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Gintama add
Toradora! add
Seitokai no Ichizon
Seitokai no Ichizon add
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu add
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica add

Favorite Manga
Chikan Otoko
Chikan Otoko add
Akame ga Kill!
Akame ga Kill! add
Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma add
Omae wo Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore wo Riajuu ni Shitekure!
Omae wo Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore wo Riajuu ni Shitekure! add

Favorite Characters
Sakamaki, Izayoi
Misaka, Mikoto
Sakata, Gintoki
Ousawa, Akatsuki
Prochainezo, Firo
Hikigaya, Hachiman
Ikkyuu, Tensai
Seo, Yuzuki

Favorite People
Kubo, Tite
Kubo, Tite
Urobuchi, Gen
Urobuchi, Gen
Kawada, Mami
Kawada, Mami
Kamachi, Kazuma
Kamachi, Kazuma
Nagao, Takena
Nagao, Takena
West, Kanye
West, Kanye

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Pending deletion...

Arbitrary Music Video:only 3 years late

About Me:
Currently co-oping at Ottawa. Anyone else here? (it's freezing)

Aspiring geographic surveyor, quant, and computer scientist (in a nutshell, CS and Geomatics as back-up). Former and returning student of the Faculty of Mathematics, I can't seem to stop switching into different programs. In a nutshell, I like geography, statistics, finance and computing enough to strive for a degree in each of the fields. Although not part of my academic pursuit, historical, political, and commerce topics generally grab my interest, so feel free to to discuss about any of the few above; skip the philosophy please.

I play video games, watch TV shows and anime, etc. etc. and am always working on my portfolio in the works of CS and GIS. And do university student things, but that's not important. I also do resume critique for people on the forums. I'm always prepared to head to the next hackathon or competitive programming live-site accessible for me, so if you're interested in programming and live in Ontario, I'll see you there. Apparently since personality charts and the MBTI define me, see the figure below. Apparently they must be true, since being an INTP explains my inconsistency and inability to focus on a single area of study.

Backstory of my life: (not all posts are up-to-date)

Current Goals in Life:

Explanation of how I rate anime:
Anything less than 50% is a complete fail. 75% is benchmark for being good in terms of averageness, so a 7/10 by MAL score either suffers from being generic, slightly weak in plot or character, or being below or around average, while 8/10 is above average in terms of overall anime and American cartoons I have watch, or outstanding in a way while suffering generic flaws from your average anime. 90%+ is outstanding, and grasps a strong concept and follows through. Some ratings may be skewed due to focus on one arc being better than the others (ex. Death Note, Kotoura-san), and can be/are bias. I rate movies much more harshly than regular anime, and I do believe it is possible to rate things 3/10 even if 50% is the borderline of failing to be recognized as a properly formatted anime. The Yu-Gi-Oh: Pyramid of Light movie for example was beyond bad; it was awful, and the only reason for it's 30% is because it's animated, and I don't add animation quality into my scores. If YGO:PoL was an OVA and not a movie, it would probably be a 50% at best. I only rate an anime once I have watched 5 or more episodes in the series. I do not rate 1-2 episode OVAs unless they are a stand-alone series like Voices of a Distant Star. Yes Inferno Cop is that good.

It may sound contradictory to not factor in enjoyment but do account for emotion, but I will define "pure enjoyment" and compare it to feels. Pure enjoyment is bias I hold because of the genre, or the lack of expectations due to various factors (unless it is a parody or deconstruction). Like said above, Baka and Test; it didn't score bad by any stretch of the imagination, but despite it being one of my favourite anime, it's not a 90/100 because of it's generic characters. I probably liked it even more than the average anime because it didn't take itself seriously one bit, something I can find easier to get into compared to a dark and grimy anime, and it was stupidly funny at moments.

So what about written anime reviews? I don't take them seriously enough to express my opinion in the form of an honours thesis. I'll probably make a sarcastic/satirical joke review that some people might take too seriously (my Oreimo anti-incest review).

