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December 24, 2010
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About PockyG
I tweet episodic mini reviews for fun. Please follow me!

I'm heavily biased towards Gainax animes. Sorry about that. Other than that I try to stay as unbiased as possible in all my scores.

I do not rate dropped or on hold animes. However if it was dropped, most likely I did not like it enough to finish.

Please don't take these ratings the wrong way. I'm trying to use the entire score range and the descriptions used by MAL:

3 or below
Something I absolutely hated but still somehow finished. These are so bad it's funny.
Fail Rank

Major issues but still watchable. Advised to skip.
Rank D

Anime with some problems but still decent. Not recommended.
Rank C

An enjoyable anime overall. Does nothing stand out or advance the genre but good for hardcore fans. Many animes will fall in this category per season. Not recommended for casual viewers.
Rank B

A legitimately good anime that I highly enjoyed personally. Does almost everything right and very little wrong. Top 20-50% per season. Recommended for most viewers.
Rank B+

Great anime that I would recommend to any fan in a heartbeat. Does something extremely well to stand above most others. Given about three times a season. Recommended for all viewers.
Rank A

Absolutely amazing anime that I would highly recommend to anyone. Benchmark for all others. I consider these classics or essential viewing. Only one or two animes a year deserve this score.
Rank S

Nearly impossible to achieve this score. Possibly controversial anime. Reserved for the best of the best and genre defining animes. Perfect and flawless. A Masterpiece. Only given out once or twice every 4 years or so. Only the top 1% of all animes earn this rank.
Perfect Rank

If you disagree with any of my scores, let's debate about it!

Essential criteria that I look for in animes and what the scores given are based on. Included are highly rated examples in each category.

Originality - What does this anime bring that hasn't been done before? Has it influenced/changed the genre afterwards?
Evangelion is inspired by many animes before it. But it gave the mech genre far more respect, credibility and character insight. Mahou Shoujo Madoka completely redefined the magical girl genre by giving it a far darker and serious tone while still being true to the genre.

Emotional resonance - Do I care or am I invested in these characters? Does the plot tell a great story? Does a thriller build bone chilling tension? Does this comedy make me laugh till it hurts?
I cry like a baby when watching most Ghibli films.

Excellence in genre - An anime that knows what it is and does it well. I don't expect a comedy/slice of life to have heartrendingly tragic moments. Does this harem show have cute girls that I fall in love with or cheer for? I don't need or expect an anime to be completely original but it must excel at what it does.
Azumanga Daioh doesn't tell a great story but it makes me laugh harder than nearly anything I've ever seen beforehand.

Direction - Does this action anime have inspired and fluid choreography? Are the shots well or creatively done? Is the series well paced? Is the tone done correctly to hold suspension of disbelief for the genre?
KyoAni and Shaft are known for their beautiful and creative shot selections.

Packaging/Polish - Does the opening set the tone for the show correctly? Does the sound design immerse you into the world? Are the voice actors well chosen for the role? Are the character designs well designed, attractive or appropriate? Does the music enhance every scene? Is this fantasy world well realized or developed that I want to know more? All of this ties an anime together into a cohesive package.
Spirited Away combines music, world building, character designs, storytelling, and character development into a stunning narrative.

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diogora | 06-11-14, 12:54 AM
Nice to meet you

I'm here to ask if you like to RP? me and a few freinds have created a club and we're trying to recruit some new members. We are only a handful and we're new to RP, but if you feel like joining, please do :D here's the link

PinoyAnimeFreak | 08-15-13, 11:27 PM

We want to Invite you to Join Akise Lounge?

Is it a Fan Club For Akise?
Nope, it was called Akise Lounge because Kornay(Creator) like Akise Aru

What kind of Club is it?
This Club is a Card Shop and also a place where we play games and meet new people .

So if you like collecting cards, making cards, or if you just like to talk and hang out come and Join us !!
I hope this convinced you to join our Club (^-^ ) Have a Nice Day

Dunois | 07-25-13, 6:23 PM

IS fan club Announcement:

The IS membership cards are open to claim now. You can go to here to fill out the required info to receive your membership cards. Hurry quickly before time runs out and you miss out on claiming yours.

PinoyAnimeFreak | 07-15-13, 9:41 PM

Wanna Join Akise Lounge?

