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Favorite Anime
Akage no Anne
Akage no Anne add
Ojamajo Doremi Dokkaan!
Ojamajo Doremi Dokkaan! add
Mushishi add
Alps no Shoujo Heidi
Alps no Shoujo Heidi add
Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd
Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd add
Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri
Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri add
Kazoku Robinson Hyouryuuki: Fushigi na Shima no Flone
Kazoku Robinson Hyouryuuki: Fushigi na Shima no Flone add

Favorite Manga
Kubikiri Asa
Kubikiri Asa add
Ashita no Joe
Ashita no Joe add
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 2: Sentou Chuuryuu
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 2: Sentou Chuuryuu add
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai add
Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter add

Favorite Characters
Carroll, Alice
Shimazu, Yoshino
Amano, Ichigo
Segawa, Onpu
Kurata, Sana
Nonohara, Himeko
Yukimori, Ringo
Hanazono, Marie
Amamiya, Rizumu

Favorite People
Takahata, Isao
Takahata, Isao
Dezaki, Osamu
Dezaki, Osamu
Araki, Hirohiko
Araki, Hirohiko
Sugino, Akio
Sugino, Akio
Kondou, Yoshifumi
Kondou, Yoshifumi
Yuasa, Masaaki
Yuasa, Masaaki
Oga, Kazuo
Oga, Kazuo

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Children cartoons are my life. I'm always up for discussion, though I'm terrible at keeping up with replies.

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Jewelpet is a masterpiece

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Haman | Jul 28, 2:52 PM
Wow I almost feel like we're the same person

Magicmew | Jun 3, 7:52 PM
I'm still recovering. By the last episode I was choking on my tears ;.; anime will never be the same.

hospice | Jun 1, 6:37 PM
I had been planning on watching Heidi due to the praise I've seen for it. I have a bunch of older works I need to watch, including it, but I think I'll finish up Anne and focus on Ashita no Joe and Lupin III.

hospice | Jun 1, 5:54 PM
It's shaping up to be one of my favorites as well. It already had a lot going for it, being an adaptation of something so beloved combined with Isao Takahata. It's practically destined to be adored.

Masserati_ | May 31, 10:13 AM
And in typical fashion, my reply is late! Some things never change in spite of what I do. Yeah, I find it somewhat difficult to talk on MAL especially after getting on the whole twitter scene now. I can even post screencaps! It's great! I just wish that I had more motivation to reply on MAL :( Well I've finished my second year of university so now I can finally concentrate on watching anime...when I get back from visiting Lexi in America which is happening tomorrow and I'm really excited about it!

Unfortunately it's hard to deny that HapCha sort of lost some of its appeal, especially towards the end. I think the dynamics between the main cast were great, particularly Hime and Megumi and it's a massive shame that, towards the end of the show, the fun dynamics were forgotten in favour of turning Megumi into the embodiment of perfection. I think if HapCha had stuck to its strengths then it would have been a better show but I doubt we'll ever know how the Heartcatch director wanted Happiness Charge to turn out, thanks to Toei intervention and all that. Plotlines were dropped (Megumi's mother for example) in favour of playing things safe, sticking to the tried and true of Precure, which meant that one of biggest strengths, which was actually to be pretty subversive of general Precure tropes (according to Precure afficianados anyway) was sadly turned into a weakness. Ultimately I still enjoyed HapCha and I think I'll always have a soft spot for it because it actually got me to watch other Precure shows! I think it's just a bit unfortunate things turned out like they did.

Duly noted! I'll be sure to check out all those shows. I actually downloaded Lilpri a little while ago and I'm pretty sure I have a Jewelpet season downloaded, I'm just not sure which. (I was initially sceptical about the watching order until Dolphy told me that they're not really linked outside the characters and it's just MAL being silly.) Same for Doremi and I know a lot of people are especially fond of that! I've not really started downloading Pretty Rythm though because lack of space :( YumePati is definitely there though.