When rating anime, I divide anime into one of the 8 types:
Analytical (focus on details that make the viewer analyze the show more, themes, psychology, a mix of anything excluding Dramatic, ex. Death Note)
Plotcentric (focus on the plot, politics, narrative settings, pacing, ex. Gundam 00)
Characteristic (focus on character development, psyche, back-story for empathy, etc., ex. Bleach)
Universality (focus on details on settings, society, character back-story for atmosphere, history, ex. One Piece)
Materialistic (focus on plot devices and the elements of settings)
Dramatic (focus on emotions, flow between drama and comedy, ex. Clannad)
Balanced (score all equally, ex. Sword Art Online and Naruto)
Sitcom (no consistent plot, more comedy, can have elements of any of the top, ex. Gintama)

I then focus on the elements of the anime and it's respective classification, so for a dramatic anime, I will score more based on the emotions conveyed and the psyche and connections of each individual characters rather than plot. For example, some anime focus more on the character than the plot, others focus on the drama, and some have no plot, but are still good.

Here are the elements I look at in an anime, the weight of each element depends on the category of the anime:

Here is the categorization rating split:

As such, Plotcentric anime will have the following elements in the "Plot" category analyzed and weighted more, as such with the others, with Balanced being equal in all aspects. That however does not mean all Plotcentric anime with no political system will be scored worse, it just means if the anime does have a form of politics that can be focused on, I will focus on it with more or less scaling to other elements.

Being in one of these categories I sort the anime in does not make an anime good, nor does an anime only fit into one of these genres. SAO has all the elements of plot, characters, romance, so it is catagorized as Balanced but as much as it balances each, it's not an amazing anime. Code Geass can be watched analytically and is balanced in every element of plot, drama and characters.

Enjoyability and it's factor on it's "raw score"
To eliminate as much bias as much as possible, if I find that an anime is weak in plot and shallow in characters while failing to explain anything on the screen yet I find myself enjoying every moment of it NOT due to it's drama, epicness or thrill which these fall under the Emotional Reactions (Drama) factor, then I will not shove extra points for being able to entertain. At the same time, the feeling of boredom and lack of immersion in an immediate thought will not factor in as well. Essentially it's like rating an essay based on it's grammar accuracy and strength of arguments, and not on if I agree or disagree with what the essay is trying to argue. (Actually, I lied. There is the Compatibility with Western Culture (Plot, Characters, Settings) factor which puts into account if your average Western viewer agrees with the theme or the daily lives of the characters the anime is trying to portray.)

The reason for this is all due to the mood in which I sit or stand watching; when I'm not bored out of my mind, I might enjoy something or not be as annoyed as I should be. Take Eden of the East for example, I found it to be really boring, but the plot itself, the characters being not being a stock of rocks and the world presented was well planned and scripted. It would have at best mid-70s if I did not factor out my pure enjoyability, and at the same time, I was watching it at work just to kill time. MM! on the other hand was quite enjoyable for me, yet let's be honest, the characters are your generic dense nice guy chick magnet MC with a flaw to differentiate things, a sadistic tsundere, and a shy girl who is in love with the MC, and his harem only grows to a loli and a perverted scientist (both done multiple times). It was more sitcom than plot, but the character dialogue is nothing more than cliche. It was aiming for a mid-higher-70s, but no, from all the factors that kept the anime pretty generic and weak for a harem, it stayed at a high-60 for not being garbage.

To separate the two, I will give a RAW score and an ENJ (enjoyability) score. RAW is scored based on what I have mentioned before, and ENJ is obvious. ENJ will not be factored in the RAW score, so it's really just trivial to knowing if I liked it or not. ENJ will be out of 10. Example of high RAW but (very) low ENJ: Bakemonogatari. I thought it was incredibly boring, but the characters, how they change, the analytical aspects of it make it very good in terms. It even has me thrilled and empathetic at times, but I just cannot like the anime as a whole. If the anime does not have a RAW and is out of 100, then it's RAW, I just haven't spent the time to fix it yet.

