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05-06-15, 1:19 PM
February 24, 1996
Poland; Poznań
June 18, 2011
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1st completed anime: Naruto - about 2007
100th completed anime: Minami-ke Tadaima - April 2013

1st completed manga: Emma - 2011

1st completed manhwa: Flower of Evil - June 2013

1st bought manga: Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 1 - about 2009
50th bought manga: Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 19 - March 2013


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YaminoKiri | 04-17-15, 4:18 PM
hi-ho pomponiq xd

-Turnip- | 11-06-13, 1:48 AM
That's cool

AkumaXJigoku | 06-19-12, 5:56 AM
Ahaha!! Yea the last eps were disgusting, but it's Gintama. Them barfing in the last ep was disgusting

Lol, I thought it was some kind of SM anime (Sougo and Sa-chan affected my brain too much) but no it's ok, the guy in ep 5's voice actor is the same as Gin-chan's that's why I liked him XD plus he's epic

AkumaXJigoku | 06-16-12, 2:50 AM
Ahaha!! Yea... But if sorachi-sensei added romance it would be perverted and funny, ah, why did Gintama end?

I just watch InuXBokuSS's first 5 episodes, I wasn't really interested, but you should watch episode 5, IT'S EPIC :'''D

chisaihoshi | 06-13-12, 5:15 AM

AkumaXJigoku | 04-22-12, 6:15 AM
Ahaha!! Ya! But Sakamoto needs those glasses to complete the idiotic look, because he looks sooooo serious without them. I kinda like Zura X Kyubei.....
Tsukuyo X Gin-chan!! Kagura X Sougo!! and ya.....
I love the host club episodes! JUST DO IT!~ Ahahaha!! And that soccer ep XD And the ep when Yamazaki wanted to join the JOI to spy on them XD Jackie's nose!!
But one of the most hilarious arcs was the Ryugu Jo arc!! bunch of geezers X'D

And is Ikumatsu that ramen shop owner woman that Zura crashed into her underwear basket claiming he was Santa? XD

AkumaXJigoku | 04-18-12, 5:02 AM
Ahaha!! ya I do live in Riyadh, and I'm with ya about the camel thing. But they find it valuable..... ya...

I love everyone in Gintama!! But no, my fav isn't Zura, it's Sakamoto! I just love that laughing addict! I wonder how he'd say my name.... But his laugh is hilarious! and the Renhou Arc was awesome!! ^o^ But the bad thing is we fell in love with characters that don't appear much TT___TT and there aren't many Sakamoto fans..... I just wanna tell that hostess that she should appreciate that Sakamoto is asking her to marry him every time he comes to earth. oh! but doesn't he look so hug-able!! ^///^

And Madao's theme is epic!!

AkumaXJigoku | 04-12-12, 6:47 AM
Lol! ya the student council XD They are hilarious!! and the ending is awesome. The sisters totally know how to scare their brothers XD But Hidenori's dad is something else XD ahaha!!
We were fangirling about DKNN and forgot about Gintama!! lemme guess... you like Zura!!

Lol! So I kinda got things right in Poland. Well here in Saudi Arabia there are no terrorists no killers. We do have camels but they are in the desert not common like a pet dog XD they're so expensive one could reach 2,000,000 O__O. And we're kind of a rich country

AkumaXJigoku | 04-08-12, 7:32 AM
LOL!! Ya DKNN was awesome!! I like the parts with the literary girl with Hidenori XD!

Ahaha!! It's ok I'm an idiot too! All I know about Poland that it is Green... with a lot of meadows.... I hope I'm not wrong..
And yes, we do have desserts and a king and it's hot, but thank god you don't think that we still live in tents! xD

AkumaXJigoku | 04-06-12, 5:28 AM
Hi! Yes Gintama is the best! ya I know something similar but not as awesome as Gintama it's Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou.

I'm from Saudi Arabia, what about you?

jchang | 07-03-11, 8:21 PM
maybe with the right equipment since pc software can correct your drawings to look better. but yeah sure, if you try to do something in ps i would love to see it and give feedback :

jchang | 07-03-11, 1:00 PM
yeah, it used to be a logo for my website but i changed the name so it said that. graphic design was one of my hobbies. :P

jchang | 07-03-11, 12:35 PM
:O whyyy everyone neds love xDD i don't know adding romance into a story is always a pls i think jeje. but well i guess thats the character personality :/

jchang | 07-03-11, 12:09 PM
yep i know i also enjoy it my characters are like part of myself hahaha i remember i finished some chapters of my first story before i guess i will continue them later hahaha.

i liked your story i can imagin it in my mind. i guess Louise falls in love for someone of yiris? :P

jchang | 07-03-11, 11:25 AM
near the ocean it is kind of hot. but guatemala city is something special cause its surrounded by mountains so the weather hardly changes and its always cool. we got average temperature of 24C so its pretty nice ^^ wrong answere thing was when you say it was better than Poland hehe.

we are also very poor well we are a third world country after all besides the capital city there is not much other places. :/

cool! whats your fantasy story like?

i wanted to writte one shoujo book and a trilogy shonen.

the first one is about a boy who runs out of home to study music in an academy in the middle of the forest. one night he met a mysterious girl who assures that they know each other. however our protagonists doesn't remember her and soon he realize she is blind. As days progress in the academy he goes meeting new people and discovering the mistery behind this girl...

the other is shonen in a fantasy setting. the world is ruled by two energies the ying and the yang. both complement each other but can never be put together. this resulted in humans divided in two factions: the ones who controlled the flow of ying, and the ones who control the flow of yang. but long ago a tremendous war started between this two and the balance of he energy was threatened the reason has been lost in time but the hatred seem to settle forever. a young man with no memory of his past is found in the remainings of yang village where soldiers of yang try to investigate what happened. he is sent back to a village where he learns the way of a soldier but he soon realize his past is key to the end of the war....

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