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03-03-15, 9:37 PM
November 30,
March 9, 2014
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[ Precious | Female | Teen ]

♥ Yoshi
✿ Azun
✰ Momo
◊ Kyouko


Hi welcome to my profile~
♦ Star Sign: Sagittarius
♦ Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
♦ Fave Animal: cats
♦ Hair Color: black w/ red highlights
♦ Fave Color: blue
♦ Likes: sleep, music, food, cute things
♦ Enjoys: drawing, listening to music, watching anime, wasting time
♦ Dislikes: uhm. uhm. lots of things


✰ Fave Genres: Shounen, Shojo, Slice of Life
✰ Fave Anime: Fairy Tail
✰ Fave Manga: still deciding
✰ Fave Character: Homura Akemi from Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
my fav character is actually shuuya shhh

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xmirainikkix | 5 hours ago

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xmirainikkix | 9 hours ago

Please save and rehost within 14 days.
Ctrl+F to find your cards.
If there is any problems with the cards please contact me.
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LazyPowers | Yesterday, 3:01 PM
Umm...actually no I don' you? x.x XDD its funny cuase I'm having this issue were I wanted to upload an avatar in the forum part of MAL but it keeps saying my picture is 2 you know how I can make my icons smaller so I can upload one as a forum avatar?

Kyouko_Sakura | Yesterday, 12:32 PM
Sure. And tbh, I kinda like him.

Gaeki | Yesterday, 6:10 AM

Minpi | Yesterday, 5:10 AM
Yeap I did! I kinda bought lots and lots of small chocolates and spread around to all of the girls in my class. xD What about you? Did you do anything for valentines?

I found myself pretty abnormal doing lots and lots of homework. I DONT usually do homeworks at all. XD

Uhmm.. really did not spend much time on my birthday. I had school on that day. And my usual school day hours is from 7am-6pm. So pretty much when i reach home, im dead asleep. But some of my classmates did bought me a few presents. :3 So i was kinda happy :b And yes im 17 this year. xD

Well should say getting tired is an everyday thing for me. Needa get used to it! xD
And i hope your day goes well as well! :3

And oh btw... Saw ur history. Watching nisekoi right? How was it? xDD

Zetto92 | Yesterday, 3:36 AM
You're welcome ~

CrazyClown | Yesterday, 1:07 AM
Hahaha that's a bit strange~
He works away in the mines, fly in and fly out.

Well I probably would say that he's more protective of him now because he's the youngest one and with him being a boy, you dad can do a lot more with him and teach him a lot more things, where as you mother can do that for you.

Haha I barely know any character from any anime, only a certain few and if they have a difficult name and it's hard to pronounce, I'm most likely to forget their name.

Yay! I win~ :P

-Oreki-Houtarou- | 03-03-15, 11:21 PM
Thanks, I hope it helps even if it's 1% lol

Deno | 03-03-15, 9:19 PM
i dont need no manner school, im the nicest human being. only kind to everyone <33333

im not saying you did something, its just for future reference that if you are being retarded and i compliment you it will be a joke though i bet youve done dumb shit before, i just cant think of it

but ur gross and im not rude

that. doesnt. mean. you. know. what. i. look. like.

ill get to it.. eventually..

DarkVocaloid | 03-03-15, 8:05 PM

Save & Rehost ASAP.
Ctrl + f »» Type your name to find your cards.
If missing card or if there's a typo,
comment through my blog entry
and I'll fix it for you immediately.
But only if I still have the files..
Anyways, thanks for requesting.

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HeathWithin | 03-03-15, 8:04 PM
Yeah, I thought they tasted really similar.
Nice, the red ones stand out, I like either yellow or beige.
Really I don't know I like winter when it doesn't snow and I like summer when it doesn't have a heat wave. xD So, anything in between there.

Usually I like it by myself :D but I mean the more people, the faster things will be finished.
Yep, used to just exercise in the gym, upstairs was the bikes, and basement was the weight lifting place. That's cool you guys did it outside.
Nice, those sports are pretty fun, too; I like hockey, table tennis, frisbees, and running sometimes.

Kyouko_Sakura | 03-03-15, 6:10 PM
I'm interested to see your reaction about the Kyouko x Katsu thing if you ever reply.

LAOG | 03-03-15, 5:47 PM
Yeah. Free time was an abundance, but now I only have time to read a few mangos. No time for animu.

You get busier as you get older. ;~;

Ah. That must be nice. What grade are you in?

TsubakiAce | 03-02-15, 5:50 PM
Yeah i know right, he is evil as hell. But he is 16 now so i guess i can kick him back now

yeah :D its like an ultra cute version of her even though her character isnt cute at all :D
You have seen Mirai Nikki?!? thats so cool, did you think it was good or bad though?
Thankyou, CrazyClown changed it up for me because i asked him to and he is oh so nice :3

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