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Favorite Anime
Clannad: After Story
Clannad: After Story add
Aria the Origination
Aria the Origination add
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica add
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari add
Yuru Yuri
Yuru Yuri add

Favorite Manga
Rurouni Kenshin
Rurouni Kenshin add
Girl Friends
Girl Friends add
Claymore add
Love Hina
Love Hina add
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan add

Favorite Characters
Akemi, Homura
Furukawa, Nagisa
Mizunashi, Akari
Kaname, Madoka
Black★Rock Shooter
Black★Rock Shooter
Toshinou, Kyouko
Himura, Kenshin

Favorite People
Hanazawa, Kana
Hanazawa, Kana
Savage, Carrie
Savage, Carrie
Rial, Monica
Rial, Monica
Mignogna, Vic
Mignogna, Vic
Endou, Aya
Endou, Aya
Kajiura, Yuki
Kajiura, Yuki

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Time (Days) 154.4
Watching 10
Completed 635
On Hold 10
Dropped 27
Plan to Watch 0
Total Entries 682

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Manga Stats

Time (Days) 14.8
Reading 3
Completed 22
On Hold 7
Dropped 4
Plan to Read 0
Total Entries 36

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About Redfoxoffire

I was hoping I would not have to do this, but....


Apparently I've been attracting enough attention lately to get people to want to be my friend (or perhaps it's because I am so stunningly beautiful). That is not a problem; As I have stated below, I will talk to you if you leave me a comment (Please no PMs*, those get annoying). However, I will not accept a friend request from someone I don't know. We need to know each other from another site first (and somewhat well at that) or have had a few meaningful exchanges (that doesn't mean "How's the weather, can I add you now?").

*If it's something important that you don't want just anyone to see or read, a PM is fine. General chit-chat goes in comments.

All that aside...

Current anime rankings. Entries with the same score are not ordered between themselves. All scores subject to change:


    How I rate anime (cuz everyone's doing it)

    Some random stuff about myself (last updated 9/24/11):

    Anime I've rewatched at least once (completely, just movies and series):
    Air (Movie)
    Aria the Origination
    Clannad ~After Story~
    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
    Death Note
    ef - a tale of memories.
    Elfen Lied
    Ga-Rei: Zero
    Haibane Renmei
    Kanon (2006)
    Puella Magi Madoka Magica series + Rebellion movie
    The Cat Returns
    Yuru Yuri

    My official anime and manga collection:

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Kyoujinboy | 04-10-14, 9:37 PM
Shota volleyball? It was a consideration but the list of anime kept pilling up so I removed that and ping pong from my potentials and I just dropped one of the shows I was following. I'll probably pick it up if both mecha shows that aren't subbed yet that I want to see sucks

Kyoujinboy | 04-10-14, 8:29 PM
Theres still 5 shows that havent been subbed yet for the new season that I want to see but I'll list here the shows I have seen that you may like Fox based on your tastes:

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
Gokukoku no Brynhildr
Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin
Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san
No Game No Life

I have others but I don't think they're the ones you would like to follow and excluding the ones already on your list.

Inui | 04-10-14, 3:07 PM
your fruit was supposed to reward me...........................................

Inui | 04-09-14, 6:12 AM
10 minutes of teaching either of you Meta Knight woulda been enough to win.

Inui | 04-08-14, 6:27 PM
I defended your fruit's honor via Super Smash Bros. Brawl btw.

Idk why you guys couldn't just beat that kid yourselves, he was beyond free. ;)

Inui | 04-08-14, 6:26 PM
Why are you implying that's a bad thing?

Inui | 04-08-14, 12:05 PM
Kyoujinboy | 03-28-14, 2:45 PM
I seriously don't know how you loved Gurren Lagann but not Kill la Kill. They are the exactly same taste.

This person speaks truth.

Hias | 04-07-14, 8:41 AM
Probably Haikyuu.

Hias | 04-06-14, 2:16 PM
JJBA is easily going to be the best of the season, that can't be stopped. So far Mushishi S2 is also aight, will probably enjoy S2 more since I can just follow it weekly.

Still have to watch the first FT series though :(

Hias | 04-04-14, 11:48 PM
Nothing much, yo. Just realized I haven't heard from you in a while and wanted to catch up a bit.

This season looks pretty good compared to Winter.

Hias | 03-31-14, 8:39 PM
It's the Reeeeeeedfox.

Kyoujinboy | 03-29-14, 3:55 PM
I bet you're sad that possibly your favorite yuri anime of a time is now over.

Heredity | 03-28-14, 5:46 PM
i actually took a huge break from mal during which a lot of irl things happened, i only really returned a month ago. i'm sorry. :(

besides, i didn't like the kind of attitude i had when i was previously on mal. i was pretty dickish.

Heredity | 03-28-14, 5:23 PM
nope, can't say i do actually. lol.

Kyoujinboy | 03-28-14, 11:45 AM
I seriously don't know how you loved Gurren Lagann but not Kill la Kill. They are the exactly same taste.

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