Man, all these shows to watch and I don't even know if I've got the time to do it. I have a lot of other shows that I need to finish (I've not watched Major S6 yet and it's bugging me) and now I've got even more things to check out! Thanks for the recommendations though, I'll slowly make my way through all of them :)

Magicmew | May 25, 3:25 PM
Your reviews are awesome

hospice | May 8, 10:51 PM
I found you via your Akage no Anne review. It's a pleasure to look at your list, but I'd recommend you do something like, "1979, Rewatched" as your tags for Akage no Anne. That way, both of them are clickable and you can see what you have watched. That's how I've set up my list. Anyways, great taste.

Masserati_ | May 5, 5:02 AM
Parial my man! It's been too long! How've things been with you recently?

I noticed that you finished Happiness Charge, how did you find it in the end? I have mixed feelings on it and I'm curious as to what you thought.

Also, any good shoujo/little girl shows you can recommend me? What about spring season shows, heck, anything as long as it's Parial approved. And that Jewelpet video you have there is a masterpiece.

NotDolphy | Mar 29, 3:55 AM
Oh, and I noticed you hadn't seen the Jewelpet Tinkle special. Would definitely recommend it. It provides nice closure to the series.

NotDolphy | Mar 28, 2:09 PM
Same on both. Curious what melodrama you had a problem with. I just finished it earlier and am still like overwhelmed with how impressed I was by it. Really well thought-out season. Ended up loving everyone and they all had really satisfying character arcs imo. It was also super good at balancing short-term payoffs with long-term stuff. Can't think of a single wasted episode.

ALSO ONEGAI MY MELODY IS REALLY GOOD! Takes a while to get going, but like 10-15 episodes in it starts to feel like proto-jewelpet in the best way. Episode 24 is a masterpiece :)

Toarujisuru | Mar 15, 12:31 AM
Yeah, I haven't either. There's always the manga, at least. There was a new girl introduced. I just haven't gotten around to reading up to that point yet. I'm sort of hoping SHAFT makes another season, but with the way it ended I think that's how they'll leave it. And ultimately logically it's for the best. But that's really impressive. You've seen lots of anime with 50+ eps. I have trouble just finishing any anime these days. And I'm just talkin' about 13~26 episode stuff. D:

NotDolphy | Mar 14, 6:01 PM
have you accepted Mion-sama as your lord and savior

Toarujisuru | Mar 10, 8:26 AM
You have such great taste. All of your favorites are superb!

Romario3210 | Mar 2, 3:30 AM
It's a good thing I read about its cancellation before starting because holy shit. I think I might be a bit too harsh on the last season solely because of that. I really wanted to see the conclusion of Doc's story and the progression of Jane/Joanie's relationship. Yeah, Al is pretty much my favourite television character, after Tony. It was really fascinating with how much he was forced to change with Deadwood's civilization, he was practically doing the opposite at the end of the show compared to the beginning with regards to his treatment of the child. Those little moments where we see his humanity like his tearful eye at having to put down the reverend were just fantastic. Something that really stood out to me was the show's optimism compared to stuff like The Sopranos and The Wire. I mean it's fucking Aria in comparison. There's a kind of thematic closure with how all the characters maintain their decency and unite together against Hearst like a real community but it's still not really satisfying. Then again, season 4 would have had Deadwood burning down and Doc's death so I'm not sure my optimism comment would stand...

Now I'm re-watching Akage no Anne because the BDs are fantastic and it feels so long since I've seen it. The immense care put into the backgrounds is awe-inspiring.

NotDolphy | Mar 1, 6:03 PM
That scene at the bridge was just incredible. The deliberate pacing, the degrees of splash each rock had (peaking with that jump down), and dem backgrounds. The payoff was done super well too. The show is p creative at working thematic climaxes into cooking. It's not just a background/setting type thing. The "message" in their cake was hella sweet.


Yeah weird episode. The show kinda gets crazier after that too!

Pretty Rhythm is p inconsistent and the melodrama might be a bit much for some (the whole thing is super fucking ridiculous so I was able to get into the drama following suit, but ymmv), but it has amazing characters that all complement each other really well and make the show fun to watch, even when the scenarios are kinda typical. Very addictive too. I think it's only been like a week and I'm probably going to finish season 2 tomorrow lol. Lots of A+ silly faces and it randomly super cool direction in certain eps.

Mion is love.

Mia is love.

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