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02-05-13, 6:36 AM
January 15, 1989
January 3, 2009
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About Redictus
Heya, I'm Redictus. I'm Asian, 22 and studying to become a teacher. My two majors are English and arts.

My hobbies consist out of drawing, dancing, working out, card magic (it' original hobby, yes.)

People often compare me to a panda because I love food and I'm rather cuddly.
Aside from that I'm a pretty laid-back person, always at ease and always up for a nice chat with people.

I like:
- A lot. Seriously, a lot.
- I love to surf the internet and waste my time on youtube, google, forums, MSN, whatever.
- I love to play the piano
- I love to draw, both digitally and traditionally
- hanging out with friends. If there's anything fun to do, I'm up for it.
- Going to the effin' movies. I love watching movies at the movies.
- I love to eat, almost everything. just nothing too sweet, I'll become dizzy from the taste. Blergh.

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Lawlawl my graphic work!
01-14-09, 11:58 AM Edited 01-14-09, 4:10 PM

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Mah_Marina | 01-28-10, 5:37 PM
Oh, I've never tried to use a video-editing program before. Is it too complicated? o.o

Mah_Marina | 01-28-10, 3:55 PM
I'm fine too, reading a book and listening to some music~

Mah_Marina | 01-28-10, 3:29 PM
Hey, Redictus! How have you been? :D

Mah_Marina | 01-16-10, 9:09 AM
Oh, yesterday was your birthday!

I'm late, but Happy Birthday :D

viper911 | 12-23-09, 8:14 PM
ello there

LunarStarMoon | 12-23-09, 3:18 PM
Thanks then!
*glomps you*

LunarStarMoon | 12-23-09, 2:45 PM

TaizenKyo | 12-23-09, 9:23 AM
Hey man, I'm a member of the Supreme Seireitei, and I noticed you requesting a seat there. Well just thought I'd tell ya that your request won't be approved if you don't specify which seat you want.
Well, adios then ;]

_Nayu | 02-14-09, 10:13 AM

MotokoAramaki | 01-15-09, 8:48 AM
You're welcome!

MotokoAramaki | 01-15-09, 8:02 AM

Kettricken | 01-15-09, 7:53 AM
Happy Birthday Hun!!! <3 <3

_Nayu | 01-15-09, 3:22 AM

SkiesOfBlue | 01-13-09, 9:34 PM
lol dope, where do you buy it though?
from an asian store or like imported from Japan or something?

SkiesOfBlue | 01-12-09, 10:39 PM
What kind of Gel do you use?

And Happy Upcoming birthday!

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