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09-28-11, 5:02 AM
January 1, 2009
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arden_ruales | 06-19-10, 11:44 PM
hello im fan of hunter x hunter
join my club here is the link

johnnyd | 02-23-09, 10:01 AM
I was adding Bamboo Blade B to my list and saw your cool profile pic. So I just had to compliment it. ;P

LolitaDecay | 02-13-09, 6:46 AM
Wooo! Thanks :]
I love yours too.

(And really sorry about the late reply)

Kantarou | 02-07-09, 9:53 PM
Haha, thanks ^^. Yea, I want season 2 badly as well, but I don't have my hopes up high.

Crimsonwill | 02-03-09, 12:59 AM
Why thank you ^_^, I think your list is quite refined itself although there are a few here and there which I disagree with but on the whole great list =D

nipaah | 02-02-09, 8:50 AM
yap... thats Haru from G-Senjou no Maou, a magnificent VN with great Charakters...=)

And i just love that 11eyes op. The music from Ayane is always so great...:D

Btw... did you play ChäoS;HEAd or did you only watch the Anime, 'cause i don't like the Anime. The Novel was so splendid but MADHOUSE ruined it, really... =/

Crimsonwill | 01-31-09, 11:42 PM
Thank you ^^

Your one is very artistic although I'm not sure who it is D:

Shoumei | 01-30-09, 1:47 PM
Aww, thankies :D Suigintou <333 woot. hahaha. Yeah, it's awesome :3

Shoumei | 01-30-09, 7:31 AM
Nice avatar, and nice compatibility ;p

NOX_Arachne | 01-22-09, 5:59 AM
Anime compatibility with Satorin is: Somewhat High
73.3% = not bad))

Claude | 01-12-09, 6:43 AM
Hi! Yeah its a coross over between Macross Frontier and Hatsune Miku. Thank you so much for your comment!

rebwaters | 01-10-09, 1:19 PM
Nice profile pic n_n... Welcome to MAL... have a nice stay!


RenaPsychoKiller | 01-09-09, 2:17 PM
Thanks, and welcome to MAL desu~ :-D

tanola | 01-03-09, 7:12 AM
well if u need any thing r any anime thats cool 2 watch let me kno or if u need places 2 watch them lol

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