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12-01-11, 1:21 PM
October 5, 1990
Seattle, Washington
July 17, 2009
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I like rap and anime. if you like rap and anime, you and i would probably get along really well. my favorite group is Wu-Tang Clan. i listen the group, the members individually, and a pretty good number of the Wu-Tang affiliates. i'm a proud Mexican-American. i love sushi. my favorite animals are cats. i like to throw the Frisbee on a hot summer day. i'm a huge fan of Zelda games. i'm addicted to asian girls. i drink a lot of starbucks and just soda in general. as far as i know, i'm really easy to get along with. i like Obama. if you don't, that's still okay. i prefer pepsi over coke, i get a lot of heat for that. i speak slang words. i usually try to keep it politically correct 99% of the time, but some of my most over-used terms for pretty much everything is "dope," "hella," and "what's good?" you'll hear those a lot from me. i like nike's, jordan's and fitted caps. i'm really short, so i like to find shoes that may potentially make me look taller. i'm very self conscious about my height. i try to eat somewhat healthy, but i still enjoy my occasional Taco Bell's, KFC's, McDonald's, etc. etc. especially when they get new stuff. my favorite stand-up comedians are Brian Regan, Gabriel Iglesias and Kevin Hart. i also like shows on Comedy Central and [adultswim]. i'm a member of the [adultswim] message boards for about 3 years. i'm also a regular in the Rap & Hip Hop section of yahoo! answers. i spend a lot of my alone time on the internet.

well yea, thats me. follow me on twitter @CosmicPacVibes

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RapeGod | 12-08-14, 1:31 PM
Yo, SMC, this is Frank, The Bunny/Ashy Larry from Y!A RHH. Just wanted to drop by and say sup.

Wavedon | 01-03-13, 1:26 AM

FiendishJZA | 09-18-12, 3:26 PM

FiendishJZA | 09-17-12, 9:10 PM
Smc what the fuck is up?

50-Yen | 11-22-10, 8:59 AM
heh, idd it is !! But how come u liked OBFCL part 2!?
I mahself thought it was sjiiit !! Only good song on there was the necro produced song Jihad !! No way near the first album IMO

50-Yen | 11-18-10, 3:48 PM
A fellow Hip-Hop and anime fan!! Nais d; )
Luv ur list of MC's and producers, big props !!

Sllew | 11-07-10, 10:47 PM
yeah idk its been so long since i added you lol
and im barely ever on here

Sllew | 10-04-10, 4:53 PM
Ok, i lied, i dont remember who you are >_>

mayuna-chan | 09-17-10, 4:51 PM
Comment from the nujabes club

Sry for maybe a slightly late announcement.

See this topic for more info about the new album release: Nujabes featuring Uyama Hiroto – Homeward Journey (Summer 2010).

/the function 'mass message' don't work

Sllew | 08-24-10, 10:48 PM
Hey i know you! Your that guy!

CC-Kallen | 07-30-10, 9:55 PM
Thanks. >_>

I'm thinking it's another placeholder, I'd need to take a full day or two to get one of my better ones going. >_<

Free_Candy | 01-01-10, 10:22 AM
lol now you just need to catch up on anime

Free_Candy | 12-31-09, 11:27 AM
np man..
i saw couple NY guys on your list....not fan of Biggie or Pun?
and Pac is not even in your TOP 15?! im

+ Happy New Year

Free_Candy | 12-30-09, 9:09 AM
oh shit... a tru hip hop fan......that's a nice top 10 MC really are "huge hip hop head"...2 of your top 5 are in my top 5 as well....^^ hollaa

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