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November 30,
ネプチューン :)
dont have one
might tell you C;
March 9, 2014
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t h a n k y o u y o s h i ~
♥ Yoshi
✿ Azun
✰ Momo
◊ Kyouko
status: lazy

don't click ;o

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Rianne | 4 hours ago
Haha you're welcome c:
It's because I've been more into Jdrama's lately, so I've been more online on mydramalist xD. But school starts for me again monday so I'll have less time for both anime and jdrama's sadly :(
Ah really? Yay that's nice, tell me your username then I'll follow you :).

Blazebolt7 | 6 hours ago

ManakaRikka | 7 hours ago
Yes, it's Honoka from Live Live!

Deno | 8 hours ago
i would assume that is a face yes <_>
its definitely stalking

see :o
wow u suck laughing at my pain of reading shit war poems, help

its not like i read manga though so i guess im not missing much
no.. this is high school..
maybe your kindergarten books still have pictures but ours dont ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

CrazyClown | Yesterday, 4:13 PM
I can actually agree to that but then everyone didn't want to be around him and were mean to him lol.

Okay so.... what time is he actually good looking? He just kinda creeps me out because there's nothing to his eyes and that tattoo on his face as well.

I don't change my profile often because I don't get bored of it so easily and I like them but it has just been a long time and I thought it needed a change and this time I like this character a bit too.
Maybe you should get one you'll like for a long time.

Azun26 | Yesterday, 3:51 PM
See, I tell you he's a motherfucking pain in this world!!!

Azun26 | Yesterday, 3:44 PM
That motherfucker gave me a C!!!!!!! I'm his best student, my ass!!!

KnightAngel | Yesterday, 3:43 PM
Again, I really do appreciate the concern Umi no joō ^_^

That's good to hear ^^
I'm doing much better now. I've almost filled my black book(journal) with poems and short stories, so ill have to get a new one soon :(

Azun26 | Yesterday, 3:40 PM

Azun26 | Yesterday, 3:37 PM
Wow. Thats stereotyping. Just cause some of us read manga in his class doesn't mean everyone does

Azun26 | Yesterday, 3:33 PM
Wat happened?!

katsuragi33 | Yesterday, 3:25 PM
lol yeah that sure took u some time to it doesnt matter since u replied now its never to late xD and yeahh i figured out the mal lag and as u can c i havv 6 favs now ;PPP lol dont worry im pretty weird too so who cares xD we can be weird together........anyway how r u maaaa precious :DDDD

Tranican | Yesterday, 3:23 PM
ice_cloud & NeptuneNoire & Zevk & cardcaptor44 said:
hi want to be friends


ice_cloud | Yesterday, 3:22 PM
NeptuneNoire and Zevk and cardcaptor44 said:
hi want to be friends


NeptuneNoire | Yesterday, 3:19 PM
Zevk | cardcaptor44 said:
hi want to be friends


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