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in the fapcave
/!\ the blog is 18+
tho I know you 13y
olds gon check it e_e
June 18, 2013
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Still ~900 yaois to read sigh

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reira93 | Yesterday, 10:54 AM
yeah... i pretty much read whatever "-_- it's a bad habit.

reira93 | 09-10-14, 9:06 PM
wow ur tumblr... so ecchi, so awesome :3
also nice profile pic

zetsu_shoren | 05-04-14, 11:21 PM
Holy shit
Those Sidonia doujin pages in your tumblr looked exciting as fuck.
Time to check exhentai

olds gon check n'deed

BuiikiKaesu | 03-20-14, 12:43 PM
Yeah, I know they aren't showing, well, what can I do, only delete them :c
That one's funny (gif), I watched the ova, did't really get it tho... (I don't even remember the name, oh my brain, so useless :x)
Well... HEHE
And also... I'm going through crisis now, I CAN"T find anything good to read now! Did I finally get bored of BL? No fucking way :x

BuiikiKaesu | 03-17-14, 5:14 PM
I love Your "About"! Especially that... "fujoshi girl in glasses? :P OMG that's sooo me <3!
Well, I just read some things You posted in "nice ongoing BL webcomics", mostly "Tripping over You" It's cuuuuute~ .. and It was my first time reading a non-japanese bl comic! I love manga, but I like that one too :)
Hope we could stay in touch, I want to know more about You :)

Love ~ Meghan<3

Miyu_ | 01-19-14, 5:40 AM
For anime information :)

Miyu_ | 01-05-14, 6:23 AM
Hahaha, well i wonder how many packs of napkin you use every day.

BL is yaoi ? Boys love i think that is what it stands for?

Miyu_ | 12-28-13, 8:42 PM
So much nose bleed :3

mina-mina10 | 12-21-13, 7:07 PM
XD like how? matrix unsettling? or...?
yea I still watch it since teachers give it to us to watch when they dont feel like teaching XD

mina-mina10 | 12-14-13, 8:34 AM
XD why scary?

mina-mina10 | 12-11-13, 7:04 PM

mina-mina10 | 09-18-13, 7:10 PM
oh yus :3 yes same here XD Ive caught myself screaming at the screen over thier stupidity one too many times lol I like that genre I also really like dementia/psychological :3 the stuff that messes with ur mind and makes u got WTF!?!? yup :3 and horror and ofc comedy cuz I likes to laugh mwahahaha >:3

mina-mina10 | 09-09-13, 5:15 PM
so wat kinds of anime do u like and stuff? :3

mina-mina10 | 09-05-13, 7:18 PM
okie ^J^ Ill try to find it :P
Oooooh I was gunna watch the anime :P but it got pushed back XD lol
:O thankyuu :3

mina-mina10 | 09-01-13, 8:26 PM
mine came from an online Art exhibit :P I'll try to find the artsist and send u the link if u wanna :P Where's urs from? :O

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