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04-07-14, 10:08 AM
February 8, 1993
Riihimäki, Finland
Don't ask if you don'...
April 2, 2009
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Kiririnshii | 02-13-14, 10:34 AM
500th comment. Hi.

Kiririnshii | 02-04-14, 4:12 PM
Because you had like 40 songs played on it xD

Kiririnshii | 02-04-14, 7:51 AM
Our anime compatibility is "somewhat low" hahahaha.

Kiririnshii | 02-04-14, 7:32 AM
<Forgot how to paste gifs> :C

Skadi | 01-17-13, 3:02 PM
Well I agree with you about being disappointed in the direction a story takes. I agree with you 100000% on Shana too, which is why I am still stuck on episode 1 from season 3. However there is a difference between being disappointed with developments in a story and whether that still means the story is good. Often the reason you are disappointed is because it doesnt work, makes the story suffer, seem far fetched, or just overall less enjoyable. Though as a westerner and non asian I chalk up alot of my disappointments in the way anime and manga stories often unfold to my displeasure, to culture differences. The case with NANA is that the story turns take away from the characters and their actions became less believable to me. I felt some of the characters almost became completely different people and were not nearly as likable as they used to be.

In my opinion this is because of poor writing, either in the source material or because of an adaptation. I would say most turns in anime that go for the worse are when the show runs out of source material and has to go for original writing. But the originals are also guilty of this because of just plain human nature. When you have something thats a hit you want to keep it going as long as possible to keep the goose laying the golden eggs. Even if it makes little or no sense to continue on. Stories need endings, and beginnings ad much as they need what goes on in between.

Skadi | 01-17-13, 6:35 AM
The more series you have seen the more likely you are to be "annoyed" by unoriginality or seeing the same old thing over and over again. However I am not there yet. My reviews are not indicative of my overall enjoyment of anime. If I didnt enjoy it still I would not watch it anymore. I review shows that have brought out some kind of strong emotional response in me. That can be negative or positive. Though I generally do not review ultra popular shows that already have 500 reviews. Ive written around 200 of them I think, and I believe there is a nice cross-section of both positive and negative reviews, so I dont think anyone can say I am only negative either.

Though very little of what comes out I think has much originality to it. Alot of it is trash. Yet I still end up enjoying alot of those shows anyway. And I do judge shows on their own merits, but comparison is inevitable as a critic however when I do compare I generally compare it amongst its peers within its genre. Its not fair for me to judge a serious romance anime with that of a ecchi harem. They have different audiences and goals. I dont even rate everything I see the same. But to say you have simply enjoyed 98% of what you see or that I should enjoy a similiar ratio or I should quit watching, well I dont know what to say about that. Because either your way more selective than me or really hard to disappoint. There are very few shows I have rated a "5" or less which is the score I usually consider something to be pretty dreadful.

So I dont know how many of my reviews you have read or which shows you think I am being hard with. There are only about 5 shows I have seen that when I was watching them I hated them so much I wanted to quit anime. Thats like 1 in 350. I agree that usually every show has some redeeming quality about them, I know I have said that in reviews before. Well almost every show. I have seen a couple that were so awful that they did absolutely nothing well. My writing style can, at times, also appear to be more negative than positive, even for things I didnt necessarily dislike. I do think it is easier to criticize than it is to praise. Human nature perhaps...

In the end though, while it is touching for you to be concerned about my mental health it is unnecessary. I still enjoy watching anime and I will continue to do so. I stand behind all my scores and my reviews as my "opinion". I do like discussing shows I have seen and you are welcome to share your own opinion and you are welcome to ask about mine or share yours, as long as you realize something important: you wont change it.

-Natsume | 10-14-11, 4:30 PM
Please revive your Kurumi FC... She's too wonderful to let it die down =[

roriconfan | 04-11-11, 2:48 PM
And I explained

roriconfan | 04-11-11, 11:14 AM
"I don't quite understand why people rate this (and every other series) down just because it doesn't have an "original" story"

You said that. I explained. It is not an opinion but a question.

roriconfan | 04-11-11, 5:24 AM
Just because you never get bored with watching the same mediocrities like Dragon Crisis, don't expect others to be like that too. Of course and it's bad for not being original. You are watching the exact same thing for the nth time.

LoveSong | 07-22-10, 7:29 AM

Hey ..
A Massage Nadeko Sengoku Club ..
now you can go and request a Member Card:
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hope you like them.

Penguin-Kun | 04-04-10, 11:02 AM
Thanks for letting me join! I have some time to kill over spring break and even though Im not the best Im still good at usuing photoshop so I might be able to make cards or a new layout but no promises^^ Also if you need an admin in any of your other clubs(like the Shiraishi Nagomi Fanclub) Id love to help out there too. Thanks

MeiaRan | 02-14-10, 10:17 AM

Miru-SAMA | 02-14-10, 5:41 AM
awww.. maybe they're busy..?

Aoi_Neko | 02-13-10, 12:38 PM

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