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This Anime starts out very slow paced and peaceful, but that changes as the story developes

Story: The story is pretty simple and reminds of Kannazuki no Miko. It's not very unique, but surely something for people who like slow paced anime. But to be objective, the story is pretty stereotyped. It was still enjoyable though. The fanservice was bad placed too, but there were some surprising moments for me at least.

Art: It was fine, nothing special, nothing bad. The quality design had no real strong or weak points, very balanced and it also didn't increase or decrease.
It was likable though, it may had no strong read more
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Sep 26, 2009
Princess Lover! (Anime) add
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Princess Lover! is not your usual harem as it has a story and the setting is pretty special too.

Story: As I said there is one, aside from the male-character who has to choose between some girls. The story is not something you'd expect when watching the first few episodes, because it only comes thorugh near the end. It's also not really unique, but a lot more than most harem give you, aside from fanservice and pretty girls.

Art: The characterdesign overall was quite well done, but in this anime we have the problem of oversized breats, which knocks it down a bit.
The backgroundart wasn't that read more
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Sep 19, 2009
Hayate no Gotoku!! (Anime) add
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as much as I liked the first season, my expectations were pretty high for the long awaited second season:

Story: As in season 1, there's not too much story. The mini arcs are mostly for enjoyment, but there were some episodes that are important for the whole love relationships.
In this season the anime was not filled with filler episodes like in season 1. I will not say there're no filler scenes, but at least no whole episodes/arcs.
Anyway, as I said, storywise Hayate no Gotoku!! isn't too strong, but it's made for the comedy, so it's no a serious problem.

Art: Inferior to season 1. The read more
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Sep 18, 2009
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (Anime) add
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after finishing this anime, I'm certain of 2 facts:

1. an earthquake of this magnitude is fearsome and 2. I died a little inside.

Story: the story's really unique, it's the first anime which shows such a realistic scenario that I've seen.
Thinking about an earthquake this strong, such an intense and great storyline, it was one of the most interesting stories this summer, definitely.
And there's more than just the realistic point. It's incredibly sad. You'll not find an anime which has the potential to make you cry that much, there're some really sad episodes, so sad, that I died a little inside, as I stated before. You'll read more
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Sep 12, 2009
Aoi Hana (Anime) add
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This anime is nothing special, as it has no strong points.

Story: It's not your typical romance anime, because this anime contains shoujo-ai. The story is slow paced and doesn't have any highlight. There was also not a satisfying ending, which could have made up for the plot, that was pretty uninteresting.
The anime tried to be funny at times with small jokes, but failed at that too, the same goes for dramatic moments, it's always annoying to see how anime try to be deep and screw up.

Art: it was unexcpectedly annoying. The backgroundart sucked, because it seems so passive, more than it should be. read more
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Sep 11, 2009
Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! (Anime) add
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This anime is pretty much fail. The fanservice is too extreme and basically the only thing that could really attract people, male watchers of course.

Story: I have to admit, the storyline exists and is very unique, but the idea itself is pretty uninteresting. The anime is a huge load on ecchi, unnessecary fanservice, and the already mentioned uninteresting plot.
It doesn't have any real highlights, which could make the anime overall more interesting or more exciting.

Art: To be fair, the art was quite good. The girls (especially Plug) may have looked like they have babyfaces, but overall it was smooth and the quality didn't drop read more
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Sep 10, 2009
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei (Anime) add
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei supposedly takes place between season 1 and 2 and has no related plot as episode 1 and 5 are one shots.

Story: As I've said the forst and last episode of the OVA are one shots. The first one is delightful, happy and quite funny. A very good way to begin the OVA.
The small story in episode 2-4 is quite interesting, full of tension and nostalgic as you'll feel like you're watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai.
The last one shot (ep 5) if the perfect way to end it, another light hearted episode with a lot of read more
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Aug 28, 2009
To LOVE-Ru (Manga) add
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To-LOVE-Ru is the typical shounen harem, but has some flaws, which made the overall quality worse.

Story: this manga has, like most harem no real story, except for the love between the main characters. This made it overall less interesting, but the comedy made up for it. But the biggest flaw is the fanservice. It was just too much. You'll not find a single chapter without Rito groping breasts, a butt or seeing a girl naked/in underwear, not a single one. What's also damaging the plot are all this one-shots. A manga such as this should have more of these small arc, but To-LOVE-Ru had read more
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Aug 24, 2009
Higashi no Eden (Anime) add
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Let me say, that this anime has no strong points, except for the potential, which is within the story, unfortuntely it wasn't used.

Story: huge potential, but the story wasn't well developed and disapointed me. it developed too fast or too slow, once it became totally absurd and there wasn't a proper ending, even if it was meant to leave an open end for a possible second season/movies. there could have been much more, which could have made this way more interesting.

Art: the animation itself was smooth and well done, but the design for the characters needed time to get used to it. But read more
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Aug 23, 2009
Ga-Rei: Zero (Anime) add
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I had gone into this anime with very high hopes, because I just love the manga, but my hopes were partly crushed, but I'll get to that later.

Story: The idea of a department specially for paranormal phenomens is special and great. It's absolutely awesomely made and well thought out. Basically that's it for the story. Of course they're mixing problems in to make it more interesting, which goes well with the anime. You probably won't find another anime such as this one.

Art: It was very good. The fights were animated pretty good and you can tell that the fights are meant to look better than read more
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