries 353

Anime compatibility with Serenti is:
Unknown :(

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 60.0
Reading 14
Completed 80
On Hold 12
Dropped 24
Plan to Read 0
Total Entries 130

Manga compatibility with Serenti is:
Unknown :(

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About Serenti

Meh, I am not very good at presentations, maybe I should just skip it, but it can be fun to read sometimes, right? I also wear the nickname ‘Serenti’ on a lot of other sites, but lately there have been a few persons who have stolen it for me… so to be sure, just send a pm on the website you have found me on and ask something among the lines

“Are you the crazy girl from Sweden who would do almost anything for pocky?”

It the reply is yes, congratulations; you have found me!

Well, I am 17 years old and comes from Sweden, and that's the reason you'll find a few (*coughs*) error in my grammar and spelling. But it would be a lie to completely blame it on my background, but a little of the blame can be found there… I think…

Because my favourite anime, manga, characters and persons already exist on my lists I guess I’ll have to talk about something completely random… let’s see… I like writing a lot, but I often get tired of a story in the middle, but I actually have a few I have finished! In your face! I have watched a few doramas too, but there isn’t any list for them on this website, but the best of them would probably ‘Himitsu no Hanazono’… I just fell in love with all the crazy characters>-<

Also, I love friends, so if you feel like it leave a comment or anything, I promise I won’t bite you… (As long as it isn’t Monday…I am not very fond of Monday’s. But if you’re a nice person I may not bite you at all xD)


Previous avatars;

Other stuff I have seen

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Kill me now...
04-09-09, 1:18 PM
Another bad day
01-21-09, 2:21 AM
01-15-09, 10:26 AM

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Li_Syaoran | 12-02-12, 5:30 AM
A swedish fan? Nice. :D Som dessutom verkar ha nästan princip samma smak som mig. :)

S-Lumiere | 05-11-12, 11:17 AM

I guess it's time to revive Fai D. Flourite Fanclub a bit.
Would you like to join What would you say to Fai if in person? or Fai crossover pairing(s) discussions?
How high is Fai in your fave characters list? or Which Fai do you like better?
If not, it would be fantastic if you could make any other topic you like.
Hope to see you in the club! Best!

SweetHalo | 03-17-12, 12:27 AM
HI HI im nikki .....btw i know this may seem wack but we are trying to get the MAL Socializing club back active so pls come check out the page sometime

laketica | 01-10-12, 10:30 PM

1. Get your NEW official member cards along with new member ID # HERE! Even if you received previous cards, the numbering system has been restarted and everyone can claim NEW ID #'s and NEW cards.

2. We have surpassed 4000 members!!! Get your 4000+ LE cards HERE! The thread will officially open on 01/12/12 Thursday ~8AM PST. They are available for a limited time, so get them fast!

Kannei | 09-01-11, 12:16 AM

Yo minna- san
--New Voting of the month is up -here-

Kannei | 02-01-11, 3:12 PM

Yo minna**
--New Voting is up -here-
--if u havented voted for couple of the month february -go here- Last chance

--For all bl stuff what starts 2011 or you know some who do look here

And if you whant a lil birthday card on your special day -then look at this
for all who already posted in here and changed your username please tell us
Thx alot have a nice day and Fun voting ;)

Teruso | 12-22-10, 10:21 AM
hej hej ^^ ny här kom in på din Mal somehow xD tyckte väl det var kul att du också är svensk ^^ hoppas du inte läser den här på en måndag ;) fått den kommentaren många gånger ?

Teruso | 12-22-10, 10:21 AM
hej hej ^^ ny här kom in på din Mal somehow xD tyckte väl det var kul att du också är svensk ^^ hoppas du inte läser den här på en måndag ;) fått den kommentaren många gånger ?

Kannei | 10-31-10, 9:19 PM

Yo minna new votings are up

Couple of the Month~december

Main Pic~Togainu

so have Fun and Happy Halloween

Kannei | 10-01-10, 6:50 AM

Yo Minna Votings are up:)

~~couple of the Month

~~Main Pic Voting

Kannei | 09-02-10, 7:29 AM
bl obsession
vote here~
for the couple of the month-october

amagumo | 08-16-10, 1:51 AM
fan of koizora? there is now a club for miura haruma fans. check it out here, its newly made!!!

Lukasdesu | 04-23-10, 4:11 PM
sömntuta, du missade säkert avslutningen på uc

LadyTomoyo | 01-21-10, 4:11 AM
Hello ^^
I noticed you're a CLAMP and drama fan too!
Nice to meet you ^^

PosIntj-kun | 01-20-10, 8:13 AM
Happy Birfday!

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