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Dar_Klink | 04-11-14, 8:25 PM
Where the Parial at?

Romario3210 | 04-10-14, 9:18 PM
It has been over one month Parial, we need you. Have you been abducted by Xinil? ;__;

Masserati_ | 04-10-14, 5:12 AM
Gonna reiterate the feelings of several posts on here.

I miss Parial :(

RMNDolphy | 04-08-14, 10:32 AM
I miss Parial :(

nil- | 04-04-14, 2:45 PM
Where is the Parial??

Don_Don_Kun | 03-10-14, 3:13 PM
That feel when you watch all 200 episodes of Sailor Moon before Parial responds to the Great Text Wall of China. :(

Romario3210 | 03-03-14, 10:05 PM
Well here I go in my attempt to reply to this colossal text...

To be fair, LOGH is the only space opera I've seen...I think (Bebop is a space western) and its critical acclaim suggests it to be at the very pinnacle as well, so it isn't exactly accurate to really consider myself a fan of the genre. I'm sure Crest of the Stars will be an excellent watch regardless and its praise is fairly similar to Spice and Wolf, to an extent, in that they both seem to have a very strong female main character, they both share compelling dynamics between the main duo and use every day interactions to provide exposition to their own worlds. Of course, I'm just making a observation and I have no idea how accurate this statement really is. I can certainly see the difference in the video you provided as far as the use of lighting, camera angles where facial features are given a close-up to convey the characters' thoughts. In hindsight, I should have watched more comparisons before I made this comment but I'll trust in your words here. I might watch the old HxH series in the future but I'm not exactly sure when, there are quite a lot of other series I want to go through first. Maybe when the 2011 version ends? Hmm.

I can certainly see where your complaint is coming from in regards to the black and white portrayal of minor chimera ant characters. Maybe it's a part of exaggerating the diversity among them? Yeah, the main cast and villains are thankfully well written and it makes the problem slightly minuscule in comparison. For one, seeing Neferpitou discarding his dignity in desperation to follow the King's orders, seeing how Youpi cleverly thought one step ahead of Knuckle and this is quite uncommon among brutes in media as a whole. I actually thought Knuckle was a goner in the latest episode, especially when he starts reminiscing on his friendship with Shoot and considering how much Togashi is known to mercilessly kill off his side characters, it wouldn't have surprised me one bit. Switching from comedic to horrific and back to comedic tones in a mere matter of minutes was really well done (seeing Knuckle in joy just for hitting Youpi 8 times was just hilarious and consistent with his character.) I really like the exploration of each character's perspective and it's even more intense when their simultaneously facing off against each other and you know who has the upper hand, pretty much the scenario with Youpi and Knuckle here. The intensity is just building and I'm growing more and more curious as to what happens next!

Onto the Wire, damn you wrote a lot about this and deservedly so. The Wire is a once in a lifetime achievement in television that has opened up my eyes to the level of corruption that has become even more prevalent in this day and age. It's not just a representation of the problems in Baltimore, but an international situation and that's what makes this show so ridiculously easy to relate to and powerful beyond the realms of fiction. The show does indeed feel more like a documentary, especially aided with its use of camera angles and lack of an over-dramatic soundtrack, as you have already mentioned. I suppose I should have put a spoiler tag for my previous comment so I guess I'll just rectify the problem now. I'll just be writing my overall thoughts since I've finished the show and lots of them will most likely overlap with yours.

In regards to Six Feet Under, I've just read the synopsis for it and WOW, it does seem really interesting. Between this and The Sopranos, I'm not exactly sure what to watch next but I'm sort of in the Chinese cartoon/Korean comics mood at the time, hehe. I guess I might watch it around the summer time, maybe...

I am physically and mentally exhausted after writing this wall of text so you can take your victory since I'm over 100 words short of surpassing your last comment's length. :(

I just noticed my writing becomes increasingly sloppy as it progresses. :/

Romario3210 | 03-01-14, 7:38 PM
I thought it was a somewhat small reply...and then I clicked the spoiler :3

Masserati_ | 02-28-14, 1:34 PM
It's quite alright Parial friend, this reply was supposed to be done much sooner but it...wasn't.

Considering that the second season is meant to adapt what the original series didn't cover, then there's a good chance that your prediction could come true. I really need to re-watch Mushishi, and I'm hoping that with all this new stuff for it Funimation will be nice and re-release it so that it's back in print. I'd love to own a copy of it. Ping Pong is definitely the most straightforward of Matsumoto's works that I've read so far, it's not as surreal as GoGo Monster or TekkonKinkreet, but it is very much Matsumoto nonetheless. It's definitely got the potential to be one of the best shows of the year if all goes right and with Yuasa's own style, I imagine that he'll probably enhance the manga itself, which would be a very good thing indeed.

