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09-15-14, 10:47 PM
October 1, 1992
Under the sun eating icecream. :D
September 10, 2012
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About Ramen_Lover01

I have been watching anime for nearly 7 years now, my best friend got me hooked on anime and I can honestly say I'm grateful, because i absolutely love it! 💕

Angel beats
Black lagoon
Darker than black
Darker than black: Gemini of the meteor
Diabolik lovers
Fruits basket
Hellsing ova
Howl's moving castle
Kamigami no asobi
Kuroshitsuji Season 2
Kyo kara maoh!
Kyo kara maoh! Season 2
My hime
Ouran high school host club
Soul eater
Vampire knight
Vampire knight guilty
Zombie loan

And many more - that I can't remember. xD

Currently watching
Naruto shippuden / on hold till i can buy more collections.

Plan to watch

I gladly take any recommendations that you guys have and give recommendations that you may be interested in. 😊

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Member Cards & Claims! :D
10-04-12, 10:14 PM Edited 11-04-12, 10:49 PM

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Rabbiac | 08-26-14, 9:50 AM

Save & Rehost
Let me know if there are any problems

Dyasin_Arcadia | 08-23-14, 12:16 AM
Do you have any plans for this weekend? :)
I do like to eat a lot, but I'm willing to pay for my own food. :)

GigaSPX | 08-13-14, 8:44 PM
Hey you, it's been FOREVER! xD

I've been super busy with college and work and pretty much life. I hardly have the time to watch as much anime as I had before, and that just keeps stacking my backlog way up. D:

How about you? How's it going?

Dyasin_Arcadia | 08-13-14, 9:43 AM
But that is fine, I have known that you were weird for a real long time. :P
And I will ask you to show me some places that had some good food. :3
My weekend was fine, I spent a lot of time just hanging out. :)

kahmu84 | 07-30-14, 2:59 PM
if you look at my posts then look where the img is at the bottom thats a sig or signature, some ppl only write in there but i liek to have an img there

Dyasin_Arcadia | 07-30-14, 10:09 AM
And you have the audacity to call me weird. :P
I just hope that you take me to some fun places. :)
How's your week been so far? :)

Dyasin_Arcadia | 07-21-14, 3:09 PM
Does that mean you are one of those normal people? :P
Good point. I would need to have someone down there to visit while I'm your country. You're actually the only option when it comes to visiting someone from there. :3
I get to avoid many topics by being a typical male. :)

kahmu84 | 07-17-14, 1:29 PM
im better now lol, just been learning to make sigs =P

kahmu84 | 07-13-14, 6:13 PM
it wasnt fun, lol thankfully it was only the top

pr0ud | 07-11-14, 3:03 PM

Montrovant1488 | 07-10-14, 7:47 PM
Hey there! Sorry for the late answer, been terribly busy with work.
I'm doing ok, how about you, how are things going, have you conquered the world yet? XD

kahmu84 | 07-10-14, 1:19 AM
my jaw hurt, and one wisdom tooth was about ready to abcess

pr0ud | 07-09-14, 7:13 AM
A person whose sexual habits are not considered acceptable.

kahmu84 | 07-08-14, 12:15 AM
Welll i unexpectedly had my wisdom teeth pulled today

pr0ud | 07-07-14, 2:32 PM
uhm according to that definition of yours...arent like all ppl worldwide considered to be perverts?^^

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