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July 5, 1993
March 15, 2008
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Yo. Welcome to my profile, I can't come up with much to write here so I guess I'll write about some of the things I have an interest in.

I enjoy watching anime and since there is a large variety, it keeps me entertained. Some of the animes I started off with are DBZ, Pokemon from my childhood then after I started watching anime such as Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Hikaru no Go etc. I have recently developed an interest in manga and the manga that first interested me was Hikaru no Go but after a lot of reading I came to know of many epic mangas such as 20th century boys (probably my favourite), Berserk, Liar Game, Gantz etc.

At school, I have a group of friends who also have the same interest in anime/manga as me. I have attended the Anime EXPO in London twice with friends, it's amazing checking out the stuff that's on display there :)

I also enjoy watching movies, I'm a media student at sixth-form/college so I attempt to analyse movies in a bit of detail (don't always succeed XD). If there are any good movies you know, then please give recommendations.

Favourite Anime of all time:

Favourite Manga of all time:

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Xenograft | 01-19-13, 1:38 PM
Enjoyed your Bakuman review - it's given me the impetus to start watching it. Thanks

Ecchi_K | 10-05-12, 3:29 AM

VoDKa | 02-18-12, 8:19 PM
Check out "fate zero". Worth watching

SsjRavi | 11-09-11, 6:46 AM
Amazingly high manga compatibility :p

tehnominator | 04-05-11, 4:50 PM
Well, I've met people with two trains of thoughts:

1. The second half was awful.
2. The second half made the show better than anything.

I can see where people are coming from. At the time I wrote the review, I believed TTGL to have completely derailed itself and destroyed everything we can remotely resemble as personality for any of its characters, its story completely changed, and it just became unenjoyable and painful to get through episodes because everyone became either a dribbling manchild or a total asshole when in the beginning they were likeable and wonderful.

kakashu | 07-24-10, 4:11 PM
been hooked on LBP XD
i'll thank the rest in person

VoDKa | 06-14-10, 2:55 PM
start Bokurano..its awesome!

VoDKa | 04-03-10, 9:53 PM
If you and urf can meet me at euston square on monday afternoon, about 4pm, then it would work for me.

VoDKa | 04-02-10, 5:38 AM
Hey man. Listen, I can't make it tonight because i've got a few important things to sort out. I'm free saturday evening though so let me know if you guys are up for saturday afternoon or evening.

VoDKa | 03-21-10, 7:37 PM
LOL the ending of episode 8 of initial d fourth stage is gonna crack you up...

SoujimiSatori | 03-20-10, 7:42 PM
Good Day! Love Gintama and Gintoki?

VoDKa | 01-22-10, 5:07 AM
I'm officially a fan of kaiji now. There are so many subtleties which I missed when watching the anime, which become clear in the manga. There was also a movie released in oct 2009, which looks reasonably decent. Can't find the subbed version though because they haven't translated it yet but I think we should definitely watch it as soon as we can get our hands on it.

VoDKa | 01-21-10, 12:29 AM
Kaiji is not complete by the way. After you finish the anime, I suggest you read the manga. It continues from where the anime left off!

Gintoki-San | 01-07-10, 10:15 AM
Yeah, I know few others, why not join the muslim club?

Gintoki-San | 01-07-10, 8:36 AM
No reason bro, just wanna say, I'm one as well. And nice to meet you.

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