Yeah, BLAME! is definitely not for everyone and I had issues with it when I first tried to read it (the first three chapters were difficult because of the lack of dialogue, but after I got past that it became much easier). Sidonia is far more accessible and is easier to read from a storytelling perspective, even if it doesn't have the atmosphere that BLAME! had, then again, Biomega didn't have that atmosphere either, so it may not be such an easy thing to repeat.

I've still yet to watch Saki, although I have heard that it doesn't really have any regard for the rules of mahjong which sucks. I can't actually remember much from what little I bugmoney'd, so I was hoping something that could give me a crash course would be helpful. Sekai Seifuki isn't actually something I've heard much about, although if it's really as absurd as you say it is then it might be worth me checking it out in the future. Happiness Charge is...I can't believe I'm saying this...super fun. I'm really surprised by how much fun I'm having with it and now it's something that I'm looking forward to every week. B-b-but Parial! If it isn't a Mahou Shoujo then it can't be pure! And besides, then it would just be cute girls doing cute things and the industry is already over-saturated with shows like that. Space Dandy does at least have good animation, but it's not really all that funny and only manages to get the odd chuckle out of me now and then. That being said, the last couple of episodes have actually been alright and it's much better than when it started. Pilot's Love Song is absolutely horrible, so much so that I've now dropped it and I have no intention of picking it up again. I don't think the movie was all that great but it looks like a flawless masterpiece in comparison to Love Song. Everything else I'm watching ranges from mediocre to dull, with Tonari no Seki Kun being a completely unexpected surprise.

Murasakibarararara's main skill is his massive height and wing-span, he's apparently so big that the entirety of the three-point zone is his defensive area. I'm actually trying to imagine that and I still see the Generation of Miracles winning. The one thing I hope that Kuroko doesn't do is get to the point that they try challenging the world with their basketball team. Some sports things work when they do stuff like that, Kuroko wouldn't. Yeah, flashbacks are going to be a thing in the match if I remember correctly, so you have plenty to look forward to!

Sadly, Ippo really has just become an animated advert for the manga, which is rather upsetting actually, especially considering that the first season is one of the most faithful adaptations out there. In fact, the first three entries in the Ippo anime are all very accurate depictions of their manga counterpart. I suppose it's to do with the fact that the original director is no longer directing it - although he is coming back to do the final arc about Kamogawa and Nekota's backstory, so I'm hoping that it will feel somewhat different to the rest of Rising. Their modus operandi for Rising definitely seems to be to squeeze in as many fights as possible in order to get people to read the might have worked too were it not for the fact that Rising suffers from sub-par animation. I'll be sure to let you know - if the anime does get that far that is, it's one of my favourite fights in the series. I just really hope that it doesn't actually butcher my absolute favourite fight, but that doesn't happen for a long time considering where the anime is at.

Personally, I feel that MAL's reviews have been dead for a long time, and the current problems are more of a result of people messing around with its corpse. The entire reviewing system needs a massive rethink. I recall there was that one thread that tried to come up with possible improvements but...they're so minor that they can't really be called proper improvements.

Definitely. There's a lot that can be said about Patlabor 2, especially in terms of content and the ideas that it brings up. Aw, now I feel bad for bringing that up :(((

Masserati_ | 02-25-14, 11:34 AM
I'll get back to your comment in a little while but I've finally figured out who the other character on my Ashita no Joe shirt was! It took me until volume 15 to realise it but it's actually Yong Bi Kim.

Also, you might want to consider catching up on Joe, Hox has said that he's determined to get the manga done as soon as possible and has even gone so far as to put everything else he's translated on hold. He's released 3 volumes within the space of a month and is currently on volume 15, so I imagine he'll be done soon.

Don_Don_Kun | 02-17-14, 4:44 PM
Canadians win gold in text walls. :)

Don_Don_Kun | 02-17-14, 4:00 PM
I'm going to do it. Yes, today is the day I will reply to not one, but TWO Parial text walls (I would've attempted three with the GitS reply and made it a hat-trick, but I'm not suicidal).

Also, who needs spoilers? Since this reply is SUPER LONG and I want to flaunt the size of our text-wall exchanges, I'll forgo them for this section of the reply!

