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02-08-14, 6:09 AM
April 22, 1994
March 27, 2010
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dziki | 01-30-12, 2:24 PM
Thank you, I think, I've just found a new wallpaper.

And... Don't you think, that this girl looks kinda like protagonist from Persona 3? :P

dziki | 01-30-12, 7:15 AM
Nice pic in your 'about' section. Can you show full version of it? Please. ;)

Niinah | 08-09-10, 4:59 PM
Noooo, me sentirei estranha também. adjknckcvjkdhnvjksdhkj

Sair com a galere é magico, rs. Gosto de jogar DDR, meu grande vício, ouvir música, jogar jogo e comer. Pena que engorda. ;_;

Anyway, assunto?

Dreamribbon | 07-23-10, 9:48 PM
Oh yeah! I forgot I still have BlackButler Special to watch XD

What have you been doing these days? =3

In season 2, ep 1, we see the two new characters and our old master and butler pair. And in the preview of ep 2, I see Elizabeth in it ^^ so I guess the show still retains most of the characters.

Do you ever buy mangas? :3

Holidays for me are slightly rare, I went on a trip to the capital last Christmas :P But the remaining time I just spend it at home. And even less going out with friends when compared to outside trips XD

Niinah | 07-20-10, 5:59 PM
Ah, tudo bem. q

Ah, sério? Achei que fosse a única. *------* *apanha*
Comigo também. E aew, o que cê gosta de fazer? 8D

nici0303 | 07-06-10, 3:24 PM
I just watched the 1st episode of kuroshitsuji 2 and it's really great ^.^

Niinah | 07-01-10, 6:40 AM
Oe. *entrada random*
Tipo, eu encontrei teu profile quando tava na página de clannad [ignore, eu presto atenção nesses detalhes. q], achei teu profile muito fofo. *u*
Enfim, tudo bem? 8D

Dreamribbon | 06-30-10, 5:16 AM
Oh I forgot to mention something, that pic of yours is very nice ^^

Not just Grell, but Elizabeth too XD I wanna see the two of them interact in one episode :-)
But I think chances are low that we can see her since Ciel is not around anymore...

Sugoi, they even translate manga to Portuguese? O.O

Oh, never mind watching slow, this show is meant to be enjoyed! SD

Where did you go for holiday? :-D

nici0303 | 06-27-10, 10:48 AM
So you would be my sempai ^^

I finally have summer vacation!

Dreamribbon | 06-27-10, 1:10 AM
Yeah, too bad they had to end their story there... :_:
But I hope they put more Grell in season 2, that guy is so entertaining to watch <3

^^ me too ^^
And so high quality :-D

How are you progressing so far? :P

Dreamribbon | 06-15-10, 7:02 PM
Though the bad thing is, once you give your soul to him, you can never escape the demon... But who wants to? This one hell of a butler is cool enough for me! lol...
Wow, there's a 2nd season of Kuroshitsuji? :-D

I think you will love it as you watch more episodes <3 This show had a reason for being so high in the chart ^^
Do you like the artwork of Clannad? =3

nici0303 | 06-15-10, 9:40 AM
7th grade, you?

nici0303 | 06-14-10, 5:58 AM
This week i have 4 tests :( But in two weeks my school year ends

Dreamribbon | 06-13-10, 8:28 PM
Ah I see that you are watching Clannad. ^^ What do you think of the 1st episode?

Dreamribbon | 06-13-10, 8:26 PM
That's good to hear ^0^

Good if you like watching the lives of jp schoolgirls XD

Now that is one amazing butler *.* Charming, dark, talented and mysterious... I like it B-D

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