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05-07-11, 10:29 AM
May 26, 1993
October 8, 2009
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About Raykina
hey hey. My name is Raykina. My friends call me Ray Ray or Kina. I am 17 years old. I am more of a hyper, sexy, drinking kind of girl.

Warning: Fiesty when drunk
Dangerous when hyper
Cute and sexy all day, everyday

Constantly asked questions:
Are you single?---------yes
Do you like sex?--------yes
How do you look like?--pic coming soon
What type of guy are you into?- cute, strong, sex driven, hyper, drinker, and polite (sometimes)


song that i wrote and sing:

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Iri-Saber | 01-20-15, 12:23 AM
Join Shizuka Hiou's Fanclub!!

The_Unholy_One | 05-26-11, 2:54 AM

Safaridor | 11-21-10, 8:16 PM
This is a note from Your Family RP

The club is dying, I'm putting this message out for all the members to see. I am trying for the club to get people to actually rp, you should go back, it's sad to have 73 members and only 5 rp. so you should get into it, if you have any questions and/or concerns, please place them Here

Regis_Altima | 11-19-10, 4:12 PM
How are you doing? :)

Kira_Moore | 10-31-10, 12:15 PM

Regis_Altima | 10-21-10, 3:29 PM

Hands_of_Stone | 10-06-10, 10:59 AM
*leans my forehead against yours, smiles*
I'm doing good too. :)

Regis_Altima | 09-29-10, 2:25 PM
Hello sexy. :)

Spade_Holloway | 09-25-10, 11:56 PM
I'll give you more~
*eases two of my fingers in your pussy, slides those fingers in and out of you*

Spade_Holloway | 09-25-10, 11:49 PM
*twirls my tongue around one of your nipples, rubs your wet pussy in a circular motion, uses my other hand to unbutton my pants*

Spade_Holloway | 09-25-10, 11:45 PM
*sucks the tip of your tongue, slides my hands inside your panties, rubs your bare pussy while pulling my tongue out of your mouth and licking down from your lips to your breasts*

Spade_Holloway | 09-25-10, 11:36 PM
*feels the vibrations of your moans on my tongue while kissing you, moves my hands to the front of your body, rubs your pussy through your panties*

Spade_Holloway | 09-25-10, 11:31 PM
*opens your pants and lets them fall to the floor, slides my hands in the back of your panties, squeezes and rubs your ass, French kisses you*

Spade_Holloway | 09-25-10, 11:25 PM
*takes my shirt off, presses my chest against your soft breasts, rubs your hips and then slowly unbuttons your pants*

Spade_Holloway | 09-25-10, 11:22 PM
*sucks your bottom lip, begins playing with your nipples, while grinding my body against yours*

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