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05-27-09, 5:27 AM
January 3,
In A Place of Pain
April 26, 2009
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About Secret_Whispers

About Me

My name is Whispers
I am loving, hyper, playful, funny, lovable, creative, artistic, and active
I love to play sports and video games
My favorite game is Tales of Symphonia
I love to draw, write, and read anime/manga
I also love to play soccer and football
My Race is a Shinigami

I Hate

I hate preps, people who think there better then others,Selfish people, and hentai

I Love

I love Skittles! Don't hate on Skittles if they hate on you! I also love Cookies and Pibb! I love vampires and my blood only goes to my Love! So No one else can bite me!

My Favorite Anime/Manga

1. Naruto
2. Bleach
3. Deathnote
4. Chobbits
5. Murder Princess
6. Pick of the Litter
7. Mamotte Lollipop
8. Hack
9. Vampire Knight
10. Bloody Kiss

Suicidal Sasuke

!!!This is a warning to all Sasuke Fans!!!

To My Love

My one and Only


See The Quizes I've Taken

Monkey See

Monkey Do

I Just Made A Fool

Straight Outta You

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rubysakura | 05-31-09, 3:21 PM
hey, havent talked to u in a while idk if u remeber me.

lovley_cowgirl | 05-05-09, 4:02 PM
-smiels- hey

wicky1096 | 05-05-09, 1:36 PM
nice avatarof Alkaid!

Lost-and-Scared | 05-04-09, 5:35 AM
Ria_Uchiha | 12 hours ago
Marry me tomorrow

Lost-and-Scared | 05-04-09, 5:35 AM
Psycho_Pyro_Mina | 12 hours ago
i love u

Hollow_Mina | 05-03-09, 5:54 PM

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