Maria watches over us, except those with foul mouths
As you probably know from my posts on certain clubs I'm not longer a part of, I've come to love the MariMite series for its excellent cast and how thoroughly the writing examines each of their relationships

In the case of the first season, it ended up being something that was a lot better in hindsight. What you mentioned about the initial clumsy exposition regarding the soeur system along with not really being that familiar with each of the characters probably got me the first time through. But upon my second viewing, I found that the first season actually did a decent job at setting the stage for each of the character's relationships, though most of the depth came at a later time.

That said, even during my rewatch I still felt that the first season suffered from a few composition and pacing problems, affecting some of the arcs - the Rosa Canina arc had quite a bit of content removed, most of which enhanced the mysterious air surrounding Shizuka's character. There was also the case of that one episode following the Valentine's Day treasure hunt which focused on a side character who was never seen again. The episode was essentially pointless in my mind, as it accomplished nothing besides recapping the events and reiterating the fact that Yumi and Sachiko were well-suited for each other. I'm not sure if this was original content or not, since I haven't quite gotten to that point in the novels, but it certainly felt out of place.

The second season of MariMite was particularly fantastic overall. I think I had already mentioned my thoughts on the first half when we first started this reply (before I forgot about it for 2 months, haha), but the second half and especially the final arc surprised me as to how good it was. Initially, I was quite bothered by the intensive melodrama, which seemed like nothing more than a desperate attempt to insert some additional tension between Yumi and Sachiko. Although I'm still not completely sold on how Yumi's initial fit of angst was portrayed (the soundtrack really over-dramatized it in this case), the consequent resolution of their conflict was one of the most powerful moments in the franchise. Yumi confiding in Sei (I'm really glad she wasn't completely written out of the show) and slowly working through her issue of dependence on Sachiko conveyed a really understated level of maturity. I also loved how the arc tied Yumi and Sachiko's internal conflict together with the relationship between Sachiko's grandmother and her old friend - the final result was something incredibly beautiful. Honestly, I never expected to become so emotionally invested in something that I didn't like from the start, but MariMite managed to pull it off. In many respects, I feel the second season contains the strongest writing in the series (so far, I'll wait until I've read Sachiko's graduation and cry my eyes out before making the final claim), as the graduation arc coupled with the final one were just incredibly heartfelt displays of the girls' intimacy.

Speaking of the third season, ditto on that, since I think we both know how much we love that one. :D

As for the fourth season, it was still a good season, but not really a great one for a couple reasons. Although I appreciated the more down-to-earth tone that pervaded the third season, most of the events were centered on Yumi and Touko, while slightly pushing everyone else to the periphery (but dat Yoshino episode where she tried to fool Eriko into believing she had found a petite soeur was 10/10). I think the main issue with the Touko arcs were that unlike most of the other soeur pairs, her drama with Yumi wasn't that interesting; a great deal of it was just communication problems between the two - in many ways mirroring the more complex repoire between Yumi and Sachiko. There were a couple of nice moments, but also a few which I felt were over-dramatized and unrealistic, such as the amount of foresight Touko had when entering the election. Additionally, I was pretty 50-50 on the liberties taken with the expressionism in this season - some of which was successful in enhancing the character's emotions while at other times it just seemed really cheesy and overdone. But despite my complaints, the season still had much of the same foundation as its predecessors, so there were still many strong elements in play. I'm wondering what your thoughts on this season were since you also scored it lower than the second and third ones.

It's so hard to pick a best MariMite since they're all super amazing, but in the end I also went with Yoshino since her personality is just the greatest. She's such a headstrong girl who gets really excitable anytime a challenge or mystery comes up (no thanks to her love for fencing and detective fiction). She's also like incredibly adorable when she pouts or fumes at her older sister for being insensitive. And best of all, she's characterized really well, so some of her eccentricities and behaviours don't come across as gimmicky or annoying. All in all, 10/10, why can't she be my petite soeur or friend? ;________________;

In terms of the best-developed character, I'd actually have to disagree with you on Yumi and go with Sachiko. Just the way her character is introduced to us from the perception of Yumi, and how that changes over time with their relationship is really intriguing alone - but above all, she's just an exceptionally well-written character, with plenty of positive traits and especially shortcomings. This perhaps makes her feel the most human out of all of the cast; an aloof sort of motherly figure with her setbacks, but one I cannot help but love to bits. All in all, 9/10, why can't she be my onee-sama? ;____________;

As for the rest of the cast, the great part about most of them is that you can go on and on discussing elements of their personality, their relationships with their soeurs and the rest of the cast. It's one of the most comprehensive character studies. For the moment, I'll hold off talking about the other girls since I still want to write some articles about a few of the soeur pairs and this reply is already long enough, lol.