Is it a Fan Club For Akise?
Well, not exactly

What kind of Club is it?
This Club is mostly a Card Shop and also a Fan club for Akise all in one.

So if you like collecting cards, making cards, or a fan of Akise you should join!
I hope I convinced you to join our Club (^-^ ) Have a Nice Day

ampzz | 07-08-13, 12:51 AM

Sending this newsletter out to all of the IS fanclub members to let you know that the club will become very active before the second season kicks off. Regular member cards as well as limited edition events are already under development and will be open when we finalise the designs for everything.

There is only one requirement needed to participate in all of the events that open within the club; that is to be the holder of a membership badge and number.

You can claim your official membership badges here if you have not done so already.

As some additional fun there will also be a variety of games that the staff will be creating which will entitle you to some rare limited edition cards as well on certain themes.

We are also currently seeking some more staff! If you are interested in applying for a position please do so here as we would gladly appreciate your help.

kyuubi-hollow | 03-31-13, 3:32 AM
Check us out
Please join our club, where dedicated to making all our members happy! Make new friends and above all have fun!

Ryuhime468 | 11-06-12, 3:00 PM
:D what is your favorite kind of pocky??

SerasAshley | 04-13-12, 8:08 PM

This is One Divine informing you a few days late that the Art and Graphic Competitions are OVERRR! The results are in so whether you participated or not does not matter, so check out the results! The results to the Art competition can be found here and the results to the Graphic Competition can be found here! Thanks for visiting, and remember there's plenty to do, don't forget about our games and chatango room, anyone can visit. See ya next time!

SerasAshley | 03-29-12, 5:05 PM

Hello there One Divine, the registrations and entries have been delivered for both the Banner Competition #2 and our very first Art Competition, so whether you participated or not, please visit here for the Art competition voting and here for the Banner Competition voting! Thank you and I hope you enjoy what you see!

SerasAshley | 03-16-12, 8:30 AM
Corrected version:

Sho-kun | 03-04-12, 6:43 AM
Hello. Oh my god I love your list, like wow. You should TOOOOOOTAAAAALLLLYYYY join this anime forum. In fact, its destiny.

We offer plenty of anime/manga discussion and tons of general discussions as well. We are just a bunch of cool people who have one thing in common - we all love anime. if you love anime like we do you should totally join so we can enjoy this world of wonderful japanese culture together. I really hope you consider joining. The more the merrier when it comes to anime fans I believe.

Anyway I don't wanna bore you to death. If you decide to join(DESTINY) then shoot me a VM on the forum( My username is Sho so please use that as your referrer.

Hope to see you there. ^_^

SerasAshley | 02-23-12, 8:40 PM

Thank you, for your second event participation, in One Divine's Valentine Bash! We hope for those who participated, enjoyed it to it's full extent, but unfortunately, yet again, some users did not receive gifts because of the some who did not feel like taking 5-10 minutes out of their life to actually do what they signed up. No animosity here, just pointing out something ♥ Now with that over, we will head on to new and different things. For now, we introduce a new game brought out by one of our members; JustRad. Name a Flaw, the details to this game will be seen here! I would also like to announce that we will soon be holding something brought back from the dead, though should be one of the most enjoyable of all activities in One Divine; One Divine's Art Competitions will soon be held in the club, and we would love to witness the artistic abilities of you all! So when the time comes, please check out the details and participate for a chance to have your work displayed and a nice award banner to boot!

SerasAshley | 02-07-12, 8:18 AM

SerasAshley | 02-02-12, 1:35 PM

This concludes One Divines banner competition, and we are glad to have you participated, whether it was as competitor, or voting for your favorite banner! Thank you for your contribution, as the results have been long awaited. I present you.. THE RESULTS!. Also, stick around for the upcoming Valentines Day event; One Divine's Valentine Bash! It will begin February 06th, which means very, very soon! Take this chance to participate in something of ours if you haven't already. Thank you for your time my wonderful members <3

SerasAshley | 01-25-12, 8:43 PM

Entries have been turned in for our very first competition and now it's up to you to decide on who will stand 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! The voting is very simple, follow the format within the thread here and you'll be good! Be honest, be fair, and don't forget to check up on the club every once in a while for other activities and to see the club grow larger. Thank you One Divine, see you next time!

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