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04-17-14, 3:48 AM
April 15, 2012
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Bleach was my introduction to anime. I discovered it after seeing the plethora of fan art on Deviant Art. The sheer volume of artwork dedicated to these characters told me that they were powerful and memorable beings in the world of fiction. And I was not disappointed. I watched Memories of Nobody and was instantly and completely hooked. Thus, an obsession was born.

! ! ! Goodies inside ! ! !
My favorite AMVs and some cool pics
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dakotasapphire | 12-26-12, 3:10 PM
Thanks for joining the club, it'd be cool if you'd go to the forums and chat. :)

Akuto | 10-01-12, 4:54 AM

Hey everyone!:) Sorry for the delay. The votes have been all counted up & the winners have been decided. Click the banner to check out the winners or click here.

Monthly Contests- Yes or No | Hall of Fame | Staff Recruitment | Suggestions

The next contest will begin in the first week of October so be sure to check it out!

Stay true to the club & take care,


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pavli4ka8 | 09-01-12, 12:20 AM

It has finally happened guys! WE HIT 1000 MEMBERS!!!!! *throws streamers* I love all of you guys soooo much! Thank you for sticking with me all this time and making We Love Bishies the friendly, boy crazy club that it is. It would be nothing without you guys.
I have one more announcement. Starting next month I am not going to be sending out the newsletter to everyone. Only the people who sign up for it HERE will get one. With the club growing so much it’s becoming difficult to send it out. Thank you *bows*
Here are links to things you might like:
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Akuto | 08-26-12, 10:37 PM

Hey awesome members! :) The time has come for YOU to cast your vote! 22 contestants have submitted in their hardwork(banners) & now YOU are the judge! Choose the banner you believe shines over the rest! Voting will end Aug. 31st! :)

UPDATES: The club now has 2,000+ plus members! I wanted to thank you for supporting the club! Also, since the club is growing, we would love your SUGGESTIONS to make the club even better! So just click here & give us your ideas & input! :)

Take care & stay true to the club!


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Akuto | 08-12-12, 1:48 PM

Anime Afterlife is hosting its second BANNER contest & THIRD OFFICIAL CONTEST! The theme will be 'FRIENDSHIP!' Fight for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place & create a masterpiece that will blow everyone's mind! Contests in the club are always a huge success so let's keep the dice rolling :) The club has over 1,900+ MEMBERS so your work will not go without notice! Click the banner to sign up today!

Stay true to the club,


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termani | 08-05-12, 5:25 AM

Hi hi minna-san! Sorry that we missed last month’s newsletter, I had a little hiatus pretty much all of June and spent July making up for it. Please forgive me! -bows-
Anyway, let’s get down to business! Here’re the goodies for this month:
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We Love Bishies is always looking for perky members that wish to step forward and join our staff. Every month we need willing vict-- *ehem* volunteers to help pass out the newsletter. It is one of the most important jobs that we have in the group and is rewarded every month with special privileges. If you’re willing to take a stand for the bishies, please message Taichou on her page so she can mark you down!
Happy Nosebleeds

rivaillesbutt | 06-20-12, 5:28 AM
I don't get to know my final results until July, so I'm trying not to think about it as much haha. Hopefully I did okay!!

Yeah I totally agree about him being on par with Ulquiora, let's hope that Kubo makes up to that unsatisfying death by including his resurrection or something in the future manga chapters of Bleach (btw since Bleach's ending wasn't satisfying for you I highly urge you to go read the's not the same, but it's better than nothing :)) I heard that there's going to be another Bleach movie...but it's a live action adaptation or disappointed!!!!