The Feeling of HATRED
The feeling of rage when immersing yourself can be a good and bad thing. If I have to rage at a character because of their crappy judgement by dropping the idiot ball, then that's a bad thing. If I feel a burning hatred for a devious villain who just killed the MC's brother, raped his GF, and turned the world against him, then as an intentional reaction, that's generally a good thing. Dragging it on too much however is not a good thing, it shows that the arc is either dragged on too long, or people get really pissed off.

Lenience on Fanservice and Ecchi
Fanservice in most cases makes anime worse off than it should have been, ex. SAO. Examples of it being done right would be Mondaiji-tachi and Seitokai no Ichizon; anime that don't take themselves seriously and use it for comic relief or parody. Ecchi anime ratings are bell curved upwards due to their use of nudity, and lack of seriousness when using fanservice; in reality they deserve a lower rating if their plot or character development (ahem, Highschool DxD) is underwhelming. If I gave an ecchi genre anime a 70/100, it would probably deserve more of a 66/100.

Deconstructions and Self-Awareness
Light novels since 2014 seem to play on to recycling the same ecchi and SoL tropes over and over again, and they play it out like it's trying to make a statement about how other anime are guilty of pandering. Self-awareness takes away the seriousness, but it has to be done right. There's taking it too seriously, and then there's trying not to try.

MAL scores are given according like this:
93-99/100 = 10/10 - It's nearly impossible to get here. Plot has to be nearly perfectly consistent.
85-92/100 = 9/10 - Better to some of the best of the best anime.
76-84/100 = 8/10 - Great characters, good to great plot, above average to great anime.
66-75/100 = 7/10 - Average to not so good plot, generic characters, etc. All anime should be at least here.
56-65/100 = 6/10 - Weak consistency and characters to crappy plots.
45-55/100 = 5/10 - What the fuck.

Enjoyment scores are calculated by the following:
10/10 - More addictive than crack. Can't stop watching.
9/10 - I would invest to get a sequel. Really enjoyable.
8/10 - Quite enjoyable.
7/10 - Pretty enjoyable.
6/10 - Decent watch.
5/10 - It has it's ups and downs. Not too bad.
4/10 - I could be watching something better...
3/10 - Getting really boring or pissed off. Really want to drop this.
2/10 - I would have to force myself only for the purpose for watching its sequel.
1/10 - Dropped. No reason to watch this. Not going to bother with the three episode rule.
0/10 - Didn't even pass the first episode (all dropped anime at first episode).

I have planned however to enforce this newer system instead:

To be fair, receiving a 7 is average for an anime. 8 means enjoyable or well done. I may hand out 6 much too often to generic anime just for the sakes of being generic. A generic typical anime should receive mid-70s (ex. Railgun), while generic boring anime (ex. Index, Highschool DxD, Hiden no Aria) with missed elements like character development and depth of settings will be getting mid-60s. I rarely consider art style and animation in a rating, unless it really bugs the sh!t out of me that it causes the anime to suck more.

I want to bell curve the average to at least 7/10, indicating your typical anime with generic plot ideas, some amount of character development, and average enjoyability.

MAL-PS Critical Conjecture (work in progress)

Accepting Friends
This is where I tell you that unless you have debated with me about some stupid anime crap in the Supreme Court of Japan and have a compatibility rating of over 1000% that then you can bother to add me to your friends list. No I don't really care, cause I only use this website to store the anime I have finished watching and express the opinion of one with a fraction out of 10, a string with a categorization I made up, a percentage, and maybe a stupid comment.

