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08-27-14, 12:03 AM
March 7, 1991
Norwalk, Ohio
August 11, 2012
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I've started watching Anime since mid-July of 2012.

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Mentalii | 10-27-13, 2:37 PM
So do you have a job or projects? :)

Yeah I know :P I always forget to log in

Mentalii | 10-18-13, 8:53 AM
That's it :( And a lot of work! Are you at uni too?

Mentalii | 10-01-13, 12:01 PM
Friend request accepted !
It's going well, I'm now at uni so it's a little hard :p And you, how're you doing?

Mentalii | 09-20-13, 10:49 AM
It was the good username, I checked :)

Mentalii | 09-20-13, 8:02 AM
:P Yes. Lolii166 (I think it's my username, I haven't installed skype yet on my new computer. If I'm wrong i tell you)

Mentalii | 09-19-13, 9:47 AM
Watch Shingeki No Kyojin of course ;)

Mentalii | 09-13-13, 12:22 PM

Mentalii | 06-09-13, 8:40 AM
Hey Sector Revenge, long time no see ! Well, I have my final exams next week so it's reviewing everyday...
Wow XD I haven't been on PC for one year, I didn't know you had left it too.

GreenBeans | 06-06-13, 1:44 PM
cool lol. i just started this year and i really enjoy it. i have seen a lot of the really good anime but nowhere bear as much as some people

GreenBeans | 04-11-13, 5:41 PM
Hey sector its been a while! Watching any good anime lately? Btw its Jericho From pokecommunity. And do you ever go on there anymore? Its been forever since i was on

Mentalii | 03-15-13, 3:34 AM

Mentalii | 01-04-13, 6:52 AM
Steins;Gate and NHK Ni Youkoso. Both are great *v* And you, what do you ptw then?

Lol nice prize !

CarefulWetPaint | 01-03-13, 9:10 PM
I saw you won most up to date on anime, Rofl! Well done, though you barely watch any airing anime haha! Hows it been bro beans?

Mentalii | 12-25-12, 6:52 AM
Thanks :D Why did you think that? xD

Yeah, I was so happy with my presents ! I had some clothes, a watch and jewels. What about you? :)

Mentalii | 12-24-12, 12:59 PM
Merry christmas sector !

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