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One Piece
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Toaru Majutsu no Index
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Hanasaku Iroha
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Kami-sama no Memochou
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Log Horizon
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Favorite Manga
One Piece
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Toaru Majutsu no Index
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Iris Zero
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Chrome Shelled Regios
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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
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Favorite Characters
Lamperouge, Lelouch
Shionji, Yuuko
Ichii, Tooru
Matsumae, Ohana
Orihara, Izaya
Law, Trafalgar
Emiya, Kiritsugu

Favorite People
Shinkai, Makoto
Shinkai, Makoto
Kamachi, Kazuma
Kamachi, Kazuma
Urobuchi, Gen
Urobuchi, Gen
Touno, Mamare
Touno, Mamare

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Catleya | 1 minute ago
I've checked it out and I'll download it once I get on to my computer! :D Thank you! Is fire emblem just actually like a role playing game? Or at least adventure? Cause I love those type of games :D

Yes, most people here are italian, and italian ._. haven't met many foreigners :I

Hehe, I see, just tell me when you feel like talking much :D Since I can sometimes be really be talkative and sometimes I do not really know what to say anymore :x

abno | 10 minutes ago
what about you
what do you do

abno | 30 minutes ago
nothing much
the usual
watching anime
chatting on mal
but today seem different

Catleya | 34 minutes ago
Okay okay will show it to you once I got it then :3

I've been keeping my emulators on some folders on my PC so feel free to recommend me anything ^.^

But your name is nice! And cool! This is the first time I've met a chinese and glad to be friends with you! :3 Well my name is pretty simple and comment in our country as well :3
Yep yep and you too! I actually don't really get worried when I know that they are going to reply late, but sometimes people really intend to not reply me after all :I

Aw thank you! But it's too simple! :D and anyways, yes I think so too so I made this a little shorter, you can also make it shorter again if it's hard for you ^^

Mentalii | 44 minutes ago
I enjoyed it but quality-wise it wasn't that good and the fanservice was really badly made. Was the manga better? The story was ok though. I liked the concept of the powers, the resurrection and else. Unfortunately the characters were kinda dull.

abno | 50 minutes ago
it was good
its been a while since i enjoyed myself like this

abno | 1 hour ago

Catleya | 1 hour ago
Whoa thanks a bunch Eric! I'm really looking forward to it! :D Don't worry I'll show you some of the paintings I've made for school too once I got them back :I However it might be boring because of the colors I used :/

I don't mind any kinds of games and all of the games are okay for me! :D Well I know that some f my friends are really onto those games, like I heard someone before at school when a girl asked him, which do you prefer, having a girlfriend or play online games like Dota or LoL, then the guy answered of course to play! :I
I think I've drawn an OC before and end up putting them all in the trash bin since I am not satisfied, I even spent the whole day to finished the coloring and the positions :x

Haha I see, don't worry, I think if it's you, it'll be fine cause Eric is nice ^.^ I just noticed in your deviantart that your last name is Wang, are you chinese? :D

I never actually forgot to reply someone because I am putting my friends who I am not replying yet at my notes, so I won't forget about you guys :3

abno | 1 hour ago
im great

abno | 1 hour ago
your welcome
how are you?

Catleya | 4 hours ago
*Checks your deviantart* Aw so coooooo! And I just noticed the old paintings you have there when I saw the category, I actually first thought that it was your photography and never thought it's a paintjng cause it also looks realistic ^^ Wow! Good luck with your paintings then Eric! :D I hope you'll upload them on your Deviantart too as well or at least show it to me :D

Well I don't know a lot of games which you can play offline and that'll help me a lot if you tell or suggest me some good games that I can play without the internet :I So you've played Dota or LoL before too Eric? Cause those games are pretty popular to men nowadays :x They even forget about girls >>'
Drawing without a reference is kinda hard to me, that's why sometimes when thinking of drawing an OC really took me such a large amount of time to finished it and in the end it still didn't turned out to be as good as the others :c Well I guess so too.. I've started lurking on this site forums but afraid to post something cause it might offend the others..
I don't really know if what'll say is good or bad D: Thank you! I hope you don't really mind talking to me though :D

Soj1ryu | 7 hours ago
Even a fav pokemon type? o:

Catleya | 11 hours ago
Wahhh Eric is such a nice name *_* Oh anyways, Eric, are you planning to post some of your digital artworks on deviantart as well? I can't wait to see them too and I am sure it'll be as awesome as your sketches too :I

Do you mean by playing them on computer, are online games or emulators? I usually play PC games by emulator, just like pokemon but then stopped again, but will sure to be back at it again once I'm not interested at watching anime or reading manga again cause that happens to me sometime :x Welp, happens to me as well, that's why sometimes I do photography on some areas which I like then just using them for my drawing, cause my shot's are the ones I am interested :'D Ah yes yes, it's easier to chat on actually chat softwares but please don't stop chatting with me D': I actually don't really want to talk to a lot of people here but it's kind of hard to ignore some random comments, I do really want to chat, but with not so many :x I think right now I'm about to reply 10 people but good thing I can still catch up :I

Wacom? Then I will definitely go for the brand once I told my mom that I need it for my birthday hehe :3 Wow wow, so you can give me more information about tabs? :D Did you bought yours online or? I think I've never seen anyone here selling a Drawing Tablet (or maybe I just didn't notice them) so my only choice is to buy one online 3:

Soj1ryu | Yesterday, 8:34 AM
Yeah, but that's kinda rare to find 15+ people playing pokemon IRL TwT
Really? Do you have any fav then?

Catleya | Yesterday, 7:36 AM
Ehe, I see ^^ So what mediums are you usually using then? Oh and I forgot, what should I call you? :I

Well as do I ^^ Though I have my brother's consoles around here so when the time I am not still around at MAL I always sit back and just play games, and do some practice for paintings, but now that I have this site, I guess I don't have any life anymore :'D ^^v But seriously it's really fun having this site around cause I can be able to meet new friends online :3
Wow cool :x But I am wondering what kind or type of drawing tablet, I don't exactly know their brands or what :I

Thanks for accepting too! And glad to be friends with you :3

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