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Amaya-dono | 04-18-15, 8:45 PM
no u

Amaya-dono | 04-18-15, 7:11 PM
no u

Amaya-dono | 04-18-15, 2:56 PM
I figured that's what you meant. Still not funny.

You need to kill yourself first.

Amaya-dono | 04-17-15, 7:39 PM


Amaya-dono | 04-17-15, 6:18 PM
you're the one on my profile. awful.

Amaya-dono | 04-17-15, 6:01 PM
wot. check ur ears m8

Moimy | 04-10-15, 7:33 PM
Maybe have a cooldown period before you do.

LolitaDecay | 04-10-15, 1:56 PM
Dat Miya

Moimy | 04-10-15, 5:45 AM
Wellll, you were obviously excited, four comments right after each other.
Meh. People being massive faggots is more depressing than funny.

>before she was popular
>implying big tits aren't popular at some point
>so before she got her implants

For some reason she lists part of her nationality as New Zealander. For shame.
Most girls are like that though. Craters everywhere.

Moimy | 04-10-15, 4:36 AM
I dunno man. My life is relatively unchanged, and my feels relatively untouched by this guy. I don't feel the need or want to bitch about him.
Although some people I really do hate on the Internet are people with Youtube channels. Fucking entitled pricks.

There was this one guy from the Flash Gordon movie I think, nobody knew who the fuck he was, charging $30 for an autograph. No one was going up to him, he just sat there the whole convention. Like what the fuck.

Moimy | 04-10-15, 4:20 AM
Keeping up with chang when it's active isn't that hard. Especially now days when it rarely does, and even then, it's not that busy.
I dunno, it just feels like a thing that doesn't really need to have a fuck given about it. Why about Bloodbourne or something.

Good job.
Convention famous people are sad hacks who charge $30 for an autograph. Actually.

Moimy | 04-10-15, 3:50 AM
This isn't your final salty form?
Mannnn, most people wouldn't even expend the energy to give a fuck.
Oh yeah? Female strippers/streamers being bitches?

There have been cases where I've apparently ignored the 'famous' people at these things.

Moimy | 04-10-15, 3:39 AM
I wrote it.

I dunno brah, you seem to be getting pretty salty. More salty than normal.


Cons don't sell out here. They still fit in around 10,000+ pretty easily. Although they never get anyone good. Karen Gillan is worlds ahead of anything else they have ever gotten before.

Moimy | 04-10-15, 3:03 AM
Okay, calm down man.

Yes, he did look like a typical weaboo faggot in his first reviews. Yes, he did start getting some style and good clothes. You shouldn't hate on him for that. Granted it is a little weird to do anime reviews like that, although it is weird to do that at all. And tons of people take Instagram photos of themselves with a new outfit or haircut, that's the norm now, and how narcissistic most people are. You sound like you're hating just to bring him down because you're insecure.

But, no matter what you dress it up in, an anime reviewing faggot is still a colossal anime reviewing faggot. I know you can't hate a guy for putting his opinions on the internet, but that's just a major part of the internet as well.

I could collect shit and have full shelves of shit like him, if I didn't y'know, have to pay for rent, food and bills.

I've watched more anime than him. Guess my dick is just that much bigger.
Knowing shit about anime probably isn't why his reviews are popular, he's probably just likeable. And likeable people are most liked by idiots, who can be pandered to.
You're not incredibly likeable, so you wouldn't do as well as him.

>top two comments on his page are from an autistic person who doesn't know how capitals work
>seems about right

So in closing, you don't have to get so mad over this guy, because he's a faggot, one that you should be glad not to be, and never associate with again.

Even more in closing
Deal with that, faggot.

Ginpika | 04-09-15, 2:58 AM
The ones that link to characters is because the anime or manga name ends with ) or ! or some other symbol that breaks the code. So for consistency I just linked them to characters from the show

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