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calypsoo 22 minutes ago
Yeep, you caught me; I think I may have been going just a little above and beyond that time to impress you :P like those little show-off kids flouncing around in their pink tutus.
I was a bit unsure of the direction the show was going with both Ichigo and Mizuki leaving. So...think I can just skip 51-100?
Hmm, I didn't know about the shoujo ai thing. Wait. Pedophilia? Yuck.
soluuloi Nov 23, 3:56 AM
Then at least try Sakurako-san. Even if it's a ln adaptation, it's still fun to watch.
calypsoo Nov 22, 2:02 PM
I couldn't borrow the actual collection from the library, but I was able to find some excerpted passages, including the one where your quote is from. I've spent a bit of the afternoon thinking over what I was able to read, and had to shake myself out of the reverie. C.S.Lewis is so good at setting up his mind rooms; he's dangerous, since he makes me admire the concept of the written word so much that I spend my time browsing through the artificial room he has set up, and almost forget to read the actual books themselves. Almost criminally good. I laughed out loud at the example of a man and a six-year-old child meeting in a moment of instantaneous sympathy over a loathing of prunes, especially since he and the child were both absolutely serious over how unfunny prunes really are. This is one of those dangerously good and criminally time-consuming passages:
We long to go through the looking glass, to reach fairy land. We also long to be the immensely popular and successful schoolboy or schoolgirl, or the lucky boy or girl who discovers the spy's plot or rides the horse that none of the cowboys can manage. But the two longings are very different. The second, especially when directed on something so close as school life, is ravenous and deadly serious. Its fulfillment on the level of imagination is in very truth compensatory: we run to it from the disappointments and humiliations of the real world: it sends us back to the real world undivinely discontented. For it is all flattery to the ego. The pleasure consists of picturing oneself the object of admiration. The other longing, that for fairy land, is very different...It would be much truer to say that fairy land arouses a longing for he knows not what. It stirs and troubles him (to his life-long enrichment) with the dim sense of something beyond his reach and, far from dulling or emptying the actual world, gives it a new dimension of depth. He does not despise real woods because he has read of enchanted woods: the reading makes all real woods a little enchanted...For, as I say, there are two kinds of longing. The one is an askesis, a spiritual exercise, and the other is a disease.
calypsoo Nov 21, 9:19 AM
You're right, of course. I was thinking about what you said about Mari having friends but being quiet most of the time, and the main images that came to mind were from the beginning of the series, especially those terribly awkward moments with her boyfriend. I'm not sure what I meant anymore; maybe it was my sense that Morinaga emphasized Mari's withdrawn character to contrast with life after Akko, and so a little sad and lonely with no obvious relief was the intent? But I couldn't help like her for it. I thoroughly enjoyed Aikatsu -- I'm surprised myself how quickly 50 episodes flew by.
calypsoo Nov 18, 8:48 AM
You presume correctly, and it is a real shame -- such an awesome series. I was seriously bummed when it came down that English language releases would stop after the 6th volume.
I can't help but think that those qualities would be considered introspective. Seems to me that introspection has always had a certain appeal, and in moderation would be considered a virtue, no? I hear you about the saying no part, regardless of the general push to have girls be more assertive these days. What I found a little sad about Mari was how she didn't seem to have a place where she wasn't off to the side and awkward; I kept expecting her to become more natural somewhere, like around her family or even alone when doing her own thing. At least, she should have been central in her own thoughts, although I admit I could be misremembering what it was like to be a teenager. But I agree with you, that is one of the things I do love about Morinaga and Girl friends, although unlike you, I do tend for look for that kind of thing in a series :)
calypsoo Nov 17, 3:49 PM
I may understand the content of that sigh, since my favorite manga may never get an anime adaptation either. So what did you enjoy on the 4th read-through? It's weird how similar Girl friends and Kisses, sighs etc seemed to me, and yet I felt more affection for the latter somehow. I'm going to have to look elsewhere for the C.S. Lewis text, since the book hasn't been returned to the library yet.
Rexxfalcon Nov 13, 4:07 PM
"And Sword Art Online is a downright terrible piece of work.

Story - 2/10: Good premise, atrocious execution.
Art - 8/10: It looks nice.
Sound - 7/10: Yuki Kajiura.
Character - 1/10: There are no characters in this anime.
Enjoyment - 3/10: It's fun to criticize.
Overall - 2/10."

hilarious , helpful+
soluuloi Nov 12, 11:07 AM
You should try One Punch Man. It's awesome.
calypsoo Nov 10, 6:16 PM
Kookaburra is just a silly way to refer to and remember Kuchibiru tameiki sakurairo. The C.S. Lewis quote is from "On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature." It was checked out, wouldn't you know it? so I haven't been able to read it yet, but maybe by the end of the week. In ten years, huh? Can't read my poker face.
Kyoujinboy Nov 9, 10:57 PM
5 shows huh? Thats the lowest Ive seen you pick up in a season since we met.
calypsoo Nov 9, 7:50 PM
But maybe as a teen you avoided kid stuff to avoid the embarrassment of being childish? or not -- sidestepped my question nicely, good on you for being old enough to choose what you enjoy :)
I seriously love that quote. I don't recognize it, so I'm going to guess it's not one of Lewis' Christian apologetic works? I'll have to check the library.
I read the second Girlfriends omnibus, and you're right about the ending. It looks like my stupid head mixed up Girlfriends and Akko and Mari with that Kookaburra/Kuchibiru story, sorry.
calypsoo Nov 7, 9:00 PM
I did; sorry I didn't use end notes or include a bibiography, professor :) C.S. Lewis? Oooh. So were you like Susan as a teen? all focused on being a mature grown-up with no time for child's play?
If you've read Girlfriends 3 times, then I'm pretty sure you are right about the ending. I remember the making out naked part, this is Morinaga we're talking about. But wasn't there also this weird development after that (well, at least it seemed weird to me) where Akko and Mari impulsively decide to run away from home to try to live on their own even before graduation? I don't recall right now the events that led up to it, but I remember thinking when I was reading that it felt so out of the blue and a departure from the tone that had preceded. I don't remember reading an epilogue, maybe that's why the manga confused me. I'd better go track that down. Thanks!
calypsoo Nov 7, 8:27 AM
Hey, I'm a girl! well, when I was a kid, I would have hated Aikatsu for the "pretty girls in frilly dresses on a pink background" just on principle, but I've grown less dogmatic with age, at least enough to get past those tomboy prejudices. I read "cheesiness" as "cheeriness". I think both apply, and I do find it hard to dislike. Are you going to reread Girlfriends? Can you remind me how it ended? It's a confused tangle in my head.
calypsoo Nov 6, 5:05 AM
It is a pretty picture. I don't know, I get the feeling that Aikatsu and I must be a weird combination to give you pause like that, and since you love Aikatsu, the weirdness in the mix must be all me :P

Seagulls everywhere, right? Was it the love and friendship talk then, maybe? did the love and gender talk come later? Or am I just working on the assumption that it's pretty obligatory to have a love and gender talk? more so, these days, than the semantics of sex talk? Do you have the two omnibus editions?
calypsoo Nov 5, 4:54 AM
Hahaha, yes, I'm watching Aikatsu! I get the feeling that I'm being judged here...
That's the problem with my trick memory -- it's unreliable. Couldn't tell you the chapter number if I tried. But it's when Akko and Sugi have the "love and gender" talk, maybe half-way through? I'm fairly positive it was during the class trip, and after Akko kisses Mari back, only Mari isn't getting it that it was THAT sort of kiss. Just before the two finally sync romantically.