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01-17-10, 7:17 PM
April 26,
somewhere near the happiest place on earth
March 8, 2009
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About Ruby_Moon
My lists here are not yet complete and will take me sometime to log everything here. I keep my own more complete log in excel, because there's just too many manga that are not in the database :P

I read more manga than watch anime. If there's anime and manga of same title, I usually prefer the original version. I also tend to like a bit lesser known titles. Which means I don't dislike things like Bleach or Naruto or any JUMP stuff, I'm just not a huge fan of those titles and prefer to put them off and read several volumes at a time so I can just get the point of the story since I feel JUMP likes to stretch their stories out too much. (and I don't watch the anime of those series either, since those are just dragged even longer version of basically same thing)

Feel free to talk to me about:
- anime I/you have seen or recommend
- manga I/you have seen or recommend
- I don't mind BL/yaoi *cough, cough*
- Japanese music (mostly mainstream)
- Johnny's groups/talents (and their shows)
- any random things/thoughts (^_^)

Random friend requests:
Go ahead. Send one. and I'll probably accept it just cuz. but if I was in a mood to crop my friends list, and I can't remember anything about you, you will be removed.

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isikaru | 10-27-10, 7:53 AM

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Akaku | 04-27-10, 7:09 PM
Happy Belated!
Hope you still remember me? :)

Akaku | 04-27-10, 7:09 PM
Happy Belated!
Hope you still remember me? :)

HeartnetXIII | 04-26-10, 12:07 PM
happy birthday!!

Kino_no_Tabi | 09-01-09, 9:21 AM
I was wondering how you were doing :>
Let me know!

FelixTheChaos | 08-13-09, 2:01 AM
when i go seeing your manga list it almost like i'm sink on the deep sea... i confused to look at your completed manga list >< too much to see... it's freaking awesome... ha4

staypee | 07-04-09, 4:33 AM
oh, so it's china...
ehehe~ tnx~ ^____^

staypee | 07-02-09, 6:14 AM
oya~ me linke ur pic!
can i ask? who's the guy on your pic?

Kino_no_Tabi | 06-08-09, 7:04 PM
actually, the university i went to had barely put wireless connection on my last years, and the computers were not that many and heavily regulated. but, when i started anime, the otakus were mostly computer geeks (i say it as a term of endearment ^_^) and had their ways of downloading anime; they started to give me copies of anime when i started to show an interest in it :D

aksdldew3 | 06-07-09, 4:47 AM
Nice display picture! ^^

xblackxcreedx | 06-05-09, 8:30 AM
true all the charas in hetalia r epic in their own ways >D that is true it is really really nice. it suits china well =3

so how r u today? =3

xblackxcreedx | 06-04-09, 11:37 PM
ehhhh i knew it looked familar! i just wasnt sure if it was china or not lol i love china's voice in the anime =3 so im guessing china is ur fav chara?

xblackxcreedx | 06-02-09, 7:47 PM
*looks @ dp* that guy is familiar...who is that?

Kino_no_Tabi | 05-28-09, 9:43 AM
omg, loosing all of your class notes sucks T_____T
i'm glad that never happened to me; oh wait, I finally had my first computer when i graduated from college xD

But yeah, the computer should be fixed by next week, or so I'm hoping ^_^

Kirie | 05-27-09, 7:16 PM
Hm, didn't Mukuro have long hair in the future? It's been a while since I last read the manga so I'm not sure. Come to think of it, there weren't much appearances of Mukuro in the future arc. A shame ~_~

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