Basically, I pretend to know how to rate anime like I'm a fucking cold-hearted calculated teacher or something who has a degree in film criticism. Fortunately I'm not, I'll probably graduate with a Geomatics and CS degree. Hope you are entertained with reading over 2000 words of how I manage my account and assess anime arbitrary ratings. I enjoy writing this stuff up.

Last updated Feb 30, 2015.

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Heero_ | Yesterday, 4:44 PM
colleges like cmu/ucb/uiuc/uw/university of texas austin

the same ones you applied to pretty much

Heero_ | Yesterday, 4:20 PM
Do you think going to a top 20 college for a cs undergraduate degree is worth paying the extra money, or is it better to go to UMN(University of Minnesota--Twin Cities) with in-state tuition.

That extra money is probably gonna be paid with with student loans.

dustinator1991 | Yesterday, 6:58 AM
A software developer, sounds like fun to me. True, you are just making yourself look good by doing the extra hour unlike most people. You'll eventually know people, give it time. :)

Yeah, it seems hard to shove all of those courses into 3-4 years. But I am sure you will prevail!!

Hmm, maybe something dealing with computers. I will do general studies first and get that out of the way.

josh_ | 03-01-15, 12:06 PM
So I did end up getting a co-op job in Ottawa. I'm pretty excited.

No, I'm not taking PD1. I got added to the co-op system late, and no one told me to take it, so I decided to keep my mouth shut. Ultimately I don't care whether or not co-op is on my degree, so I don't think it can come back to haunt me.

I might end up making another Facebook account just to check out that group. A new city is always a place to make friends, haha.

dustinator1991 | 02-10-15, 5:28 PM
Those are a lot of work hours. haha. What do you do for work if you don't mind me asking? Wow, sounds like you don't have any free time really. >.> Which must suck!! And I understand about making your future easier! What are you majoring in?

dustinator1991 | 02-08-15, 5:56 PM
That sucks. How did you loose 9.5 hours of your day? lol. If you didn't do last minute studying, you wouldn't be in the predicament, now would you? Sounds like a stressful time when you have to plan your free time. I, for one, just like going with the flow. Like if I want to watch anime, I watch it. Or play video games. It's just how I feel at the time, you know? lol

TodokanaiKoi | 02-08-15, 3:02 PM
Ottawa is brrrr indeed. Randomly clicked and ended up here. I'm so done with our winters.

josh_ | 02-03-15, 12:32 PM
Nice, nice. I'd love to check out the city and some of the museums. I haven't been to Ottawa since elementary school, so I barely remember anything about it.

Yep, I'm a grad student (MA) and I'm studying economics. I didn't do my undergrad at Waterloo, I did it at Queen's—so I'm new to co-op as well. I'm not sure what you mean by whether I passed the first round. I had some interviews, but I won't know the results until the end of February.

I'd check out that group, but I don't have Facebook! Sometimes I regret deleting my account, haha.

Waterloo is alright. There's lots of snow and it's pretty cold, but not much else to report!

josh_ | 01-31-15, 9:18 PM
Hello my fellow U of Waterloo student. How's your co-op going?

I'm applying for co-op myself, but for next term. I might end up in Ottawa as well.

Deserada | 01-31-15, 9:07 PM
You are awesome.

dustinator1991 | 01-27-15, 9:04 PM
How's it going man? :D

NebulaC3I | 01-25-15, 10:31 PM
That still doesn't negate the fact you've written quite a bit for your about me section. More than most others I've seen. I promise to read of all it. Looks interesting. You might help me learn more about the wonders of this life and the Earth.

NebulaC3I | 01-24-15, 8:17 PM
Wow, you've already written your autobiography.

IritchiyaSan | 01-16-15, 5:49 PM
Wow, 88.5 of compatibility. I remember someone said I had shitty taste somewhere, but I had to remark this. Why I'm finding so many extremely high compatibility profiles recently?

Coldblade | 01-10-15, 5:29 AM
I have sent you a friend request. My profile name is Lightsbane.

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