Oh right, you also asked me about how the MariMite novels compare to DEEN's adaptation. Although I've only made it to the 5th novel at the time of writing (covers up to the Valentine's Day arc), I have to say I've been quite impressed so far. Assuming the translation is fully accurate, the language used is really quite simple, though I find Oyuki Konno to be very good at describing elements such as the setting and the Roses' behaviours from a third-person perspective. One aspect that was a bit strange to me at first was that she frequently shifts the narrative from third to first person - sometimes even for a single line or two. While I felt this was an odd choice initially, it does help to characterize certain events in a more personal light, in this case Yumi's. So you end up getting the best of both worlds, even if it does seem a bit awkward at times.

In terms of content missing from the adaptations, there's about 20-30% of scenes (varies by novel) that didn't make it into the anime (either because the material was condensed or cut out entirely). For the most part, the major events are unaffected, though in some cases, the writing is better at detailing some of the smaller nuances that the adaptation didn't really convey quite as well. One example would be that Kashiwagi's (Sachiko's cousin) sexuality is made clear from the start, as opposed to how the anime only made a slight reference to his orientation. In this case, the additional detail of Kashiwagi's sexuality provided a much more convincing reason for Sachiko's initial hatred of him, which is something that didn't come across in the anime. There's also cases such as the Rosa Canina novel where greater attention is given to Shimako's internal struggle and her unique relationship with Sei - which gives much more weight and meaning behind her decision to enter the election.

Despite what I've said, the anime adaptation is still quite solid or even very good at points. The written medium does have a lot of advantages over it in this case though, since a lot of what makes MariMite such a compelling series are the character dynamics rather than external happenings. I'd definitely recommend them to you if you have the time, since they can only enhance your appreciation of the characters and the setting. And also, since DEEN will probably never give us a 5th season, you can always read the novels following the fourth season (most of them are translated) and cry yourself to sleep after reading Sachiko's graduation. ;_________;

As for my thoughts on Kyousougiga's last few episodes, I'll just paste my thoughts on the last two since I exchanged replies with another friend about this stuff. Spoiler this time, because recycled stock footage.

On Gunslinger Girl, I'm glad you got a lot more out of it following your rewatch. It really is an excellent show with a very complex cast and some very understated, yet beautiful themes. For the most part, I offered similar praise to the series when I first replied to you about it, so I'll mostly focus on some of the things that bothered you about the series

I can see your complaint about the premise in the sense that it operates on a bunch of conveniences. Although it didn't really bother me during my viewing, it does sort of create an odd dichotomy between the realistic character portrayals and the slightly unrealistic portrayal of society - but again, most of this is alleviated by the fact that the Cyborg-Handler relationships are the primary focus in this season. With respect to your complaint about the existence of the cyborg children being generally accepted by everyone, I tend to disagree. What I really loved about Gunslinger Girl was that we're shown multiple points of view on the same issue, broadening our understanding of the matter and leading to a much more comprehensive picture than the show's cover would otherwise suggest. Aside from Rico's Handler, who clearly sides with the militarization of cyborg children, the other Handlers weren't entirely sold on the practice. The best case study of this would be Marco, Angelica's Handler. During his flashback it was revealed that he was experiencing a great deal of emotional turmoil keeping the operation secret from his girlfriend - which eventually resulted in the two breaking up since he refused to tell her the specifics of what he was involved in. This more or less illustrates that there would be a very pronounced public outcry if the issue were to ever become public, unless my memory on the conclusion of that arc isn't correct.

Back to the Handlers, I think the main aspect which may make their moral dilemma over using cyborg children a bit iffy is that the Handlers would rather maintain their positions and stability within the organization. In the case of Claes' Handler, his position was the direct result of negotiations, as this secured his reinstatement to the Carabinieri. As such, I tend to disagree that the Handlers don't question the morality of their practice, but rather the state of their society had made it that this is really the best-case scenario for their well-being - their loyalty is in effect a kind of haven, much like the Cyborgs'.

