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Jello-cat | 07-27-14, 8:34 PM
Yeah, I think you're right. It's just actually sitting down for a little bit and going over things again.

Ah, that's pretty cool! :3 Was it a thing through your school or something else?

Jello-cat | 07-25-14, 5:13 PM
I really need to go and look through my book more before school starts.
Just so lazy...

Nice! How long do you get to stay there for?

Mentalii | 07-25-14, 11:19 AM
Psychology is a science because "science" refers to an amount of knowledges about something, and human sciences are also governed by some fundamental principles blablabla. One one hand they're not wrong but... We can't compare "human sciences" (psychology, political science...) with natural ones x)

Mentalii | 07-22-14, 10:52 AM
Haha I know :P (but never say that to my teacher because they have their definition of the word *sigh*)

Jello-cat | 07-19-14, 8:08 PM
Had to check the book because I couldn't remember either!


It says まだ ~ ていません = have not.... yet

Good luck! I am sure that you will end up doing fine! :3

Jello-cat | 07-15-14, 7:48 PM

It's so easy to make mistakes. It is just even worse on a test when there a bunch of the same question and you make the same little mistake on each one of them! xD

sakibear | 07-15-14, 10:17 AM
Did anything fun for your birthday?

Mentalii | 07-14-14, 3:40 PM
Sorry for the late answer, I was pretty busy these days :/
Sure but if you fail you say something completely different from what you actually wanted to say :P I remember the example with something like "ma". "ma!!" = scold, but "ma.aa" = mummy... Wat.
Science is interesting but it's only a memory for me now ! In law uni we don't have that anylonger... Oh wait, we have "social sciences" --' Awesome.

Jello-cat | 07-12-14, 7:59 PM

Oh yeah, you're right! xD I was thinking it in my head, but it just didn't seem to translate when I typed it.
For some reason that reminded me of a mistake my friend made in the very beginning of class. It was one of the first tests and we had to do something with question sentences and for every sentence she ended it with ですが instead of ですか by mistake lol.

Yeah, that's true. I've already looked at some of it by now and it doesn't look too bad.

Jello-cat | 07-11-14, 6:57 PM

I'm not sure how to say so far like 'Where have you been so far', but this is close. xD

I'm a little worried about when class begins again because we didn't cover those last two chapters so I don't know if we are just skipping them or what. Guess I'll find out haha.

HitoriNico | 07-10-14, 8:07 AM
hey!, long time no talk :P

Jello-cat | 07-08-14, 9:01 PM

私はFourth of Julyは少しつまらないと思います。でもはなびはきれいです。

Our teacher had a bad habit of sometime assigning homework before way before we would cover it in class as well. Even using the book those could be really difficult to try and do lol.

Momoto-chan | 07-06-14, 12:52 AM
Just dropping by to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :3

I would have told you on skype but you weren't on today.

Hope you had a good birthday Eric~ :D

Jello-cat | 07-05-14, 8:46 PM
Happy Birthday! ^^

あなたのFourth of Julyはたのしかったですか?

Yeah, still so many words and things to learn. xD Yeah, that would probably work, or at least be close enough with what I know haha.

A lot of things are usually just little mistakes as well.

sakibear | 07-05-14, 3:58 PM
^-^ Happy birthday!

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