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04-06-14, 1:35 PM
February 10, 1993
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March 14, 2008
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More busy than I'd like to be :|

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Kineta | 04-02-14, 5:16 AM
Ahhh, I replied now. Sorry, your message got buried in my inbox. Sometimes it fills faster than an avalanche.

Thanks :) I saw my current profile pic and just had to use it.

Karhu | 04-02-14, 4:02 AM
Yeah, it is still one of the better fps games on the market like he says. :D

They should have made Noragami a romance since they loved to hint about it all the way through anyway. The plot was pretty much nonexistent, felt like they just wrote it one episode a time.

Pupa ending... the chronology/past stories/execution made very little sense. It jumped all over the place, but the ending should have been worse to be memorable, imo.

Here it looked like Summer is coming (+10 for a week or so, glorious whether and sun shining all day everyday), but noope, -7C this morning. Yesterday it almost snowed, but it melt away. Now the wind is on north.

I also almost had a cold. It tried to come, but eventually I didn't really get it. Weird.

I was supposed to insta reply some 2-3 hours ago, but I went to the gym. :f

Karhu | 04-02-14, 12:24 AM
I heard lol is 8/8 game,

No idea.

I didn't really like any of those. Kyousougiga ep 6 was pretty okay.. and Yozakura Quartet ep 3 was amazing. For some reason I did enjoy Noragami thru the whole series even though it kinda sucked with the Yukine heavy writing and memory loss shit.

Karhu | 04-01-14, 10:15 AM
I saw a weird dream last night. You called me and asked to come to this pub which is close to me. I picked up a friend who wanted to go to the pub too. He said I should wear a suit. Then I woke up.

You completed klk? Should I continue with it.

_ultima_ | 04-01-14, 9:30 AM
I knew the first part, but thanks for the second part.

EratiK | 03-31-14, 5:39 AM
If think you'd like Pupipo, you should watch it.!

julyan04 | 03-31-14, 3:39 AM
I haven't watched/read any of those two, but I heard good things about them. A lot of my friends are fan of those series too. I think I'll watch it one of these days.

Mahouka on the other hand is an instant-pick for me. I was blown away by the novel and considering that Madhouse is adapting it, it'll be absolutely gorgeous.

Yeah, let's hope for the best. :)

julyan04 | 03-31-14, 1:38 AM
I'm surprised that we have the same team too. :D
I choose them without much research; just a whim with little consideration on how popular the source material is.

Well, to be honest, Mushishi is a gamble for me. I heard that the previous season wasn't that great and last FAL season, it performed poorly. However, given how loyal many of its fans, I took the gamble.

orchidork | 03-29-14, 3:50 PM
i'm male but i can see why you think i'm a girl based on my list. i have a friend who's a girl who recommends me shows often and i just go along with it.

keep it up with figuring out people's gender. you might've gotten 1 wrong but that might not be the case in the future.

and i see where you're coming from when you say that you don't want to reply on that thread.

nope, i don't mind you commenting

Piku | 03-29-14, 3:48 PM
Hey, my profile picture is from a light novel I didn't even read called "Rail Wars!". I really like the artist, that's why I made it my profile picture. And now I discovered it will have anime adaptation, cool.

Also thanks :3 My username is quite old, I use it pretty much everywhere.

Kaminari-kun | 03-29-14, 3:33 PM
Oh, hey there. It's been like, more than a year since we last spoke. That’s a bit depressing in a way. I’ve since graduated from high school, and am currently studying History and English at University. Nothing mayor otherwise, still the same old me.

>streaming anime
That’s awful; I hope you get a better, faster connection soon.

Sounds pretty natural to me, plus you’re probably just watching stuff that isn’t that bad or is actually good. Try abominations like Coppelion or Dog and Scissors if you want to get rid of this feeling, hehe.

Spring looks like the best season ever, and I’m not even exaggerating. Along with Mushishi, I’m also immensely looking forward to the new season of JoJo (naturally) and Ping Pong The Animation (the manga is great and Masaaki Yuasa is directing, can’t see this being aynthing but amazing). Then there’s also a bunch of Mecha (Captain Earth, Sidonia no Kishi, M3) and Sports (Abarenbou Kishi Matsutarou, Baby Steps, Haikyuu) series that look right up my alley. A few others, like Isshuukan Friends and Mekaku City Actors, could also turn out to be good. Don’t think I have ever been looking forward to so many shows in one season.

Karhu | 03-25-14, 12:07 PM
The short period of when we are both the same age, is now ovahh.

Yeah, thanks for the best wishes. I did went out to eat, so you got that right.

Mm, I've seen you disappearing before. :d

Driving is the best, right? First nervous, then awesome.

Nope, all manga sucks except Vinland Saga.

Kineta | 02-17-14, 8:40 PM
Thank you for the birthday wishes :)

Karhu | 02-17-14, 8:47 AM
>it'd be funny if I were to write a story about my life someday

“Everything's already been said, but since nobody was listening, we have to start again.”
- Andre Gide


Writing a book doesn't sound too bad. Sometimes wonder whether I could create something amazing... but that would bore me.

>I wish I could return somehow everything she's done for me

Wish that you never have to. If nothing bad happens to her, you don't have to. ^^

Karhu | 02-16-14, 9:46 AM
Don't be depressed. Be awesome instead. =)

Yeah, friends can do miracles.

FIN - CAN 0 - 1. Gonna be tough.

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