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51 minutes ago
June 14, 1992
Canada, B.C.
December 28, 2007
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Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata add
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I like anime. And games.

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Cersei | 08-10-14, 10:46 PM

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iTom | 07-18-14, 12:21 PM
I WASN'T CO ING BACK?! LMAO. You are too much smh. I feel insulted. I think you owe me a game or two or three... Hahahahah.

Eh I'm not much for counter strike. We could do mw2 lol. I hear it's full of hackers tho.

iTom | 07-15-14, 6:26 PM
You keep telling yourself that, its fine by me.

Yall know, I noticed that you deleted me off of Steam. Sadface. I have a gaming laptop now and we COULD crack open BF3 or ME3 or something... just saying.

iTom | 06-04-14, 5:43 PM
You just a fatty sitting at the computer playing games all day. Pretty sure you were a fatty in middle school.

Cleaning cocaine off the table with your nose right?

iTom | 05-31-14, 2:46 PM
Middle school? The worst I feel is is high school bro. Get your shit together lmao

3k. What was that for? Heroin? Cocain?

And by better choice you mean terrible, yes I agree.

iTom | 05-26-14, 1:09 PM
I'll be 21 soon. I feel so old. And no work experience so no one will hire me. :(

But I figure you'd let that go right?

Network and telecomp. That sounds terrible bro. lmao I'm sorry....

iTom | 05-22-14, 2:47 PM
You still remember that?! That's ancient history bro, aahah! Oh those were good days holy hell...

Still freeloading huh? Well that's not entirely a shock to me.... lol

I figure a little over 2 years. So I'm thinking about 5 or 6 semesters left if I don't fail any classes. But that's easy to say considering I'm a comp sci major.

iTom | 05-19-14, 3:22 PM
800 comments and a few years at that. God, 2008 man. 6 years ago. I feel ancient.

How have you been? What's new?

I'm starting my 3rd year of college in about 3 months.

iTom | 05-13-14, 10:48 PM
Yeah its sad but I guess its time for new things. I just finished Kill La Kill the other day and it was pretty good. It lived up to the expectations I had for it.

iTom | 05-11-14, 6:15 PM
SAO has been my new all time fav. Shana has gone down the drain. sad face. :(

Ruiner878 | 01-18-14, 3:08 AM
Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.
Sakura trick
sekai seifuku
witch craft works
torau hikuushi
seitokai yyakuindomo

iTom | 01-01-14, 9:41 AM
YT is pissing me off bro. Nothing buffers anymore and its getting annoying.

I'm coming back just to keep track of my stuff too. Theres just so much that I've watched and its getting out of hand if I don't keep track of it.

iTom | 12-29-13, 9:24 PM
So I decided to log in.... Nice to see nothing much as changed...


Whats with all the ads? And I don't even know half the people on my list any more... D:

Lefty | 06-24-13, 11:44 PM
Date a live, Hataraku maou-sama, railgun

Lefty | 12-28-12, 4:20 AM
mentalist, onii chan dakedo, vampire diaries, redline, grimm, arrow, american horror story

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