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04-13-14, 6:36 AM
November 13, 1987
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February 14, 2012
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lobuzno | 05-13-13, 9:36 PM
I agree with your comment in AnH Episode 6, Nakamura is so hot in the manga that she should have been more cuter, every men would fall for her charm.

DemonHunterSaya | 01-14-13, 12:56 PM
You know, I've been thinking. From the things you wrote on my page; you sir, should write an FLCL review.

DemonHunterSaya | 01-13-13, 11:22 AM
I am so glad to have found someone here that sees this series differently than most other users.

Your descriptions were perfect. I found the characters extremely unlikable as well.
Some people even say that you need to re-watch the series if you didn't "get" it the first time. Well, I "got" it already and will never re-watch. It was simply vapid.

I feel like you and I harbor a lot of resentment for FLCL. :P

DemonHunterSaya | 01-12-13, 4:35 PM
This is a little weird, but...

I tend to lurk threads on certain topics for pure amusement. I just like reading the things people have to say about certain things.
Like FLCL, for one. I never watched it before, and never caught it back in the day on Adult Swim. I'd always "heard" throughout the years about how amazing it was, but never really cared enough to check it out.

But, on one fateful and recent day, I decided to watch it. Expecting something utterly amazing. With all this "top-notch animation" and "epic soundtrack"; a "Gainax masterpiece".

And let me say - WOW. Did that NOT live up to my expectations! I totally agree with your post in the FLCL thread I was reading...It is so over-hyped. This series tries so hard to be deep, while feigning that same depth with an air of simplicity.
It is so annoying how users on that thread in particular think anyone who dislikes it is not "intelligent" enough to understand it. -__-

Wow. That is all.

Oveneise | 03-24-12, 11:20 PM
You're totally right! Black*Rock Shooter was fracking TERRIBLE!

I for one, am SO GLAD it's finally OVER!

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