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November 12, 1991
Southampton, UK da haters baby
...I'm a cowboy
August 23, 2010
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Hi, my name is Royston. Digimon was responsible for my love for anime, I now enjoy series ranging from action and comedy to romance and even ecchi.

My other hobbies outside of manga/anime include parkour, gymnastics, gaming, recording and editing previously stated hobbies.

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Malteasers | 11-28-13, 4:39 PM

In my own opinion, the last decent season of Digimon was the third, every season is different but they always keep to 'basically' the same track, they don't go off and have some whacky episodes which make no sense. (admittedly I watched 5 episodes of Data Squad) I didn't enjoy this and found it FAR too different to the first 3 seasons, everyone claims the second season was bad but I did enjoy it myself and found it quite good, including the movie where the characters from S1 and S2 got together, in this 'rant' I basically want to claim that the last good series of Digimon was the 3rd, and that was rejuvenated Digimon to give it the opportunity to have a 4th season, which I find isn't the same as any other, and I was a big fan of this franchise, especially when I was younger.

Luckynote | 09-28-10, 4:18 PM
You are one tough cookie to please

Luckynote | 09-28-10, 4:14 PM
Holy pineapple, you live in England :O

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