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September 1, 1994
Vancouver, BC
May 7, 2010
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About Pent
I like british pop music, anime, video games, and making fun of people.

I am in the middle of a Gundam franchise watch. I had seen 0079, Wing, and SEED prior to this, but to avoid being a giant poser and understand the easter eggs in the games a bit more, I decided to devote a ridiculous portion of my life (like I watch this shit on the bus to work, on break at work, and going home from work) to a franchise marathon.

And a lot of it is pretty bad.

Mobile Suit Gundam - rewatch
Zeta Gundam - 9/10 iconic mechs and characters and some hilarious 80s cheese moments
ZZ Gundam - 8/10 judau is this entire anime
Char's Counterattack - 7/10 fuck quess and hathaway
0080 War in the Pocket - 9/10 amazing
0083 Stardust Memory - 6/10 gato is the only good character, also good action
8th MS Team - 8/10 aw man great cast and action
Gundam Unicorn - 6/10 mineva is my waifu, banagher is the worst
Gundam F91 - 3/10 terribad
Victory Gundam
G Gundam
Gundam Wing - rewatch
Gundam X
Turn A Gundam
Gundam SEED - rewatch
Gundam SEED Destiny - rewatch
Gundam 00 - 6/10 focuses on too many characters, most of which are boring
Gundam AGE
Gundam Build Fighters

(What's the Story) Morning Glory? is the best thing ever

Here's a fine list of things I hate:

Here's a rating system guide:

Flavour of the /day/week/month/:

F91 sucked fucknuts but its theme song is amazing

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a song blog
07-08-14, 5:27 AM Edited 07-14-14, 12:25 AM
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JacklynRyner | 07-27-14, 3:22 PM
Agree with F/Z CGI and I don't remember CGI im KnK so it must have been done well :O The CGI in KnB for the basket net was good - it was obvious it was CG but the movements were done so cleanly

I listened to a lot of that soundtrack and its really good :O I'll probably watch something in the Gundam franchise eventually but probs won't play the games...

One of my favorite songs of Sawano is Krone from the Guilty Crown OST.

JacklynRyner | 07-26-14, 7:10 PM
I think his best was Guilty Crown's OST and dat SnK track is amazing. As for Gundam, I have no idea where to start with that series, there are so many different ones :O

2199 is actually on my list of stuff to watch (I have a written list, I don't really use the 'plan to watch' that much)... I'll get to it eventually. I also think that the CG in Psycho-Pass is handled nicely. I just hope that there aren't more anime like Knights of Sidonia, where its all CG.

JacklynRyner | 07-26-14, 4:38 PM
I hate that more and more western cartoons are CGI (my younger sister watches a lot of em) and in anime it looks just as bad -_-

Really? I thought it was played at the right times but its done by Hiroyuki Sawano and since I worship the ground he walks on, I'm a bit dias :P

JacklynRyner | 07-26-14, 8:09 AM
I know, I was like "girl no, you can't do that, you're in the wrong anime to be pulling that shit" but I thought this ep was better than the last one but not by much. And the animation of the mecha's are killing me. The only reason I have it as a 6 right now is cause I like the music too much -_-

Regardless, I'm so disappointed its not even funny

JacklynRyner | 07-20-14, 7:22 PM
Probably cause my mom got me into horror/thriller movies at such a young age and I've always been into more realistic stuff.

I like your list design, Fate/Zero FTW

Terumi | 07-19-14, 8:22 PM
Thanks, I'll definitely keep that in mind!

Terumi | 07-19-14, 9:39 AM
Yeah, Steins;gate was pretty intense with that second half, couldn't stop watching. Tsukihime is a lot shorter as game compared to Fate so you should be done within a week or so if you dedicate time to it. Ah I see, well it's been a long while so I hope I can atleast enjoy it enough when I do.

I have heard a lot of great things about Zero, I would definitely want to check it out when I get back into my Fate mood again. Yeah, dat Studio DEEN lol. Ufotable really understands the nasuverse better than anyone else.

That sounds like a fun experience, I have never been great with an arcade stick but it still sounds great enough to be there.

Oh I see, it's definitely a well established name by now. It seems there's one character in particular called Char Aznable that people seem to go crazy over. He sounds pretty cool, makes me wanna check out those series hes from.

waalex11 | 07-19-14, 4:43 AM
Lol, oh sorry xD
I like to make the font smaller so it looks like there's more space.
And its more appealing to my eyes.