Oh yeah the first few episodes of KHR were torture. I didn't listen to what people were telling me and that I should skip, so I continued to watch...but at episode 8 I couldn't take it anymore. Trust me, just skip to episode 20, nothing really happens much in the beginning because the author originally intended it to be a gag manga, and it wasn't until later when he decided that KHR would focus more on the battles. It is an extremely good substitute for Bleach I there are actually so many good series out there that I guess would make up for Bleach ending (although I can't bear to watch it loll) so I guess you could marathon all of them and fill that hole :P

GhostSam | 06-17-12, 5:40 PM

yui_iwisawa | 06-01-12, 5:11 AM

Cellan | 05-30-12, 3:03 PM
Yes! I did better then I thought I would xD

Ahh yea, ir you saying that lol Im also that way when it comes to anime. I prefer to watch them in a marathon also but if your ok with subs, you can marathon it :o I think the dubs are just not out yet. If you want dub, I think we have to wait every Sat. for it :l & I rather watch dubs cuz I cant read from afar, while in bed due to bad vision lol;

Ahh ic, kinda sound like blackmail/collateral but coming up with a compromise sounds better lol

TO WATCH AS MANY ANIME AS POSSIBLE!! & try to show the best time of my life with my bestfriend! xD she wants me to come stay with her in California during her vacation :3

How about you?? :o What do you plan on doing?? :D

Cellan | 05-29-12, 12:41 PM
Ty^^ & Ive finished my exams now lol I can relax a little bit more now. Its good to have nws & school work makes me worry the most xD

Ahh yea Bleach & Angel Beats are just 2 of the "Must Watch" animes lol Glad you liked them :) If I can recommend you another anime that is a must see its called: Deadman Wonderland. The reason why I recommend this anime is because Adult Swim brought back Toonami last Saturday! (almost made me cry cuz I grew up with toonami xD) & It airs every Saturday along with Bleach at midnight! Deadman Wonderland I never really seen but I can tell it is REALLY good based on what many people say about it. Also its airing on Adult Swim! So thats a + since Adult Swim has no bad anime lol One more thing is that Deadman Wonderland just came out last year & they already have the license to dub & air it on Adult Swim which is pretty good. The anime in general just started airing last Saturday so you prolly only missed the 1st episode lol I say you should give it a try though :D

Ahh I see :o that does sound exciting xD also having your apartment decor with anime pictures is pretty damn awesome! I can tell your son will grow up liking anime as well xD I didnt expect guys would have much to complain about the decor of a place unless its too girly or something. Me, If I had a wife, I wouldnt mind her decorating the place the way she wants the only restriction is the girly part like no pink EVERYWHERE LOL but the anime idea sounds kool & it would give it a more "artistic" feeling :D

I will keep that in mind xD Need to think of a trump card when it comes to haggling lol

Ryatt | 05-27-12, 6:17 PM
It hasn't been too bad here for near-noon weather. Though I did feel a lot more tired today than yesterday (it was around 95 with about 80-90% humidity). I'm smart enough to take water with me, even though I know I won't go down from heat stroke so easily with the high humidity (generally makes it feel worse when it isn't). Low humidity is when you HAVE to be careful, you lose water so quickly that you're down before you even know it.

Yeah, of course I am! Entirely different country. I've already though of other places to vacation to, like Vancouver. I'd love to live there. Anyways yeah if it wasn't for the trip I might be on the same schedule as you. I still stay awake until 4 am or so at times, its just harder now.

Yeah running is a pretty high impact, high demand exercise. If I had a/c blasting while I ran I'd much prefer it, but the monotony of a gym is just too boring.

Ryatt | 05-27-12, 3:48 PM
Ah I get shin splints as well, and it definitely sucks. I've never been a fan of gyms. I get bored so quickly, specially when it comes to running/cycling. At least outside I'm experiencing the wind, other people, and just in general the outdoors. Gyms kind of impede that. Swimming is great! I love to, and we are going to be building a pool soon, which is great.

I don't think it dyes your hair that bad, specifically if you swim in a salt-water pool.

Haha! I definitely know what you mean. Although my body has been waking up at 9-10 am every morning for a while now. Maybe I'm subconsciously getting ready for the trip to Mexico, who knows. I try to knock out by 12-1 am now though. I hate running too late or near noon because its just hot as hell here around that time.

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