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June 28, 2009
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Flynix | 08-05-11, 4:31 PM
I just threw some random thoughts haha :) In my case, I thought at first it was a kind of epilogue to the mini-series, then I watched the first minutes of the movie, and finally noticed something was wrong. Yeah, it's a fucking compilation but never mind, I decided to rewatch it again and it was still great.

Flynix | 08-04-11, 9:57 PM
I must say that the atmosphere is somehow very relaxing and all characters are likeable who contribute to make it an awesome short series. Watching it gave me the impression that life is smooth even with its problems that people have to deal with. I was a bit disappointed though when I understood the movie was just a compilation of the OVAs with few scenes in addition.

Flynix | 08-03-11, 3:16 PM
Hey you're right, but there're a few exceptions such as Kaiji, Bleach and Naruto that fuck up the anime compatibility I'm sure :-) Btw, Eve no Jikan is in my top 10 :p

Razzuel | 07-18-11, 7:10 PM
Yeah, I loved Full Metal Panic. Sousuke and Kaname are such great characters. Oh man, you're gonna love Fumoffu and The Second Raid. Fumoffu is one of the funniest things ever, and The Second Raid is extremely bad ass, haha. I'm dying for Kyoto Animation and Shoji Gatou to start working on animating the rest of the novels, since the novels are done now.

Yeah, the mobster stuff in Gungrave is great. It's really depressing too, haha. I don't think the supernatural stuff is as good, but most of the show takes place in the past, so most of the show is the awesome mobster stuff.

Razzuel | 07-18-11, 3:25 PM
What'd you think of Full Metal Panic, and what do you think of Gungrave?

Razzuel | 06-21-11, 7:46 PM
Damn, you sure are flying through Last Exile.

Razzuel | 06-17-11, 7:30 PM
I have a job and look at how much I watch. No excuses! XP

Anyway, congratulations on getting job, haha.

Razzuel | 06-17-11, 5:48 PM
Are you finally getting back into anime!? Haha. It's been a really long time, since you've watched anything.

I'm glad you finished Kurau and enjoyed it. Yeah, I love the ending too; it's such a perfect resolution for the series.

Razzuel | 01-26-10, 9:43 PM
You need to finish Kurau! You only have two more episodes to watch. You can do it! I believe in you!

rasenkai | 01-23-10, 1:43 PM
This might sound weird, but do you happen to live in Bice or something?

Your music library showed up on my iTunes list...

Razzuel | 01-11-10, 10:14 PM
You're halfway through! So what do you think so far?

Razzuel | 01-08-10, 4:08 PM
Agh! You need to watch Kurau!

Ahem, that is all. :p

Razzuel | 01-06-10, 9:41 PM

Razzuel | 01-01-10, 8:57 AM
This is none of my business, but aren't you running out of time for watching more anime? :p

rasenkai | 11-03-09, 10:28 PM
Spoken like a true college student.

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