You could zoom your screen than.

skyzblue | 07-19-14, 2:57 AM
>monster just seemed to be going nowhere

Initially Monster does appear slow, because it focuses on developing some characters and then picks up on the plot later on. As for LoGH, I did have a hard time finishing the first 20 episodes. They were really slow.
Johan comes at episode 26, if that interests you! :)

Terumi | 07-19-14, 2:56 AM
Oh no, I have yet to beat the ZX series so my knowledge about it is limited. Same with Legends but I plan to play them again sometime. Yeah, I am pretty sure it won't live up to the Zero series, everything about it feels underwhelming compared to it, but I think it's gonna be fun atleast with how versatile things can be with model changes of your fav characters.

Yeah, it's not pretty at all when that happens, lol. I love Type Moon stuff too but I think I played Melty before finishing anything else. It's really fun though and after I finished the Tsukihime VN (which was pretty stunning) I enjoyed it even more since I can identify with the characters. This may sound weird but I really love Sacchin lol, I guess she's a waifu of sorts to me so I really can't wait when that remake comes over so I can get to play her route.

Other than that, I really enjoyed Kara no Kyoukai as well but have yet to watch the last movie. Fate I have been extremely lazy with but I played a nice chunk of the VN which is extremely huge admittedly and really liked it so I wanna get back to it sometime. That new anime sounds pretty hype.

Ah, I see. I remember being completely lost when it came to fighting games but over time I got attached to Blazblue and that really helped me get better at playing them overall. Takes some time at first pretty much but then muscle memory makes things so easy.

Gundam is so massive....I have had different experiences with it but no single series I dedicated myself to, I kinda don't like mecha stuff in general though or atleast not a a fan of them but I was basically forced by a friend to watch G-Gundam and I thought that was pretty fun.

skyzblue | 07-19-14, 12:54 AM
>how disturbingly slow the pacing seemed to be

Yeah, if you don't like slow pacing, you probably won't like it that much.

>i also had a problem with tenma not disguising himself

Well its pretty easy actually. Its not like there was a wanted poster on his head to make people look for his head in each and every city he goes into. Hell even the cops didn't knew him to have any kind of suspicions. The events that led to his demise in the first place were unknown to most of the outside world, so its almost impossible for anyone to recognize him in the first place. Tenma did however, had kept a distance from high activity places per se. So you could say he was always alert anyways.

yyaziK | 07-18-14, 8:27 PM

yyaziK | 07-18-14, 8:22 PM
Clannad is boring and unappealing to me, I don't really care what people say to me because it's my opinion. It's overrated and first saw the first episode it just left me wanting to throw my computer out the window lmao. Make fun of my list if you want since I literally give everything a 10, so maybe you can use that to your advantage over my view, but it's just my opinion overall :D

JacklynRyner | 07-18-14, 8:14 PM
Nope, I'm really 15 (shocking, I know) :P

The girl MC in Zankyou no Terror has an crazy, overprotective mother and I think that alone could give her a lot more character than Saki. I would be scared to death of that woman, that's for sure.
I like that the MC with glasses has nightmares about his past but other than that he's emotionless and ugh, I guess I'm just done with tsunderes for awhile.

Terumi | 07-18-14, 7:47 PM
Yeah, I think MMZ3 was the best packed game in the series although I really do like certain elements from every game. Zero was just so amazing as a main character, even better if you had prior knowledge with the MMX series. I'll never forget those stories. Incredible gameplay and satisfaction overall, the difficulty was pretty insane the first time, haha.

You should definitely try MMX! the first 3 games in the series are for the SNES. I probably replayed the first one more than any other game just because of how simple and straightforward it is, along with beating it within less than an hour to an hour and a half if you get used to it. The difficulty is quite manageable except for certain instances, nothing compared to MMZ overall though but still great fun.

I can't wait for Mighty No. 9 whenever that comes out, been backing it so I had forum access and the way they take feedback was simply amazing to say the least.

There's also Azure Strike Gunvolt coming to the e-shop for 3DS this summer, definitely worth checking out. Both are made by Inti Creates, the developers behind MMZ.

Yeah exactly, I am not a fan of escapism because while it feels good when actually experiencing it, indulging in it too much can be quite damaging to you especially if you come back to see stuff backfire on you, lol.

Under Night In-Birth looks pretty awesome. It's good it's getting localized in 2015 for the people that can't import it. Melty Blood is probably my favorite fighting game series. There's also Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax coming later on from that same developer but it's probably gonna stay as import only.

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