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07-19-13, 6:08 PM
September 23,
April 3, 2012
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Nasty001 | 09-16-13, 9:19 AM
advance happy birthday

Nasty001 | 09-29-12, 5:55 AM
u r welcom

Nasty001 | 09-16-12, 8:49 AM
Adv Hapi Bday, Ganta.

Walkampf | 05-10-12, 1:26 PM
Well, plausible or not, it's what you List tells people.
And you know, we have a proverb for your kind of reaction,
"Ein gertoffener Hund bellt."
Which whould translate to something like,
"If you hit a dog, it will bark."

And that "research" you talked about... well, let's just say i prefer to watch an anime without being biased, you know, make up my own mind, think for myself.

And i never said, that I'd know the whole story, it's just that, i saw the first half, so i saw most of it and what i saw was just terrible, so it's most likley, that this won't change, and to be honest, even IF i'd change, if you have to waste so much time, just in irder to get to the good stuff, then it's just not worth someones time.

And something else i never said is, that i think my opinion is absolute, but to come up with things like that is typical for people you just can't come up with something that has a basis in any means.

Walkampf | 05-03-12, 8:44 AM
Well, i didn't watch the anime to the end, so i dnon't know about the ending.
I dropped it after episode 13 or somewhere around that point, when i finally realised, how stupid an lazy the story was.
Of course, the anime was already bad before that point, but it was at least somewhat watchable.
I usually don't drop animes just because they are bad, i even sat through things like "Master of Martial Hearts" or "Soultaker".
Which, i think, is proove of how thik my hide is, when it comes to things like that.

And yes, we have totally different tastes for anime, but that's not the matter.
It's much more important to just look at your animelist for one minute to realise, that it seems that it's really easy to impress you, according to the amount of 8+'s you slap on everthing that's not able to climb a tree, by the point you count to three...

kururugikai | 05-02-12, 9:44 PM
of course...
i am not a haters that if they hate something,they will trying hard to find the weaknesses of that without considering good side, even make a good side is seen as a bad thing...

i enjoy it too, especially the songs,opening, ending and the BGm..
(lol, i am a lovers of music genre)
and the story isnt tahat bad too in my opinion,,,

Dafaq_chan | 05-02-12, 7:28 PM
Yes, we all "chan" at some point.

Nasty001 | 05-02-12, 5:06 AM
u r welcome ganta.

Walkampf | 05-02-12, 2:18 AM
This isn't about the length of you review.
Sure, short reviews can be as good as long reviews, that is, if they are accurate.
And that's the problem with your review.
Basically, you just saw some pretty images in the first episode and then wrote a biased review.
You didn't even realease the most obvious flaws, like the "twistedness" of the plot just being the result of the writers not knowing where to go with the story and what to do with the characters.
So they added random things into the story in order to pretend that the story had at least some sort of background.

You kniw, there is a huge difference between a story that is twisted and a story that is just random.

Revsbech | 05-02-12, 2:02 AM
I might be wrong but the way you praised GC to the skies, it felt like you were trolling.

kururugikai | 05-01-12, 11:54 PM
after seein ur profile, i see thats there's many people that hate GC..

the reasonsis the ending,
due to the MC can not get a waifu...

very funny,
they hate it when the main character is still alive, but liked the ending when the main character dies....

Revsbech | 04-29-12, 9:17 AM
Trolling, am I right? :)

kamanime | 04-29-12, 4:30 AM
Good GC review

FatherAnderson | 04-29-12, 3:42 AM
You dare to put people through the travesty that is Guilty Crown?
You are a meaner person than I am my friend.

Nasty001 | 04-29-12, 3:33 AM
Nice "GC" review, Ganta.

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