Anyhow, that marks the end of my SUPER LONG reply to TWO Parial text walls. I realize I still have a couple of topics that I still haven't replied to yet, but I suppose those will get pushed back for a while longer (what's another year or two). Also, you don't need to reply to all of this, since 2.7K words is a lot and I'm afraid to see a Parial text wall 2-3X larger than this. :((((

Aryaragi | 02-17-14, 7:04 AM
While your perspective does make sense to a certain extent, I think the build up was done in a rather different way. We see Shizuka working day and night on her story just to impress Seiji; to the point she even repudiated advise from her parent and her elder sister and almost ignored her daily education putting her grades at risk. We are later also told that not only did she do this so that she can keep up with Seiji, but also to find her own talent.This certainly goes to show the devotion and love she had towards her relationship with Seiji.

Even though we aren't shown Seiji working in a similar way, I'd like to think it's pretty much implied that Seiji would put in the same amount of effort so that he could foresee himself spending some quality time with Shizuka in the future whenever possible. This might sound like a rather vague assumption; but if you remember Seiji went through a large amount of books in the library, always issuing them before Shizuka just to gain her attention. Quite the effort put in to gain her attention and affection. This just helps build Seiji's character and bonds with Shizuka in quite a subtle manner.

While not the perfect buildup to a relationship, it's quite decent and at a personal level I'm rather satisfied.

Your criticism for Steins;Gate is spot on! I certainly don't consider Okabe as 'unbearable' but the whole chuu2 nonsense certainly did annoy me. Seriously, what kind of an 18 year old guy yet suffers from an 8th grade syndrome? Other than that, the rest of the cast were just built on cliche archetypes; but I'll give credits to Kurisu for at least being a bearable tsundere.

Leaving all that aside, the movie seemed to concentrate too much on fan-pandering, particularly with the tsun-tsun-tsundere~.

Way too harsh for its contrivances. It's as if the creator must constantly put the crew into another haphazard problem, with logic barely strung along. Just like the series, I'm a bit disturbed by the pseudo-science involved in trying to frame the story in some logical-ish enough way. The resultant drama is unbelievably cruel towards its characters, and the OST and general atmosphere in trying to amp the tension is rather unbecoming.

Running and tripping in the middle of a street, only for a truck about to cross, must be the definition of melodrama.

For all its drama and its lap up errors in its thinly stretched storyline, the aroma of the cast dynamic remains. The void silence feels distinctively charming for inexplicable reasons, in the same way that everyone's stereotyped role is nonchalant and fun. Their group hangouts feel authentic and right at home, as if you were there with them following along the conversation.

On the topic of Akage no Anne, I apologise but you will have to give me some more time to get my thoughts together. I've been left in an emotional distress by the series (episode 36 in particular hit me quite hard). I'll leave my thoughts on the series in sometime; probably after my exams, when I have access to my laptop. Typing all this on an iPod is quite tiresome.

On a slightly different note, I recently picked up one of your favourite manga: Ashita no Joe. Since we share quite a few similarity in our taste in Anime and Manga, it might end up being a favourite of mine too. I must say I'm rather fond of the art style.

And after looking at that HUGE WALL O'TEXT that Romario left you with, I feel rather insecure leaving such a short reply...

Romario3210 | 02-16-14, 9:44 AM
No worries! Those two weeks flew by for me because of The Wire (I have much to say of this!)

'They literally cross the entire USA.' Wow, I probably would have at least finished part 6 if not for all the time spent watching The Wire (here I am talking about it again!) As I read more of Stone Ocean, the repetition of the stand fights is becoming increasingly noticeable so it's nice to know SBR is rather refreshing in that regard.

I'm not sure if I have an easier time writing my thoughts down, I feel as though my quick replies are due to my comments being slightly disorganized at times. I remember my attempt at writing an Oyasumi Punpun review for no real reason other than mere boredom and I ended up spending 2 hours on the introduction alone. In hindsight, I should probably stick to an anime review and not something on my immediate faves since there's this feeling I have of wanting to properly do justice to these said works. You're right man, reviewing ain't easy ;__; Oh well, good luck on your reviews. That reminds me, I've been interested in Crest of the Stars for a while now. The old Hunter x Hunter looks really good, I've heard the show has a much darker atmosphere with better pacing and greater portrayal in the emotional mindset of the characters. I've listened to a bit of the soundtrack and it was far more impressive than anything I've heard in the 2011 version (at least prior to the Chimera Ant arc).

Speaking of which, I find it highly ironical how the barbaric nature of the Chimera Ants comes from the same nature engraved in us humans. One of the reasons the Chimera Ants are so large a threat, is because of their gaining human intelligence. This also leads to individuality as seen in Meruem or Meloreon/Ikalgo where as the latter two go completely against their own race and achieve companionship with the humans while Meruem questions his whole identity and hence, his position of authority as you have already mentioned. I too love the complete lack of those annoying traits found in most other series with a similar nature. It’s really refreshing to watch a shounen without any worry for illogical power-ups and deus ex machina solutions popping up at any moment.

