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LordDeathAngel | 12-02-14, 8:35 AM
Your review need to add what rating you give it.

Rexxfalcon | 01-13-14, 8:33 PM
+helpful for your steins gate review, im so glad it wasn't another fan boy/girl yelling "best anime ever" crap nor was it some corny explained review, nice job

NotenSMSK | 10-07-13, 4:00 AM
I am glad to see that your views over Steins;Gate is similar to mine. Nothing against the anime itself but it IS overrated.

Anime_Troll | 06-28-13, 11:16 PM
The protagonist is weirdly psychopathic in that he was so easily able to make a transition from normal life to the world of murder on a whim. Also, you are right, he can't really be considered a hero, but he's more like a 'knight in shining armour' who is protecting his 'princess/queen.'

Also, thanks for reading my review! :)

RediceRyan | 03-14-13, 6:58 PM
Well, I gave S;G a 10 R;N an 8 and C;H a 6. So it would be a solid B grade. I honestly don't like where its been heading the past couple episodes. Everything happening so suddenly it felt out of place. That said, I really liked the slow pace and characters all throughout the anime.
Especially this episode

RediceRyan | 03-14-13, 4:01 PM
Well, I think you're exaggerating when you say it's the scariest thing you've ever seen.
Chaos;Head may have been better if it was 22 episodes and the animation budget was higher. As it is, I didn't like the plot nearly as much as Steins;Gate.

How do you like Robotics;Notes?

ToG25thBaam | 03-14-13, 5:29 AM
Yepp, I heard a lot of them say the VN is much better, so I was kinda put off to watch the anime, but as a mystery/horror fans, I wouldn't want to miss that anime.

ToG25thBaam | 03-14-13, 3:17 AM
Lol at @RediceRyan, I have yet to watch both Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head, but will probably soon..

By the way,
" The plot is pretty good not completely original but done well. "
There is no plot that is original now, I think. Every idea has been used before. By the way, I never seen an anime or manga with time travels iirc, so could this be considered original? <- Pretty much nonsense anyway..

RediceRyan | 03-14-13, 1:32 AM
You can't give Chaos;Head a 9 then go around giving Steins;Gate a 6.
That goes against the laws of the universe

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