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April 4, 1991
Quebec, Canada
March 17, 2008
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Time (Days) 150.0
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Pxi2 | 12-22-13, 11:42 PM
but not really.

Pxi2 | 12-22-13, 2:00 PM
Best K-On.

Durbikins | 07-10-13, 2:40 PM
Free! has been in production since 2011.

Moogley | 05-28-13, 5:49 PM
I am unsure at the moment! I am hoping to attend. Unfortunately last year I was busy with work but hopefully i will be free this year.

Moogley | 05-31-12, 2:52 PM
Sadly I'm really swamped with work this year! I don't think I'll be having my own panels this time. Let alone even attending otakuthon D: dunno yet!

FireValkyrie | 04-24-12, 10:48 AM

You should check out Cross Game. An irl friend of mine harassed me to watch it despite it not really being a show I'd watch otherwise and the first episode hooked me.

Just letting you know because it totally reminds me of Chihayafuru in a lot of ways and I totally think you'd dig it.

Illayvser | 10-17-11, 7:51 PM
Shounen is not bad, as long as its not super packed :) you know what i mean? like anime novadays totally filled with fanservice : | (like big breasts, half naked bodies.. and such)

Illayvser | 10-17-11, 7:47 PM
haha i see :) well i just sniffed out Nurarihyon no Mago Sennen Makyou 15 episode :) was released like few mins a go, just downloading it, and getting ready to watch it! :)

Illayvser | 10-17-11, 7:42 PM
Sure, i dont mind ;-) no one ever said that you must be super active, so you can talk with someone right, haha ; ) so what are you up to?

Illayvser | 10-17-11, 7:20 PM
3:22 am as we speak and im british :))
pardon my randomness but as i said, i have insomnia so, just trying to find some nice, good people to talk :)

Illayvser | 10-17-11, 6:32 PM
Hello! `-`
Just stopping by to say hello :)
As i found your profile while browsing through active MYL members ;-)
So if you dont mind me asking, how is it going? I, for example cant sleep ;) 2:30 am : /

LightningJC | 06-21-11, 5:18 PM
Looking for card/layout designers to help out with my club! Its called MangaAnimeLeague. Please join and invite your friends too. If you plan on becoming a designer then please post a message on my profile about the application.

Tsumugi!! hello!

Exciel | 04-12-11, 2:55 PM
How come your anime list looks so much better than mine?

Tamad | 01-22-11, 11:47 PM
So what did you think of the greatest anime ever? (Ika Musume)

FireValkyrie | 01-02-11, 10:27 PM
I was randomly looking at your anime list.

fuck yeah eureka seven.

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