That last episode though, such intensity and emotion from an episode that is seemingly just about the two main characters talking to Neferpitou. I truly realized how much Gon as a shounen protagonist, differs from the rest. He's a kid thrown into a world of darkness and death with no real moral compass. While the 2011 version seems to have messed up somewhere on the flashback between Gon and Kite, I can still understand a bit on why Gon is so truly enraged. For starters, he himself witnessed how cruel Neferpitou was to Kite, not only ripping off his arm in a flash but controlling him like a mere puppet, a complete sign of disrespect. Now, she/he (I don't know the gender!) is actually showing signs of care for another human being and has the audacity to tell Gon to patiently wait for an hour or two. If Killua wasn't present there at that time, I have no idea what the result would be but it couldn't be positive, that's for sure. I also sympathize with Killua here; he isn't angry but merely hurt at Gon's incredibly harsh words.

Onto The Wire of which I have only seen the first four seasons but let’s be perfectly honest here, if the Wire isn't someone’s favourite show by the time he/she’s done with the ridiculously powerful fourth season then it never will be. It's not an exaggeration to say that this show is by far the best thing I've seen all year and I feel as though it touches me on a level that only few works of fiction could. It's one of those shows where I feel like no matter how much I write about it, it still wouldn't be near enough to do it justice. I love how naturalistic the dialogue is and how the show uses actual citizens of Baltimore and even those sentenced with murder like Snoop. I'm not sure on how I would rank the seasons I've seen so far, all of them are excellent especially 2, 3 and 4. Season 2 was really emotional regarding the tragedy of the Sobotka family. Frank's character really stands out as a hard-working man trying to take care of his family and workers but stumbles upon difficult conditions with the decline of the Baltimore Shipping industry, involvement with The Greeks and the situation with Valchek. This was really where the message of the corruption within social institutions and its dehumanizing effect on the individuals became more conspicuous for me. I also like how it shows how global the situation with the drug trade is, far beyond the streets of Baltimore. Then there's
and the situation with Brother Mouzone and Omar that sets up the events in season 3. Season 3 bringing in the political corruption and the futile attempts to bring change to this rigid system as seen by both Carcetti and Bunny. There's a nice parallel between Avon and Stringer where Avon lives the old fashion gangster life while Stringer's trying to become a businessman, for financial reasons and to escape any future prosecution. This brings me to the parallel between Stringer and Bunny, both trying to bring change but for completely opposite reasons as Bunny’s ambitions are entirely selfless. Cutty’s story of reform is also really compelling. It’s a real testament to how fantastic this show is for me to sympathize with Stringer Bell even after everything he’s done R.I .P countless victims.

Season 4, man this season killed me inside. Not only does it perfectly portray the vicious cycle where the kids replace the adults but it’s so cold and terrifying to look back at episode 1 and see just how easily certain circumstances can change their lives. Bunny’s character stands out even more in this arc, him trying his absolutely hardest to help the future generation but he only managed to succeed with one and that one required far more effort than the average teacher nowadays will ever give. I hate this idea of teaching kids the actual test and nothing more and it’s clearly something that’s a major issue even now. The kids essentially learn nothing yet no one seems to care enough to speak up about it. Bubbles went through literal hell in this season, picked on by this reincarnation of the devil, at least that’s how he looks at him, the police offering little to no help and when he tries to take matter into his own hands, the result is his biggest tragedy yet. If I were to pick my fave characters, it would most likely be Mcnulty (I didn’t talk about him at all…), Frank, Bubbles, Stringer and Bunny. Surely there are lots more to talk about but that might just be too much for me right now. I’ll make sure to watch the fifth season soon. I wasn’t aware you were a fan so I just instinctively wrote about any immediate thing on my mind. Please excuse any grammatical errors :/

(Are we comparing the lengths of our walls of texts now? :o) I am really sorry this is so long, I ended up rambling about The Wire too much :(

Stellio | 02-15-14, 4:35 PM
Haha, thanks a bunch Pari-YO!-chan. Sorry I haven't been active lately nor have I wall-texted you peeps. I'll make a comeback.. someday :d

Heh, Maria-sama seems like a legit show that I should get into sometime. It'll be my number one priority once I can get back into cartoons again!

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